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Barton Ripperger, DPM

Phoenix, Az. 85024
Cell: (602) 628- 2880
Linked In: Bart Ripperger, DPM
Born: February 1, 1964

I am interested in building a mutually beneficial relationship with your organization. My previous
experience and skills can assist your company to prosper, and your success, in turn, will facilitate my
personal growth and satisfaction. I have acquired a powerful and unique skill set through my previous
experience in private practice as a physician and my more recent experience founding and guiding
Starwriter LLC (a company specializing in medical data collection, outcomes and research) to thrive and
achieve financial success. From my previous business experiences, I have developed and refined
extremely strong group and team leadership capabilities. This, in addition to organizational skills and
attention to detail, all enable me to assist in maximizing employee, colleague and my own efficiency. I am
extremely methodical at challenge solving and have developed excellent solution creation skills.
I have in depth knowledge of the Health IT environment and its ever-changing complexities. Additionally,
I understand the value of and have developed the ability to identify necessary criteria to formulate specific
goals and objectives. From my success with previous projects, I have mastered follow- through,
persistence and the drive to accomplish the organizations goals and objectives. I excel at researching
and understanding a companys mission, vision and values, and I can assist your company to obtain
growth through creative forward- thinking. I am committed to continually improve upon, refine and develop
innovations that will further your companys goals. My previous experience and expertise will prove to be
an asset to your organizations growth and progress.
Professional experience:
6/1/2013 present
V.P New Business Development Starwriter LLC with emphasis on outcomes and
medical research
This position at Starwriter requires building relationships with universities, medical research companies,
insurance companies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as many others. Starwriter
assists these organizations to obtain medical data that enhances and benefits outcomes and research for
their companies. The Starwriter patented data collection process allows electronic review of millions of
data points, obtained across millions of patient records to obtain a deeper grasp of the efficacy of
treatments, drugs and medical products, so we can enhance the lives of patients ! This facilitates
determining best practices and implementing evidence based medicine. My previous experience with
DOX EMR in the areas of sales, demonstrations, end user training, data base content management,
outcome studies division, medical data research and applications all enhance and further the New
Business Development process for Starwriter medical outcomes.
4/1/2005 - 5/31/2013

COO Starwriter LLC and DOX EMR

Building and managing Starwriter LLC has required that I develop a diverse skill set including but not
limited to the following areas:
Business and Management
Work with Board of Directors to create goals and objectives for growth and development
of the company.
Work with Board of Directors to review and assure future scalability of all aspects of the
company in order to obtain predictable company growth.

Work with Board of Directors to define and then manage strategic business development
and new business relationships
Build, implement and attend weekly progress meetings for all departments of the
company: Software Development, Customer Training and Support, Sales & Marketing
and Business (Management, Finance and Legal).
Build Gantt charts and project management timelines to assist teams in understanding
weekly objectives.
Motivate and assist teams to produce high quality projects and deliverables on schedule.
Develop, implement and maintain annual budget. Produce and discuss monthly
financial reports with board members/ shareholders.
Oversee and provide guidance and leadership for all employee performance (Quality
Develop company policies and procedures.
Handle physician and employee conduct by building manuals and enforcing appropriate
conduct to maximize employee performance and efficiency.
Software Development and Data Base Content
Work with Board of Directors to develop new concepts and innovations to company
products. Work with teams to creatively implement and build concepts into functional
Meet with Medical Review Board to monitor quality and appropriateness of the content of
the DOX EMR medical data base including: medical care and treatments, supporting
medical documentation (chart note content) and ongoing updates.
Oversee development of new software features including Meaningful Use features.
Direct the successful achievement of certification with CCHIT (Certification Commission
for Health Information Technology ) for Stage 1 and ICSA labs for Stage 2 meaningful use, as
encouraged by the federal government.
Develop and oversee policies and implementation of HIPAA compliance.
Develop and oversee policies and implementation of ICD-10.
Develop and implement data input methods for physician users.
Develop data extraction techniques for medical outcome studies which are used to guide
evidence based medicine/ best practices.
Develop and oversee optimization of Practice Management and Revenue Cycle
Management components for physician customers.
Develop and oversee optimization of software development team using Agile SCRUM, SPRINT and
Waterfall techniques.
Training and Support
Create and implement training programs for the use of new software features and the
Meaningful Use components for physicians customers.
Create, implement and support physician user training manuals and help files for
updates and new software features.
Support and improve physician trainer education.
Assist physician customers in Meaningful Use Attestation.
Manage physician/ customer relations.
Understand, research and resolve issues and challenges from physician customers.
Address emergency issues by identifying the cause of the problem and determining the
best course of action for rapid resolution.
Sales and Business Development
Build, direct and assist sales team with direct sales to physicians and healthcare
Build, direct and assist sales team with VAR ( Value Added Reseller) program.
Build, direct and assist sales team with vendor advertising program.
Build direct and assist sales team with strategic partner programs including 3rd party
billers, surgical centers and hospitals.
Attend sales conferences as vendor/ exhibitor. Build direct sales to physicians and

develop relationships with new vendors for advertising opportunities and strategic
Speak at medical conferences addressing both physicians and office staff in regard to
most recent advancements in: EMR adaptation, optimization of EMR use and
Meaningful Use for government stimulus. Additional topics include outcomes studies,
evidence based medicine, and automation of billing collections using EMR, PM (Practice
Management) and RCM (Revenue Cycle Management/ outsourced billing).
Build, direct and assist sales team with new business development for sales of data to pharmaceutical
and medical device companies for proof of efficacy and safety.
1/1/2002 4/1/2005
8/1/1992 8/1/2010


Private Practice
13660 N. 94th Dr.
Suite A - 3
Peoria, Az. 85381
Skills involved in running a private practice ( Active Foot and Ankle Care PC) include the
ability to:
Maintain all aspects of private practice, business management and patient care for
private practice.
Participate in staff meetings at Del Webb, Arrowhead and Paradise Valley hospitals.
Participate in staff and committee meetings at Surgery Center of Peoria.
Assist in policy creation and staff review at Surgery Center of Peoria.
8/1/1999 4/30/2006
8/26/1986 - 5/17/1991

8/30/1982 - 6/26/1986
7/1/1991 - 6/30/1992

Instructor for RN and MA Nursing students at IIA

( International Institute of the Americas), Phoenix, Az
Common foot pains and problems
Baptist Paradise Valley Retirement Community
Lecture Foot care in aging/ elderly patients
Glencroft Retirement Community
Lecture Common foot and ankle pains and deformities
Baptist North East Retirement Community
Lecture Preventative foot & ankle care
Baptist Youngtown Retirement Community

William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine

Chicago, IL
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine ( DPM)
Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana
Major: Biology
Podiatric Surgical Residency
V.A. Medical Center
Tucson, Az.

Hospital affiliations:
12/10/1998 12/31/2008

Paradise Valley Hospital

1/1/1998 12/31/2008

Surgical Center of Peoria

9/6/1994 9/1/2008

Arrowhead hospital

9/1/1992- 9/1/1996

Del Web Hospital


1997- 1998

Executive Board Secretary

Az Podiatric Medical Association

1996 - 1997

Seminar Chairman
Az Podiatric Medical Association

1992 2009


Board Qualified
American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Sagittal Plane Deformities of the Hallux(unpublished)


Use of Ankle Arthroscopy in Osteochondritis Dissecans and

Ankle Trauma (unpublished)


Diagnosis and Treatment of Calcaneal Fractures (unpublished)

1991- present
2/11/1993 2/28/1998


Professional Education:
1992- Present

Continuing Medical Education annual requirements met.


Consultant Starwriter LLC and DOX EMR

4/1/2005 5/31/2013

President and Manager Starwriter LLC and DOX EMR

1/1/2002 4/1/2005

Founder and Co-Developer Starwriter LLC and DOX EMR


Private Practice Physician Peoria, Sun City West,

and Paradise Valley Az


Diabetic foot screener with Az Podiatric Medical Association

1994 - 1996

Courtesy staff member- Del Webb hospital

1994 2008

Courtesy staff member - Arrowhead hospital

1996 2008

Courtesy Staff member - Paradise Valley Hospital


Team Physician Ironwood High School

( J.V., Freshman )

1991- 1992

Resident Physician - Completed PSR 12 ( Podiatric Surgical

Residency) residency position, Tucson V.A. Medical Center


Medical Student Team Member - National Restaurant

The main course 10 K run


Medical Student Team Member - Childrens Foot screening


Medical Assistant - Work in minor trauma at the Immediate

Care Center, Greenwood, Indiana

1985- 1988

Medical Student - Observed, scrubbed and participated in

surgery with J. Winkelbach, DPM


Lab Researcher in microbiology at Indiana University

References available on request