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Name: Thilagavathy a/p Murugan

Class: 5 Geliga
Teachers Name: Puan Norul Akmar binti Alang
Question:You are an officer with the tourist board. You have to write an article for the
tourist magazine to provide information about two different places to attract
visitors here. Use the notes below to write out the article. Include relevant details
or points of your own.
Calamba and Los Banos - popular resort
Hot springs: mineral water - cure diseases

How to get there

- bus from Malacca Central
to Calamba : 1 hour
to Los Banos - 2 1/2 hours

Calamba : cottages - RM 150 per night
rooms - RM100 per night
Los Banos : cottages - RM 200 per night
rooms - RM 150 per night

When writing the article remember to use the correct format.

Enjoy This Chance during This School Holiday

by: Miss Thilagavathy

During school holidays, city people want to give a break for the hustle
and bustle city life. They can enjoy this chance to spend their valuable time to
visit these places. They can also relieve their tension after working for a long day.
Children also take this opportunity to visit these tourism places for a long-term.

First and foremost, the first place that I like to promote is Calamba. This
place is well-known in Kuala Lumpur city. The tourist can get there by boarding a
bus in the Melaka Central. It will take I hour from Melaka to Calamba. The fair for
the bus is cheap compared to travel by a car. This will be a remarkable
experience for the tourists when traveling by a bus.
Calamba has vast and popular resorts. The resorts have superior
accommodation such as cottages, rooms and Wi-Fi system. The price value of
cottages is RM150 per night while rooms is RM100 per night. The price is
cheaper and satisfying the visitors. There also have some facilities such Wi-Fi
system and fitness centre.
Visitors can use Wi-Fi system for surfing, playing games, and chatting
with friends. At that same time, they can use fitness centre for exercising. When
they feel dull, these will help them to be excited always. There also they have
been served with mouth-watering dishes which are coked by great cooks.
Then, I would like to promote the next place which is Los Banos
famous in Perak state. The tourists can also travel there by a bus in Melaka
Central and it will take 2 hour. However, it will take a long journey compared to
Calamba but it is worthful. During the journey, the tourists can have fun by
appreciating the beauty of nature. This will be a pleasant experience who live in
busy city life.
Los Banos is significant for its popular resorts with superb
accommodation. The price value of cottages is RM200 per night while rooms is
RM 150 per night. However, the price value is expensive compared to Calamba
but it is satisfied the visitors due to the additional services in the cottages and
rooms. There are television with high-definition video, Wi-Fi system, first class
room service and laundry service. At the resorts, we can find playground for
small kids for their entertainment. The resorts also serve different type of cuisine
in Asia country.
During hot springs, mineral water is produced from the emergence of
geothermal heated groundwater from the Earths crust. The mineral water can
be found in these places Calamba and Los Banos. This mineral water can cure
diseases such as high fever, diabetes, heart problems. This is the one of the
main point for the travellers to visit these places.
The tourists can enjoy this long-term school holidays by visiting these
places with their families. There are also some attractive places to be visited. It
will be a massive chance to visit Calamba and Los Banos. They will be have a
great time with their families by doing some thrilling activities like camping,
jungle trekking, and hiking in these tourism places. Hope, the tourists from all
over Malaysia visit here to get experience as well as it will increase the economic
value of our country.