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1. Which of the following does NOT belong to the group? The elements of music are __________________.
A. Rhythm and melody
C. Tempo and timbre
B. Texture and dynamics
D. Creativity and style.
2. Our ancestors are very artistic in nature they become creative with the help of ______________________.
A. Natural resources present in the locality.
B. Indigenous materials imported from nearby places.
C. Native resources introduced by the conquistadores.
D. None of the above.
3. Which of the following does not convey a positive idea?
A. Preparations last only a day.
B. Talents are being exposed when there is celebration.
C. Filipinos never miss an occasion without celebration.
D. Filipinos really spending more than enough financial and time just to celebrate any occasion.
4. The following are concept of art and belief/religion except for?
A. Art is used to instruct and worship.
B. Art is used to inspire feeling of devotion
C. Art is used to impress and to convert non-believers
D. Art is used to attack or to fight other religious philosophy
5. The ability to perform daily activities/routine without undue fatigue.
A. Physical fitness
C. Lifestyle
B. Wellness
D. Fitness continuum
6. Health related-fitness: functioning of the body as Skill related-fitness: _____________________________?
A. Quality of skill movements
C. Amount of energy used
B. Number tries
D. All of the above
7. Mr. Valoria is fun of playing basketball but still he has to practice dribbling while walking to develops his;
A. Agility
C. Balance
B. Coordination
D. Flexibility
8. The recent Palarong Pambansa held at Subic, Zambales lined-up different events, one of this is running. A
delegate from Maguindanao says that winning the said event needs practice to develop _____?
A. Power
C. Fastness
B. Speed
D. Agility
9. Which of the four statements DOES NOT describe Filipino music?
A. Musical traditions are diverse
B. Different ethnic groups from all over the country have many common musical instruments and life
cycle functions but vary in properties.
C. Prior to the coming of conquistadores, the early natives already had their musical instruments and
traditional songs.
D. None of the above
10. Which of the following is the process of used for color as element of art?
A. Applying
C. Listening
B. Responding
D. Performing
11. Which of the following is the function of music during Spanish colonization?
A. For worship
C. Systematic way of conveying people to hate the religion
B. Devotions to anitos
D. None
12. Which of the four is least like the other three?
A. Pastores
C. Senakulo
B. Flores de Mayo
D.Friday 13th
13. Boy choirs during Spanish regime.
A. Tiples
C. Nuemes
B. Riples
D. Kantura
14. He was the premier composer of original Filipino liturgical music.
A. Marcelo Adonay
C. Ryan Cayabyab
B. Levi Celerio
D. Jose Palma

15. The art of combining sounds of varying pitches to produce melodious sound.
A. Sounds
C. Music
B. Songs
D. Instruments.
16. Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?
A. Wellness
C. Fitness
B. Lifestyle
D. Culture
17. Which of the following statement is true?
A. Natural resources are always present in the locality
B. Indigenous materials were imported from other countries
C. Native resources were introduced by the conquistadores.
D. None
18. John Hero is a member of the school band. His instrument is guitar. What group of instrument does he used?
A. Idiophone
C. Percussion
B. String
D. Electrophone
19. The sound is produced by the vibration of air.
A. Aerophone
C. Brass
B. String
D. Percussion
20. Kurt the Modern Da Vinci became successful because of his activity that involves the following, aside
A. Ideas and imagination
C. Emotions
B. Functionality
D. Skills
21. We can express art through the following, EXCEPT for.
A. Action and gesture
C. Facial expressions
B. Style of talking and movement D. Dreaming
22. Helena is a ______.
A. Lullaby song
C. Christmas song
B. Charismatic song
D. Religious song
23. A lengthy melodic succession of monotonous lamentation in mourning to outburst grief or sorrow.
A. Pasyon
C. Senakulo
B. Tagulaylay
D. None
24. It tells about the life of Jesus brought to us by the Spanish.
A. Pasyon and Senakulo
C. Harana
B. Kundiman
D. Epic
25. Kundiman and harana are _____ songs that express admiration to lasses.
A. Love
C. War
B. Lyric
D. Rock
26. Which of the following doesnt belong to the group?
A. Pop
C. Classical
B. Alternative
D. Music
27. In Philippine literature it is the process of handling literary piece from one generation to another prior to
learning letters and numbers.
A. Pasalindila
C. Dilaan
B. Itinaga sa bato
D. Kantahin
28. Which of the following is NOT a type of literature?
A. Poetry
C. Essay
B. Fiction
D. Rituals
29. Which of the following statement is NOT true?
a. The Ifugaos are among the most politically and artistically sophisticated people in the Philippines.
b. Ifugaos are rich in culture and they dominated mostly the coastal part of Mindanao.
c. The Negritos were the people whom became ancestors of Filipinos.
d. Ifugaos are the builders of famous rice terraces
30. American:Education as Spanish: ______.
A. Culture
C. Religion
B. Art
D. Leadership
31. If music and dance are performing arts, how about painting?
A. Visual art
C. Mixed Media Art
B. Creative Art
D. Color
For numbers 32-35; The Four Period of Philippine Drama:
32. There are still places in the Philippines practice rituals and or ceremony headed by the Babaylan.
A. American Period
C. Spanish Period
B. Contemporary
D. Indigenous forms
33. In the late 1940s vaudeville was introduced in the Philippines. It is commonly known as BodabilA. American Period
C. Spanish Period
B. Contemporary
D. Indigenous
34. Drama often reflects on general condition of society; the problem and its solution.
A. Contemporary
C. Spanish
B. American
D. Indigenous

35. The period is focused on religion; the life of Jesus Christ is stressed.
A. Spanish
C. American
B. Indigenous
D. Contemporary
36. Playing basketball needs coordination. Which of the following activities shows coordination?
A. Dribbling and shooting C. Dribbling while running/ walking
B. Running fast
D. blocking
37. The following shows balance, except for?
A. Walking on hanging rope
C. Mountain biking
B. Standing in one leg (left or right) D. Indian sitting
38. Different ethnic groups from all over the country have many common musical instruments and life cycle
functions but vary in properties.
A. True
C. False
B. Neither
D. None
For numbers 39-40;
Simuay, a village in Sultan Kudarat in Maguindanao which was formerly known to others as Nuling is a proof
that Muslim culture is unique. Kulintang musical traditions and practices were based here. They have a very
unique Kulintang ensemble consists of different instruments. Such as kulingtang itself, the agong, dabakan,
gandingan and the so called babandir. They called this ensemble as Palabunyibunyan. They are using this
ensemble during special ceremony or rituals such as kalilang, paigo sa ragat and kapagipat.
Sometimes in 2007 GMA News visited the place to look for what is called kudyapi according to some
sociologists, the said instrument produces a heavenly and angelic sound. Thus you feel you are in a paradise
mesmerizing the most and brilliant scenic beauty.
The people in Simuay are called tau sa ilud and their source of living is fishing and farming.
39. Why it has been said that kudyapi produces a one of a kind sound?
A. Because the sounds has tremendous sensation
B. Because Kudyapi is a stringed instrument and the sound is like a tinnitus in the ear.
C. Because the vibration is rear, thus it produces melodious harmony.
D. None of the above
40. How the Maguindanaons proved that Muslim culture is unique?
A. Up to the recent days, they still practice their rituals using different ensemble.
B. Their way of life practices remain an important element in their social life and one of the chief
sources of their ethnic identities.
C. The majorities of the people are related by blood and profess Islam.
D. None of the above
41. It is where Philippines great santeros hail.
A. Paete, Laguna
B. Nagcarlan, Laguna
C. Los Banos, Laguna
D. Sta. Rosa, Laguna
42. In Quezon Province, it is the fiesta of good harvest.
A. Pahiyas
B. Panagbenga
C. Singkil
D. Sariraya
43. To the Ifugaos, it is the Anito that assures bountiful harvest.
A. Bulul
B. Bungkuku
C. Albulul
D. Khan ka
44. A Maranao royal house.
A. Torogan
B. Balai
C. Payag
D. Kubo
45. Shoe capital of the Philippines.
A. Marikina
B. Pasay
C. Pasig
D. Quezon
E. Makati
46. Series of activities that teaches us to patronize indigenous games popularized by our native ancestors.
A. Palarong Pinoy
C. Laro ng Lahi
B. Larong Bayan
D. Mga Laro ng Sinaunang Pilipino
47. Games played by a single participant.
A. Individual games
C. Group games
B. Dual sports
D. Mixed Sports

48. Requires more than four members per team.

A. Dual sports
C. Group games
B. Mixed sports
D. Games for all occasions
49. Activities done by pair.
A. Dual games
C. Individual games
B. Mixed
D. Group games
50. Games played particularly during fiestas or special events in the localities.
A. Event sports
C. Games for all occasions.
B. Mixed
D. Group
51. Is a Filipino film that depicts child labor thru illegal fishing system directed by Marilou D. Abaya.
A. Muro Ami
B. Panaghoy sa Suba
C. Titanic
D. Ganito kami noon, Paano kayo ngayon?
52. Considered as the golden decade of Philippines Cinema.
A. 40s
B. 50s
C. 60s
D. 80s
53. Secular music is nonreligious music. Secular means?
A. Being separate from religion
B. The same approach as to religion
C. High sense and value of complexity
D. Melancholy presented by the choir
54. The art of making images thru light and other principles of science.
A. Photography
B. Film making
C. Cinematography
D. Light technology
55. Chant epic of the Ifugaos.
A. Hudhud
B. Biag ni Lam-ang
C. Indarapatra at Sulayman
D. Hupeep
56. Which of the following instruments is NOT from Kalinga, Apayao?
A. Afiw
B. Balingbing
C. Kolitong
D. Paldong
57. Refers to any non-nutritional substance that is deliberately introduced into ones body to produce
psychological or physical effects.
A. Drug
B. Vitamins
C. Minerals
D. Vaccines
58. OTC drugs means?
A. Over the counter drugs
B. Over the department store
C. On time care
D. Oxygenated trans fats
59. Th following are among the use of drugs, except for?
A. Relieve symptoms
B. Prevent illness
C. Control chronic conditions
D. None of the above
60. When was the school (FPA) started to operate?
A. 2000
B. 2001
C. 2003
D. 2005