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Yahoo!s peanut butter manifesto

Ans to the Q: no-1

The issues facing Yahoo; were due to for the deficiency of strategic decisions. Previously we knew that
Yahoo; was spreading its resources too thinly, like peanut butter on a slice of bread. There was much
discussion amongst the companys senior most leadership around the challenges they face. Most
prominently, now it is recognizing problems like lack of a focused, cohesive vision for company, lack of
clarity of ownership and accountability, lack of decisiveness etc.However these problems are arising from
lack of strategic decisions, like
Long term decisions
Scope of organizations activities
Gaining advantages over competitors
Addressing change in the business environment
Building on resources and competences
Values and expectations of stakeholders.

Ans to the Q: no-2

Lack a focused, cohesive vision for company

This issue is fit for strategic choice that involves understanding the underlying bases for future strategy at
both the business unit and corporate levels and the options for developing strategy in terms of both the
directions and methods of development.
Here examples like, employees are scared to be left out, reactive instead of charting an unwavering
course, separated into silos that far too frequently dont talk each other,etc reflects the lack of strategic
Lack of clarity of ownership and accountability

This issue is fit for strategic position, is concern with the impact on strategy of the external environment,
an organizations strategic capability and expectations and influence of stakeholders.
Here examples like, operations in organizational structure-admittedly created with the best of intentions,
burdens the company with unnecessary costs, ownership factors those reflect the lack of strategic

Lack of decisiveness
This issue can be described from the aspect of strategy in action is concerned with ensuring that strategies
are working in practice.
In this case, the strategies are not working in practice, as a result the lack of decisiveness arises.
Examples like, a lack of focus with unclear ownership, decisions are either not made or are made when it
is already too late, without a clear vision and clarity of ownership, lack of macro perspective to guide
decisions etc reflects the lack of strategy in action.


The vocabulary of strategy in different context

Ans to the Q: no-1

Mission refers the steps and approaches to achieve the ultimate vision. On the other hand vision refers the
position where the organization wants to see it after a certain amount of time.
In this case Nokia represents:
Mission: The use of technology to connect people.
Vision: Connecting is about helping people to feel close to what matters.
In exhibit 1.2:
A persons first mission was to be healthy and fit in order to run in the London Marathon. Similarly,
Nokias vision was connecting people and that could be achieved by using the technology for connecting.

Kingston University presents:

Vision: Aims to be a comprehensive and community university

Mission: To promote participation in higher education, to strive excellence in learning, teaching and
research, to realize the creative potentialities etc.

In exhibit 1.2:
A persons first mission was to be healthy and fit in order to run in the London Marathon. Similarly,
Kingston Universitys vision was aims to be a comprehensive and community university by using such
mission like to promote participation in higher education, to strive excellence in learning, teaching and
research, to realize the creative potentialities etc.

Ans to the Q: no-2

The strategy for a commercial organization such Nokia and public organization such Kingston University
differs from several sectors.

A commercial organizations goal is to maximize profit where as a public organizations aim is to perform
social services.

Based on this scenario, Nokias focus on its customers as they try to understand the needs and demand of
customers and they also run their business operations according to customer needs.

On the other hand Kingston University may focus on students with equal opportunities to realize their
learning ambition, to provide a comprehensive range of high quality courses and other required activities
to build high qualified Graduates who will be able to serve the society efficiently.

Ans to the Q: no-3

I am a student of EAST-WEST University, one of the major private universities in Bangladesh. In this
case, I find some similarities and also some dissimilarity with EWU and Kingston University.
Similarities: Both university expect
To promote participation in higher education
To strive for excellence in learning, teaching and research
To equip its students to make effective contributions to society and the economy.
Desimilarities: As a private university the primary mission of EWU is to provide education at a
reasonable cost, tertiary education characterized by academic excellence in a range of subjects that are
particularly relevant to current and anticipated societal needs.
Vision: Kingston University aims to be a comprehensive and community university as well the EWU also
wants to do that as providing the excellence in education.


As a strategic management student I may prefer the strategy consultancy service. This service is
made by the consultant in particular firm or organization.
A strategy consultants role is to provide companies with advice on their goals and future
direction so that they can plan effective strategies for growth. These consultants use expertise,
industry experience and analysis to help their clients identify strategies that will increase revenue
and market share by improving competitive advantage. Strategy consultants can help companies
grow faster and increase the value of their business. Strategy consultants provide a companys
management team with a framework for making effective decisions about their direction. They
provide a way of thinking about how to deal with the future and a process to guide decisionmaking. A key role for strategy consultants is to help companies define what they do and identify
their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses as a basis for going forward. Strategy consultants
help management teams compare their current capabilities with market opportunities. They
analyze a range of opportunities, compare market requirements with the companys capabilities

and set out a range of options. The options might include developing or sourcing new products,
expanding into wider geographical territories or entering new market sectors.
Independent strategy consultants bring the expertise and experience of solving strategy problems
for small and large businesses across different industry sectors. That perspective and experience
can help a management team to focus on what the company should do to differentiate itself from
the competition,
As I am the consultant of any industry than I will do some step work for do my job properly,

Be Different
To start, I must be able to answer two questions that get at core positioning:
1. What do I do?
2. How is that different than others doing the same thing?
Get this right before I do anything else, or Ill be competing for consulting work on price. Focus
on an unmet need or new way of meeting needs.
In particular, I will focuses on solving four types of complex problems:

Growth and innovation

Brand positioning


Operational excellence

Be Strong
Teams with tactical capacity the ability to work under changing conditions and translate
strategies into actions beat individuals every time. Get a partner or ally so i can be better
together and avoid the consultant roller coaster.

Be Committed

Consultants must be committed to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and business

Customer satisfaction: Its why I exist. If my clients dont get value, i dont have a business.

Continuous improvement: If I am not getting better, I am getting relatively worse.

Business development: The number one job of a company is to create a customer. If i dont love
selling, really love selling, go do something else.
So that consulting is a way to get more knowledge about consumer and know about what kind of
things play on their mind and know about them. Consultant is the best way to give proper
succession for makes their business plan by facing an interview between two parties.

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