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Spectral Analysis with RTL-SDR Radio - MATLAB & Simulink Example

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Spectral Analysis with RTL-SDR Radio

This example shows how to use the RTL-SDR radio, with MATLAB and Simulink, as a data source for downstream
spectrum analysis. You can change the radio's center frequency to tune the radio to a band where a signal is present. You
can then use the spectrum analyzer to view and make measurements on the received spectrum.
This example is implemented in two versions:
MATLAB, in sdrrSpectrumAnalyzer
Simulink, in sdrrSpectralAnalysisExample
The following text describes the Simulink version, but both versions have the same functionality.
The model performs an FFT-based spectrum analysis at complex baseband, and provides the following graphical
A view of the spur-free dynamic range of the receiver
A view of the qualitative SNR level of the received signal
Structure of the Example
The following figure shows the receiver model:

Running the Example

When you run the example, you can measure signal characteristics such as peaks, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel
power ratio, harmonic and intermodulation levels, and spur-free dynamic range.


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Spectral Analysis with RTL-SDR Radio - MATLAB & Simulink Example

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