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Dear Patrons,
Thank you for selecting HAMCO Brand BOD INCUBATOR
It is very simple to operate by using following steps.
Description :- This unit is specially design to meet all the bod (low temp.)
required in pharmaceuticals, zoological, biological, agricultural test in
It is double walled in construction inner made of stainless steel outer made
of mild steel duly with epoxy powder coat finish. Insulated with high grade glass
wool insulation of 3 thickness. Front opening door with magnetic gasket for easy
access. Inner glass door to minimize the heat loss and for viewing of samples with
out disturbing the inner temperature.
Environmental friendly CFC free cooling system is provided for cooling
with safety of delay timer to avoid foreign mishandling.
Stainless Steel tubular air heater is provided for heating.
Place the unit at a clean and leveled area near the power supply point.
To set your desire temperature please read the working manual of
controller carefully and follow the following steps.

The control panel consist of three rocker switch , one Indicating

bulb and one PID Temp. controller.

The First Red switch is the Main switch which On or Off the
power supply.

The Second green switch is the cooling switch which can off the
compressor when you feel any malfunction. You need to keep it
ON continuously in the any set between 5 to 60 degree

The third one is the illumination switch which gives the better
visibility inside the chamber.

The Bulb gives the indication of the heater ON.

The PID temp. controller having dual display. The Upper display
shows the actual temp. inside the chamber and the lower display
shows the set temp.

It also has the three key at the bottom , the first one is the set
button , the next one is Up button and the last one is the down

When you want to set any temp. first you press set button , Now
the lower display shows SP and upper display shows some value
, you can set any desired value by pressing up or down button
and press set button.
Now the lower display shows OP 2 and upper display shows
Auto. Keep it in auto mode always.
Now you press set button, the lower display shows OUT.L and
upper display shows 100. Keep it 100.0 always.
Now you press set button , the lower display shows tune and
upper display shows no.The tune function we use for better
accuracy, whenever you want the best accuracy , you set the
desired temp and put the tune yes by pressing up or down key
and press the set button. Dont disturb the unit until the light
blinking on tune button glows completely.

Safety Instruction ;

The Power should be 230 V Ac +/- 10% , 50 Hz strictly.

Place the unit in leveled area always.
We have given the wheel on bottom for better movability. Lock
the first two wheel on front after keeping the unit at desired area.
The draintube on side , attach them to the drain.

Read the working instruction carefully before operating.

By following these simple tips and procedure you can get the best result of
temperature and humidity.