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CHEM 111 | GRP 6


Adapter - It is a device that connects the condenser and the receiving flask in a
distillation process.
Beaker - Is a simple container for stirring, mixing, and heating liquids commonly
used in many laboratories.
Bunsen burner - Is piece of lab equipment that is used to heat material for
Burette Clamps - Burette clamps are adjustable devices that secure burettes to
laboratory ring stands.
Burettes: Acid & Base - It is used to contain and deliver specific amount of solution.
Centrifuge Machine - A centrifuge is a laboratory device that is used for the
separation of fluids, gas or liquid, based on density.
Clamp Holder - The clamp holder is used in conjunction with several other lab pieces
to hold a container of any given substance during an experiment that often involves
heating the substance.
Clay triangle - It is a piece of laboratory equipment used in the process of heating
substances by a Bunsen burner (e.g. to support a crucible when its being heated).
Condenser - It is used for condensing of vapors that pass through the center tube.
Crucible tongs - Crucible tongs are made of stainless steel or brass and are used
for handling crucibles, evaporating dishes, and other hot objects.
Crucible with cover - A crucible is a ceramic container capable of withstanding
extreme temperatures, whilst the cover is designed to prevent the heat escaping
from the crucible itself.
Distilling flask - It is a piece of laboratory equipment that is used to separate
mixtures of two liquids with different boiling points.
Erlenmeyer flask - It is also known as conical flask, is a widely used type of
laboratory flask which features a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck.
Evaporating dish - Is a laboratory device for evaporation of solids and supernatant
fluids, and sometimes to their melting point.
Florence flask - It has a round body with a single long neck and with either a round
or flat bottom.
Funnel - It is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem.
Graduated Cylinder -It is a piece of laboratory equipment used to accurately
measure the volume of a liquid.

Iron ring - It is usually used to suspend a watch glass or glass plate above an open
fire to heat chemicals and allow reactions to proceed.
Iron stand - It is used as a support and when assembling a set up.
Laboratory Thermometer - It is used for measuring the temperature of substances.
Mortar and pestle It is used to crush solids into powders for experiments, usually
to better dissolve the fluids.
Reagent bottle It is used to store different chemicals. It can also be used for
storage, for mixing and for displaying.
Rubber tubing It is used as a delivery tube for gases and liquids.
Separatory funnel It is used to separate immiscible liquid.
Stirring rod It is used for stirring and mixing solutions and as a passage or medium
when pouring liquids from one container to another to avoid spillage.
Stoppers: rubber and cork It is used to seal a container like Erlenmeyer flask and
Florence flask.
Test tube holder It is used for holding test tubes when heating contents.
Test tube racks It is used to hold test tubes while reactions happen in them or
while they are not needed.
Test tubes It is a glass tube with one end open and the other end closed. The
closed end is rounded. Test tubes are used to hold small samples. They are primarily
used for qualitative assessment and comparison.
Triangular file - It is used to scratch glass tubing prior to breaking the tubing to the
desired length.
Tripod - It is used to support equipment or apparatus for heating purposes which
need not attached.
Tubings : glass and rubber tubings - It is used as a delivery tube for gases and
Wash bottles - It is used to wash out solid particles during filtration and for washing
narrow-mouthed containers.
Watch glass - It is used to contain substances for analysis or testing.
Triple beam balance - It is used for weighing objects and solid chemicals.
Electronic balance - It is a device used to find accurate measurements of weight.
Analytical balance - It is designed for great precision in quantitative chemical
Wire gauge - It is used to support beakers and flasks when heating.