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Directions to download and install MODTAG software:

1) If you already have an earlier version of MODTAG installed on your computer, it would
be prudent to remove it before running the new MSI install module. Use Add/Remove
Programs to remove it. Any data files that you may have, or calculation results, will
NOT be removed.
2) Using Windows Explorer or your favorite FTP program enter
You will see a screen such as the one below (highlight added).

3) Follow the highlighted directions to click on Page, then click on Open FTP Site in
Windows Explorer.
4) Click on File, then click on Login As

5) In the window check the box Log on anonymously. The user name and address will fill
in automatically.

6) Open the MODTAG_Download directory

7) Read the PDF files
8) If you are using Windows XP or earlier:
Download the contents of the Programs subdirectory to a temporary folder on your
computer, or to your desktop. Open the C: partition on your computer.

If you are using Windows 7:

Download the contents of the Programs subdirectory to a temporary folder on a flash
drive. You will need to install the programs on XP Mode for them to run.
You may need to install the XP Mode software from Microsoft. To do so go to: Follow the directions provided at the Microsoft website. (If you already
have XP Mode installed, no need to reinstall it.)
Open the C: partition under XP Mode. Put the flash drive in a USB port.
If you are using Windows 8 or higher:
Neither MODTAG nor MODCOMP will run on these computers. They do not provide
XP mode. We are writing an upgrade to the programs to overcome this problem.
Anticipated availability is September 2015.
9) FIRST install the MODTAG.MSI install module. Accept the default location for the files
(i.e., C:\MODTAG).
10) SECOND, move the MODTAG Updates.ZIP folder to the C:\ root directory. Extract the
contents to update certain files. If you are using WinZip the ZIP folder contains the
required paths, so the files will be installed correctly in the proper folders. Otherwise you
will need to manually insert the updated files.
Verify that the date on the C:\MODTAG\MODCOMP6\Modcomp6.exe file is
11/10/2012. If it is, then the file extraction was successful. (Delete the ZIP folder in
the C:\ directory after you have successfully extracted the files.)
11) Note that the MODTAG Users Guide is located in the C:\MODTAG subdirectory. The
file name is ModTagManual.PDF. The MODCOMP Users Guide is in
C:\MODTAG\MODCOMP6, named Instructional Guide for Back-Calculation and the
12) If you have a Dynatest FWD MODTAG can read native (F20 and F25) and DDX
formatted data files. If you have a JILS, KUAB or Carl Bro FWD, you will need to
convert the native file to DDX format. Use PDDXconvert.exe for this purpose. Install
the PDDXconvert folder in the MODTAG subdirectory. When you run the program a
help screen is available.