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Lauren Novak

40 Crystal Ridge Drive Okotoks, AB T1S 1P6

(403) 710-3752
e-Portfolio: http://laurennovake-port

Bachelor of Education Secondary
Teaching Areas: History, Biology
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.
Date of Completion: Dec 2012
Overall CWA of 79.9%

Teaching and Other Related Experience

St. John Paul II Collegiate
Christ The Redeemer School Division
Jr. High Physical Education Teacher
[November 2014 - June 2015]
Full-time position that included teaching four Grade 9 PE classes, a Grade 8 PE class, and a Grade 9 Kinesiology option
class. I was given this position following a successful 5 weeks spent subbing in the role.
Enabled me to expand my teaching repertoire into physical education. I was required to plan and implement a number of
units including gymnastics, dance, and fitness. Units were creative and engaging for all physical ability levels/interests.
Regularly communicated with parents by providing updates on what was coming up in class, targeting struggling students,
and working together to solve behavior issues.
Effectively communicated with St. JPII's growing population of EAL students.
Co-taught with colleagues and worked with staff to coordinate a large dance unit that was capped of by a Jive-Off.
Coached grade 8 Basketball and was actively involved in other extra-curricular activities including intermurals, Track Day,
Wellness Week, Backpack Campaign, and other SRC events.
Experience filling out CUM Folders
Facilitated daily prayer and the permeation of the Catholic faith into lessons.
Substitute Teacher

Christ the Redeemer School Division

[Sept-Oct 2014]
September 17th - September 28th was spent at St. John Paul II Collegiate in Language Arts, Physical Education, and
September 29th - end of October was spent at St. John Paul II Collegiate in Physical Education. This required me to plan
and implement lessons, a well as carry out weekly and daily evaluations to be used for the reporting period.
This as afforded me a unique understanding of student's strengths and areas of need. I developed strategies with
individual students to get them participating to their best ability.

Substitute Teacher

Saskatoon Public School Division

[April 2013-Present]
Taught in kindergarten to grade twelve classrooms throughout the city of Saskatoon. This included the opportunity to
teach in a number of Community Schools enhancing my understanding of inclusivity, affirmation of identity, and how to
foster a respectful classroom environment.
Spent an extended period of time in a grade eight classroom providing ongoing instruction, implementing my own
classroom management techniques, and dealing with learning and behavioral issues as they arose. During this time I
worked hand-in-hand with administration and school staff to meet the needs of the students in the classroom.
Worked with numerous instructional technologies including SMART boards, audio visual equipment, portable Ipad and
Netbook labs, document cameras, and Maplewood attendance programs.
Time spent in EAL classrooms and Communication Rooms has strengthened my understanding of adaptive dimensi on;
has contributed to my own methods of modifying instructional strategy, learning activities, and assessment for students

Substitute Teacher

Prairie Spirit School Division No.206

[Feb 2013- Present]
Worked with a range of students from kindergarten to grade twelve, expanding my knowledge of the curriculum as I
effectively implemented substitute plans and assisted students in their learning.

Worked extensively in Borden School, and Dalmeny High School as a trusted substitute teacher, allowing for the
development of meaningful relationships with students and staff.

Participated in school events, provided supervision, and chaperoned field trips, all broadening my understanding of what it
is to be part of a school community.
Internship Practicum

Walter Murray Collegiate Institute

Worked with History 30 Advanced students. During this time, the ability to set clear expectations and facilitate authentic
learning situations that challenged a variety of learning styles was strengthened.
Developed a strong set of classroom management techniques working with students in the Science 9 classroom, and
continually used adaptive dimension to individualize the learning process for the multiple learning styles and abilities in the
Expanded teaching philosophy through time spent in other classrooms, including History 20 and Biology 20.
Was immersed into the larger school community by supervising dance functions and SRC events, attending sporting
events, and volunteering at various tournaments.

Skills and Abilities

Instructional Skills
Consciously adapt instruction and assessment methods in lesson and unit plans to best serve the needs of all learning
styles and abilities.
Consistently apply a variety of instructional strategies to emphasize assessment for learning and assessment of learning.
Collaborate with fellow colleagues to enhance instructional practice and broaden my repertoire of strategies.
Provide timely and written feedback on assignments as assessment for learning, allowing students the opportunity to
resubmit work in-order to promote ongoing learning within the classroom.
Provide students clear expectations for assignments through the use of detailed and specific rubrics.
Classroom Management Skills
Apply appropriate and effective classroom management techniques to foster a supportive, respectful, risk -taking,
interactive, and nurturing learning environment.
Effectively communicate expectations to students to maintain a positive learning environment that embraces creative
thought, achievement, progress, and growth.
Develop a strong working rapport with my students by showing them respect and interest in them as individuals.
Communicate effectively with parents to promote a supportive learning environment in the home.
Technology Skills
Incorporate technology in the classroom in pedagogically appropriate ways in-order to enhance student learning. For
example using Quicktime Player to create screen-casts and experiment with 'flipped teaching' as a instructional strategy.
Post reflections, assignments, and notes onto a virtual classroom to enhance communication and make knowledge more
easily accessible.
Utilize evaluation software to provide student evaluation and meaningful report -card comments focusing on strengths,
areas of need, and steps for the future.

Volunteer Experience
Science Fair Judge - Dalmeny High School / WMCI
[2011 / 2012]
Assessing student work and providing specific and meaningful feedback for students to use to strengthen projects prior to
moving on to regional competition.
Marauder Invitational Tournament Planning Committee Member
Responsible for recruiting and scheduling WMCI staff members to work the entrance gate. Requires a positive working
relationship with colleagues, and a friendly and welcoming attitude to those visiting WMCI.
Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2011 Conference
While carrying out duties, was able to sit in on a number of sessions. One session regarding action research projects has
evoked a commitment to the use of inquiry projects. These projects can be used to connect students to the community.
Cross Count ry Team Administrator - Walter Murray Collegiate Institute (WMCI)
[2011 / 2012]
Responsible for registering all students and ensuring eligibility requirements were met, organizing, and coordinating roles

and duties of the team's student managers, attending all race days and team functions.

Professional Development
Office of the Treaty Commissioner
[February 6-7 2014]
Treaty Catalyst Teacher Training: Two-day workshop enhancing understanding of Treaties, available resources, and how to
incorporate elders into your classroom; able to use knowledge to create meaningful lessons, help colleagues access resources,
and implement lessons in their own classrooms.
Office of the Treaty Commissioner
History of Treaty Making and Teaching Treaties in the Classroom two-day workshop

[December 10-11 2013]

Introduction to Problem Based Learning Workshop


SMART Board Certification


Professional Portfolio Creation


OHS Standard First Aid, CPR-B & AED


Honours and Awards

U of S Continuing Education Bursary
Awarded based on Academic Achievement
Golden Key International Honours Society Member
Awarded to those students who are within the top 15% of their class standing
Rutherford Scholarship
Awarded to students who maintain a consistent high standard in their academic achievement

Mrs. Mariette Moss
St. John Paul II Collegiate
53 Cimarron Drive
Okotoks AB, T1S 2A6

Bus: (403) 938 4600

Mrs. Jennifer Quinlan

Vice Principal
St. John Paul II Collegiate
53 Cimarron Drive
Okotoks AB, T1S 2A6

Bus: (403) 938 4600

Mr. David Larwood

Dalmeny High School
Dalmeny, SK

Bus: (306) 254 2036




*Additional references can be provided upon request or found on my e-portfolio