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Variety, the Childrens Charity of Manitoba is dedicated to raising funds which enable us to meet the tangible needs of children of all abilities within the Province of
Manitoba. Since 1978, Variety has touched the hearts of over 800,000 children and
raised over 30 million dollars to support its Programming and Special Needs children. All monies raised in Manitoba stay in Manitoba! We are a non-disease specific
childrens charity, and therefore have the opportunity to assist children and families
who may be impacted by physical, medical or emotional challenges and/or socioeconomic issues.
All of Varietys Programs and services deliver direct benefits to kids by Supporting
Health, Championing Ability & Mobility, and Nurturing Development. These benefits and tools help each child experience a dramatic and often immediate improvement in their quality of life, and make a direct and positive impact in their life in a
very significant way.
Not only do they re-discover the unique joy of being a kid, but also gain the benefit
of interacting with and feeling accepted by their peers. Varietys mission is to help
nurture children of all abilities. These benefits help each child experience a dramatic
and often immediate improvement in their quality of life and have a direct impact
to improve a childs life in a unique and significant way. Variety is not the cause, the
children are the cause and Variety is the solution. Through our continuous events
and donors, Variety is able to be there to help support these children and families
throughout the Province by providing the necessary assistance. Your contribution to
the success of Art for the Heart will help Variety provide the unique resources and
the support for Special Needs children to grow, explore the world and take on the
challenges ahead!
Your support of Variety allows us to approve funding to help more kids, in more
locations throughout Manitoba. Your gift in action will put even more smiles on
kids faces as they continue to thrive and succeed! Not only do they re-discover the
unique joy of being a kid, but also gain the benefit of interacting with and feeling accepted by their peers.

Any child . Any need . Every day.

With your donation , you give a child a childhood.
Visit for more information or to donate today.

Online Charity Art Auction
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September 1,10:00 am EST to September 30, 5:00 pm EST
All artwork has been generously donated by the artists.
Framing and delivery is donated by Mayberry Fine Art.
100 percent of proceeds go directly to Variety children in Manitoba.

Consignor Canadian Fine Art

Auctioneers & appraisers


Terry Watkinson

Algoma, Late September, 2015, acrylic, 24 x 28 inches

Retail Value: $2,900.00

Starting Bid: $1,800.00

Terry Watkinson was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. After
completing two years of the architecture program at the University of Toronto he joined the rock band Max Webster with Kim Mitchell. For the next
eight exciting years, Terry toured with the band throughout North America
and Europe playing to sold out audiences and recording six gold and platinum records.
When the band broke up, Terry returned to the University of Toronto, completing a B. Sc. degree in Medical Illustration. He went on to teach surgical
illustration and perspective for the universitys Biomedical Communications program. His illustrations are featured in many medical textbooks and journals.
Today this multi-talented artist creates a brilliant sense of light, depth and emotion in his spectacular wilderness scenes and cityscapes. Terrys paintings incorporate many of his life experiences: his Thunder Bay childhood can be seen in his bond with the Canadian north; his architectural training gave him structure, precision, draftsmanship and perspective; his success
with medical illustration shows in his discipline and knowledge of anatomy; and, finally, from his
music comes rhythm, big gesture, and a sense of lively communication.


Andrew Valko

Marilyn Visits the Prairies, 2012, serigraph, 14 x 15.5 inches

Retail Value: $1,700.00

Starting Bid: $1,000.00

Andrew Valko R.C.A. was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1957.

Valko studied wood block printing in Japan with master printmaker
Toshi Yoshida. Valko has been included in several prestigious shows
including the Yoshida Annual International Print Exhibition from 1987
- 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. Valkos realist paintings are so illustrative that
they are a near parody of camera technology.
Valko uses his printmaking techniques when painting with acrylics.
Working on wood, he uses a router and carves into the wood creating
texture which reinforces the painting. Throughout almost 20 years of exhibitions he has
been collected and exhibited by many important public institutions and private collectors in Canada and abroad, including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Taipei Fine Arts Museum,
Brockton Art Gallery, Boston, The Canada Council Art Bank, and The Claridge Collection, Montreal. In December of 1994, Andrew Valko was elected into the Royal Canadian
Academy of Arts.

Sean W. Randall
Soon, 2014
Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24 inches

Retail Value: $3,600.00

Starting Bid: $2,200.00

Sean William Randall is a Canadian-born artist. After studying architecture at the University of Manitoba, Sean worked with various architecture firms in Canada as a designer and illustrator. In 1992, he left
the architecture profession to devote himself entirely to painting and
sculpture. With over 20 years of experience across Canada as an
artist, designer and illustrator he recently relocated back to Regina to
continue his art career. Seans previous experience in architectural design has informed his artistic process, with artworks that reveal unique
spatial perspectives, distorted by shadows and reflections.
Recently, four of his paintings have been selected by the Canadian High Commission in
London (Canada House and Trafalgar Square) as the basis for the creation of handmade
carpets for the Head Commissioners office, deputy HCs office, entrance areas and the
Macdonald room. Seans works have been exhibited in public and private galleries and
can be found in corporate, private and public collections in Canada and the U.S.A.

Luther Pokrant
Heart of the North, 2015
Oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches

Retail Value: $3,800.00

Starting Bid: $2,300.00

Luther Pokrant was born in southwestern Manitoba in 1947. He graduated with a BFA from the University of Manitoba in 1969, and he received
his MA from New Mexico State University in 1970. He later served as a
lecturer at the University of Regina for four years.
As an avid outdoorsman and fisherman his work is often inspired by the
natural beauty of wilderness places. Water, watercraft, shorelines and floating lilies are recurring themes in his work, as is the reflective quality of
water, which is an abiding interest for the artist.
Since 1969 Pokrant has exhibited extensively, and has been honoured with
many commissions. He is a member of the Manitoba Society of Artists and the Royal Canadian Academy of Artists. Of his long career Pokrant writes, Art for me is a lifelong process
and a magical journey that holds endless fascination. His paintings are represented in many
private and corporate collections such as Shell Canada, British Petroleum, Cargill Grain Ltd,
Coca Cola, the Bronfman Claridge Collection, CIBC, Manitoba Hydro, and Sask Tel.


Randolph Parker

Colours of Spring, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24 inches

Retail Value: $2,800.00

Starting Bid: $1,700.00

Randolph Parker was born in 1954 and grew up in Huntsville, Ontario. He

became serious about drawing and painting at a very early age. His formal
art training began at Mt. Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. He
later attended the Banff Centre and continued to study at York University
in Ontario. He studied under such eminent instructors as David Silverberg,
Takao Tanabe, Paul Sloggett, and Ken Carpenter. Randolph has taught art
and art history at both the Ottawa School of Art and the Ottawa Board of
Education. Parker is an artist with a strong ability to create in oil, acrylic, and
watercolour. From his Salt Spring Island studio he creates his panoramic
vistas inspired by the Canadian landscape.
His work is firmly rooted in a traditional approach to painting, coupled with an extraordinary
visual journey that conveys Parkers unique contemporary vision of the landscape. Selected
Collections include Trimark Investment Inc., Vancouver Suncor Inc., Calgary Price Waterhouse,
Edmonton Malchy Grain Co., Geneva, Switzerland Wawanesa Insurance, Winnipeg Fairview
Cadillac, Toronto Canderal Corporation, Ottawa Omers Realty, Toronto Ministry of Natural Resources, Ont. Canadian National Railway Carleton Board of Education, Ont. Hewlette Packard,
Winnipeg Alta Gas, Alta. Pen Growth Management, Alta. Coro Oil & Gas Management, Alta.
Ryans Energy, Alta.


Peter McConville

Twist, 2012, acrylic, 30 x 40 inches

Retail Value: $4,600.00

Starting Bid: $2,800.00

Peter McConville was born in Banbridge, Northern Ireland in 1951.

At fifteen he began his career in one of Irelands textile print companies as a Textile Artist. The position offered professional art employment as well as the opportunity to study fine art and design one day a
week at Lurgan College.
The printing process used in textile design influenced the artists method of breaking colour into solid shapes. Peter experimented with this
technique creating surreal, dreamlike images. His earlier paintings
were displayed in Belfast as part of juried shows. Northern Irelands
history - rich with culture and scarred with conflict - was evident in his earlier work. Peter
immigrated to Winnipeg in 1974, returning to Banbridge in 1983. He remained there until
1986 when he moved to Kamloops, British Columbia. Peter returned to Winnipeg in 1992
and has lived and worked there since. Peter McConvilles newest paintings explore the
depth and mystery of the Canadian forest. In his words, The fallen leaves and deadwoods feed the forest a reminder of the cycle of life. When I look into the forest, it reveals
a wonderful range of deep rich colours. The bright orange, red and green leaves found
in the forest make up a natural, complementary palette.


Sheila Kernan
Beating Heart, 2014, mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24 inches

Retail Value: $2,000.00

Starting Bid: $1,200.00

Sheila Kernan, born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, grew up in a

family that fostered the arts; her grandmother was a painter and seamstress,
her father an artistic woodworker. At the age of three she began expressing
a love of her surroundings through painting and drawing. She would often
find herself engaged in creative projects paying no attention to the time or the
recess bell at school.
Craving a journey after high school, Sheila found herself living in the mountains in Banff, landing a job in an art gallery. When one day it dawned on her
that her own work could be on these walls, she subsequently enrolled in art
school, completing a B.F.A at the Alberta College of Art and Design.
Experiencing the world has become an integral part of Sheilas art process. She has traveled all
over Canada, Japan, San Francisco and Vegas finding beauty in large urban centers as well as on
remote mountaintops. Mesmerized by the energy and excitement of translating her experiences
onto canvas, Sheila is attracted to unplanned moments like stumbling upon a pathway that takes
you to the top of a tower overlooking downtown San Francisco during sunset, or hiking up a creek
and finding herself completely lost in nature.

Meghan Hildebrand
Scrapyard Woodsman, 2015
Watercolour, 14 x 11 inches

Retail Value: $1,000.00

Starting Bid: $800.00

Meghan Hildebrands paintings, which she describes as story-maps of

the imagination, are constant exercises in innovation and improvisation.
With her unique vocabulary of symbols, she translates the landscape into
electrifying dreamscape scenarios, each image alluding to a much larger
narrative. While Hildebrand continues to explore new ways to paint, her
works often return to familiar themes - the childhood dream, and a sense
of journey over land. These places can leave one with a feeling of melancholy remembrance. Defined points of interest, doorways and inlets, invite
the viewer to enter the image.
Now residing in Powell River, Meghan arrived on the Sunshine Coast by way of Whitehorse,
Halifax, and Nelson. Over the last ten years, she has had over thirty solo shows, including
a retrospective survey at the Yukon Arts Centre 2012. Her work has been acquired by the
Yukon governments permanent collection among others, and belongs to private collections


Rand Heidinger

Overcast, 2012, laquer paint on polymer , 24 x 32 inches

Retail Value: $3,400.00

Starting Bid: $2,000.00

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rand Heidinger has been a visual
artist for nearly thirty years. He is most at home in his studio warehouse
located at the edge of a residential and industrial zone in the North End of
Winnipeg. This gritty environment plays an important role in the inspiration
behind the artists work, which he creates out of industrial materials and commercial paints, while his background in furniture design, and building custom
displays for the film industry, serve as the foundation for his artistic process.
Heidinger applies his breathtaking grasp of color to his unique ability of painting in reverse on acrylic thermoplastic. His paintings are violently composed
layers of automotive paint and resin, projected onto the surface of the thermoplastic. As gravity takes hold of the medium, Rand reacts with his own form of controlled accuracy,
lending a feeling of spontaneity, depth, texture and luminescence to the visual plane that responds
differently under varied lighting. My chosen medium can be tenacious and temperamental, as
with every new painting I often fight for controla compromise of sorts. One looking at Rands
body of work would be surprised to see such a wide range of emotions frozen within his dynamic
compositions. With every painting, Rand continues to push physical and mental boundaries.
Rands work can be found in private, corporate and public collections throughout Canada and the
United States as well in HRH Prince Phillips collection of the Arts for Nature Trust in Buckingham

LOT 10

Laura Harris

Quench, 2015, acrylic, 30 x 30 inches

Retail Value: $3,800.00

Starting Bid: $2,300.00

A fourth generation Victorian, Laura Harris roots run deep on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Mostly self-taught, Laura began painting in her teens. With her draftsman father teaching her perspective
and technique, he also encouraged freedom of expression. Before
becoming a serious painter, Harris attended college, and worked as
a graphic designer running a small company which specialized in corporate identity. In 2001, her successful design company gave way to
her full time art career.
According to the artist, We live in a world where cell phones and
blackberries are often getting more affection than our family and friends. I fear that a
loss of intimacy and connection is growing. The splatters of paint represent people or
souls,rising from the ground up into the horizon... open and searching, connecting, together. The black represents the chaos of daily life, and the brightness represents hope,
calm, and the inner-peace I feel when I stop... like when I watch my husband and daughter beachcombing together and for that moment, theres nothing else in the whole world.

A respected artist in the middle east, Hashim Hannoon immigrated to

Canada in 2009. Writing in The Golden Medium, a monograph published
for Hannoons 2008 solo exhibition in Amman, Jordan, critic Khalid Khudayer
describes Hashim Hannoon as a realist and an abstract expressionist. He believes that Hannoons style of abstraction captures the golden medium, the
perfect balance between form and colour.
Wherever he lives, Hannoon seeks to achieve contact with the spiritual existence of a place. Since coming to Canada, the concept of the city has become
a theme in many of his canvases. He is not concerned with painting a literal
portrait of a place, rather his interest lies in capturing the essence of community and how it enriches
the city. This process results in abstract images of gentle beauty that invite the viewer to experience
his vision for the city through the filter of his imagination.
As a result of his acquaintance with the hardships of war, the abstract paintings of Hashim Hannon
spring from a milieu quite different from that of many of his North American colleagues. Since arriving in Canada, he continues to remain honest to the spirit that permeates his experience. Painful
memories are often a force that cannot be ignored. Once brought into the light and shared with
others, however, the same memories can have the power to bring hope. In this way, though born
from tragedy and sorrow, the paintings of Hashim Hannoon radiate optimism and an overwhelming

LOT 11
Hashim Hannoon
Mid Summer, 2011
Acrylic, 24 x 24 inches

Retail Value: $2,900.00

Starting Bid: $1,800.00

LOT 12
Hashim Hannoon
Friendly Atmosphere, 2011
Acrylic, 24 x 24 inches

Retail Value: $2,900.00

Starting Bid: $1,800.00

LOT 13

Sara Genn

Dream Act, 2015, acrylic, 36 x 36 inches

Retail Value: $5,300.00

Starting Bid: $3,200.00

Sara Genn was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and obtained
a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queens University in Ontario. She is best known
for her exhaustive use of colour and patterning, and repetition of motifs. Her
work often blurs the line between high art and craft and references other
forms such as quiltmaking and textile design.
Genn began exhibiting professionally at age 18 and sold out her first solo
show at 19. Her work has appeared in both commercial and public venues
and been featured in such publications as Town and Country, New York
Magazine, Canadian House and Home, Elle Canada, Canadian Living, and
Vogue. In 2001, Genn was made a United Way Special Achiever for her charitable contributions
to the organization. She also works regularly with The Steelhead Society, Big Sisters, Art For Life,
Fashion Cares and A Loving Spoonful.
In 1998 and 1999 Genn lived in France and Spain and kept an illustrated diary that she published
as one of the Internets first travelogues. It remains one of the most widely read digital travelogues.
In 2002, she travelled by boat along the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories and painted
the Canadia landscape. Her father is Canadian landscape painter Robert Genn. Since 2004
Genn has sojourned annually in Paris to write music and to paint. In 2008, she lived in Lucca, Italy
and produced a series of large-scale colourfields based on Luccas Renaissance walls. She has
resided in New York City since 2003.

Cover art and design by Lorraine Krahn Muenster

Variety is the Spice of Life

A collage of local Variety kids past and present.

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