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In trial consulting firms Employees can/do turn into clients BY

In trial consulting firms Employees

can/do turn into clients


Melissa Pigott Point of View

Al ost e eryo e ho orks for a li i g k o s ot to ur ridges

with former employers, lest they need a job reference or something else from the former employer in the future. Rarely, however, have I heard this expression applied to former employees.

It seems that many employers fail to consider that, one day, when they least expect it, a former employee will attain a position of power,

resulting in a role reversal with the former employer. In other words, the

former employee can become the current employer/boss/client, with the former employer becoming the current employee/worker vendor. This role reversal has happened twice in my career.

One of the members of my research team, when I was a graduate

student and he was an undergraduate, is now a client of mine. And, one

of y o pa y’s for er e ployees ho is de ades you ger tha e is now a client of mine. Not only should an employer treat employees

with respect and courtesy because it is the right thing to do, but the

employer should consider what might happen when the employee goes

on to bigger and better things and looks back on his/her employment with fondness or an absence of fondness and whether the former employee, after achieving a high level position, would want to hire the person for whom he/she used to work. In life, many people endorse the ie , tur a out is fair play, ut he this attitude is applied to the relationship between employers and employees, it takes on a whole

new meaning. Employees can, and in my experience, do, turn into


David H.Fauss Point of view

The employee turned client is an interesting turn about and, a positive sign in many ways. And, it was also interesting when we had someone who had worked for 2 other trial consulting firms hire us at a firm where

he was (once again) practicing law on his cases.

He did not hire either of his 2 prior employers; he hired us. I thought that was a telling message that speaks volumes about those well known firms. I know that Melissa and I strive to treat employees well. Some employees have not understood this, but in that we have maintained connections with, and have had the experience of working for a former

employee, it is gratifying to know that we have succeeded in our efforts.

It is unusual for a former employee of ours to turn into a client because

this means he/she went to law school and had an appropriate case. But,

it is probably true that former employees are future prospects for business for most businesses if they are treated properly while they are employed. The world goes round in circles

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The writers Melissa Pigott and David H. Fauss are the co-founding partners of Magnus Research Consultants, Inc., and Magnus Graphics, Inc. Magnus Research provides jury research and trial

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research is customized, on a case specific basis, to maximize the results of litigation. Magnus scientifically evaluates jurors or fact finders (arbitrators, mediators) responses to case issues by using attitude surveys, jury focus groups, mock trials, and mock arbitrations to develop case strategies, themes, voir dire questions, and more. Voir dire

o sultatio a d it ess preparatio are also a aila le.

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