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ST JOSEPH’S PARISH - WARRNAMBOOL Parish Office: 5562 223 1 Fax: 5562 223 0 E-mail:


Parish Office: 5562 2231

Fax: 5562 2230

E-mail: Diocesan website:


Fr John Fitzgerald (Parish Priest) Barry Wolff (Business Manager) Leanne McElgunn (Secretary) Brian Shanahan (Gardening/Maintenance)

Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 1.00pm; 1.30pm - 4.00pm




Michael Gray (St Joseph’s School) Peter Morgan (Emmanuel College)

Sunday: 8.30am - 10.30am - 6.00pm Purnim:11.00am (Eucharist on 2nd and 4th Sundays) (Assembly of Word with Communion on 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays)

Tuesday: 11.00am (Requiem Mass: Greg Lenehan RIP) Wednesday to Friday: 10.00am (Eucharist)

Deaths: Geoff Currer, Greg Lenehan

Anniversaries: Vonnie Hayhoe, Tom Smith, Mary Jane Smith, Kevin Brown, Megan O’Neill, Frederick Toohey, Inez Morgan, Annie Toohey, Joan Morris, Pat & Frank Daly, Francis Bartlett

Wedding Bells: Congratulations to Melissa Bonnett & Mykel Goodwin

Golden Jubilee: Fr Barry Ryan was ordained at St Joseph’s 21st July 1965. This was the first Ordination Bishop O’Collins celebrated in a parish church outside St Patrick’s Cathedral Ballarat. It was a significant event for our Parish. Fr Barry will celebrate 10.30am Mass at St Joseph’s on Sunday 13th September. Refreshments will follow Mass (Gathering Space). A plate would be appreciated. All welcome

Bereavement Support Group: Monday 7th September at 4.00pm (Gathering Space)

Emmanuel College: An Evening of Inspiration: A showcase of student talent and induction of the Inspiring Alumni. Friday 4th September, 7.30pm at Lighthouse Theatre. Tickets $5 (available at Lighthouse Theatre)

Warrnambool Organ Festival: Six concerts at 5 different churches. Friday 4th to Sunday 6th September. Further details: Laurel (0411 136 850)

Thank you for your support

Collections: Presbytery: $1,686.00 Parish: $1,469.70

Counters: This week: Team 5: Peter Stacey (5562 1469)

Next week: Team 6: Barry Wolff

(5562 7913)


22 nd Sunday in Ordinary Time



‘Church without Frontiers, Mother to All’.

Today we celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation and especially to consider the plight of the many who have fled their homelands in fear.

‘Migrants in our communities often go through challenges and difficulties that are


Things such as language, culture or customs can bring about hardship and

anxiety… Christ is calling us to move beyond ourselves, and express solidarity to our fellow brothers and sisters. To lend a helping hand, just saying hello or even just a simple smile…’ (Bishop Vincent Long)

There is memorabilia from various countries on display this weekend. Refreshments follow the 10.30am Mass. Thank you to parishioners for your involvement in this annual celebration.



Our Stewardship Program has been finalised and once again we wish to warmly thank everyone for their involvement and generous response. A special thank you goes to our Program Leadership Team and to all the volunteers who assisted with the follow-up process.

Letters of confirmation, and where applicable, new sets of Stewardship Envelopes, are available for collection today. Members of the Program Leadership Team will be on hand to assist at all Masses. The new pledges take effect from next weekend and some envelope numbers will have changed. To avoid any confusion please destroy any old envelopes that you may still have.

Pledge cards are available in the Gathering Space if you have not yet had a chance


complete one. Completed cards can be placed on the collection plate or delivered


the Parish Office.


reminder that Time & Talent sheets are currently being processed and those who

responded will be contacted in the near future.

New Office & Refurbishment: Works will commence Tuesday, 8th September. Church activities will continue as normal although there will be limited parking. We ask for your patience and understanding during the process as there will be some inconvenience.

Garage Sale: Saturday, 5th September, Parish Hall 8.00am to 11.00am. Various items including tables, chairs, cups, bookshelves, crucifixes, desks, mowers etc

Meetings: Tuesday: Liturgy Committee at 5.30pm Wednesday: Finance Committee at 12noon Wednesday: Parish Pastoral Leadership Team at 5.00pm