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The whole praise is to almighty ALLAH, creator of this universe. Who made us the super
creature with great knowledge and who able me to accomplish this work. I feel great pleasure
in expressing my deepest appreciation and heartiest gratitude to my Teachers of Comsats and
to the staff of Servis Sales Corporation for their guidance and great help during the internship
I would like to express my deepest affection for my parents and friends who prayed for my
success and encouraged me during this internship period. I appreciate and acknowledge the
patience, understanding and love provided by employees of SSC.
A token of special thanks to the following people who had been very friendly, co-operated with
me throughout my internship period in Servis Sales Corporation and made it possible for me to
learn and gather all the information needed for my internship report with as much detail as I
could. These are the people who in spite of their busy scheduling took time out to explain to
me the procedures and mechanics of work in the organization. My internship report would not
have been possible without friendly and helpful attitude of following people.

Executive Summary

Internship Report

Servis Group is Pakistan's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter. It also has interests in
retailing. Its Group Company, SSC Private Limited, is the country's largest retailer and
wholesaler of footwear.
The Group was set up in 1958 and today has sales of more than PKR 9 billion.
The Company runs its footwear retail business under Servis brand as Servis Shoe Stores. It
has further established some of the most loved footwear brands including Don Carlos,
Cheetah, Calza, Liza, Toz, and Skooz. It also has distribution alliances with leading
international brands in footwear including NIKE, CAT and exclusive franchise of ECCO in
SSC a part of Servis Group Which has a rich heritage spanning over half a century and is
today regarded as one of the most respected corporate citizens. The Group invests actively in
CSR initiatives and projects nationally as well as abroad.
SSC is respected for its innovation footwear designs which are a result of its considerable
invest in merchandising and product development departments. This has proven to be a
driving engine for the business that has produced millions of satisfied customers. The
Company has strategic relationships with Group companies which offer world class footwear
manufacturing facilities in Pakistan.

SSC Retail Business currently comprises Company Operated Stores, Agencies, and Factory
Outlets. The business is now eyeing Large Format Stores and Franchise Stores as its future
growth engines.
Servis Group employs close to 8000 people in its following Group Companies:

Service Industries Limited

SSC Private Limited

Internship Report

Shoe Planet

Soul Collections

Servaid Pharmacy

Above all are separate entities and work their own. Like there are three two outlets yet of Shoe
Planet in Lahore and Karachi where there are imported brands with Servis shoes are available.
Shoe Planet is a really a big outlet.
Soul collection is dealing in ladies shoes and same like Stylo. There is a wide range of ladies
shoes is available all the time on Soul Collection and Soul collection has their own network.
Servaid Pharmacy as the name mention is dealing in Pharmacy and has a good name in the
field of Pharmacy and this is now a growing business of Servis.

Walking on the roadside, running on a track, climbing the rocks, going for a formal meeting or
simply shopping on weekend, one thing is an imperative for you. Thats footwear. Nothing

Internship Report

compares to a pair of shoes that are trendy and comfortable, and this is where Servis comes
in. Making its debut in 1964 in the footwear industry of Pakistan, Servis today has become the
most sought after name in the shoe industry.
Servis Sales Corporation is the flagship company of the group with headquarters location in
Lahore. Servis started its operations with a small factory in Gujrat and established its second
factory at Muridke Seikhupura Road in 1987. Today Servis is the largest footwear exporter of
the country.
Winner of FPCCI trophy for best export performance six times, product innovation is the most
important element in companys marketing strategy and that is what makes Servis, a shoe
company par excellence.
Popular Servis brands include Cheetah, Don Carlos, Calza, Liza, Skooz, Toz, Servis and more.
Servis offers a new product range twice a year at the beginning of summer and winter
Servis enjoys a rich history of excellent performance. You can bank on Servis for your
requirements. Unshakeable trust, unmatched products, superb quality and an amazing ability
to satisfy the ever increasing needs of its clients are some of the qualities that make Servis
your unbeatable partner.

Vision Statement

Be the fastest growing company in every market we enter.

Internship Report

Mission Statement

SSC will:
Maximize value for its shareholders and business associates.
Ensure product innovation and a buying experience that consistently exceeds
customers expectations.
Become a 10 billion rupee company by 2012 through leveraging its brands,
distribution and retailing strengths.
Leverage technology to gain competitive advantage.
Strive to provide an environment where employees will be developed, rewarded and
provided with greater opportunities.
Continue to improve the quality of life of its employees and their families.

The following are the departments where I worked as an internee and experienced a good
time with the Servis employees.

Internship Report




I divide my 16 weeks according to letter plan given by HR Manager, and spent four
weeks in Maintenance Department with Mr. Mudassar Ikram who is Mechanical engineer then
4 weeks in Production department with Mr. Rashid Rafique who manager then 4 week in
Manufacturing deparrment with Mr. Usman Barkat (Senior Merchandise Planner) and Mr.
Qaiss Aslam(Merchandise Planner) and then finally 4 week in Whole Sale Department with Mr.
Adnan Akhtar(Category Manager) and Awais(Category Analyst).

Policy of the Organization

Company Code of Conduct
1. Scope
1.1 Policy shall be applicable to the management and non management staff of Service Industries
Limited at head office, plant sites and any other company establishment.
2. Objective
2.1 To ensure compliance to all legal requirements in letter and spirit
3. Child Labour Prohibition

Internship Report

3.1 At Service Industries Limited, we strongly believe in the compliance of national and
international laws for elimination of child labour. No one under the age of eighteen (18) years shall be
considered for employment.
4. Equal Employment Opportunity
4.1 The company strongly believes in providing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) without any
exception ensuring that everyone has fair and equitable access to job assignment, employment
conditions, training, and career development.
5. Discrimination
5.1 The Company strongly believes that all employees should be treated equally without any
discrimination on the basis of;
* Religion
* Sex
* Race (including nationality, colour)
* Marital status
* Disability
5.2 In case any employee is aggrieved of any discrimination, he / she will have the right to make a
complaint to the competent authority through his Department Head who upon its receipt shall investigate
the same and in the event of any veracity further action including disciplinary measure as the case may
be initiated or taken in the circumstances of the case.
6. Harassment
6.1 It is the policy of the company to ensure that none of its employees is harassed including sexual
harassment or pressurized to achieve any desired objectives during the course of their employment.
6.2 In case of any complaint in this connection shall be viewed seriously by the management and
necessary disciplinary action or remedial measures shall be taken accordingly without exception.
7. Teamwork
7.1 It is the policy of company to ensure harmony and coordination amongst team members. New
team members are warmly welcomed and highly facilitated in order to get them up in existing teams.
Old team members are also highly respected as they have proved to be role models and act as facilitators
for new ones to understand the culture.
8. Information and Communication
8.1 We believe in open communication while maintaining the confidentiality wherever deemed
necessary. The information flows are smooth and no hindrances as regards to bureaucracy of
position/designation can disturb the flow except where considered necessary under confidentiality
9. Smoking
9.1 The company strictly discourages smoking inside the premises. We encourage our team
members to quit smoking. However, in order to facilitate employees, smoking corners have been
established. This is also meant for avoiding any potential hazard because of presence of flammable
materials within the premises.
10. Fraud and Corruption

Internship Report

10.1 These two activities are highly unacceptable. Anyone found involved in any such activity like
theft, embezzlement, fake attendance etc shall be dealt with strict
disciplinary action.
10.2 Company shall proceed with appropriate procedure for recovery of financial loss. Any such
case may be prosecuted in court of law, wherever deemed necessary.
11. Work Timings
11.1 All employees must follow the office timings according to the location.
12. Minimum Wage
12.1 No employee shall be paid less than the minimum wage fixed by the government.
13. Forced Labour
13.1 The management firmly believes in upholding the rule of law and would not indulge in any
forced or bonded labour.
14. Drug-Free Workplace
14.1 The management strictly believes in maintaining a drug-free workplace. If an employee is
convicted of violating a criminal drug statute, management reserves the right to take strict disciplinary
action against the defaulter.
14.2 The distribution, dispensation, possession, use or presence in the body system of controlled
substances and illegal drugs is prohibited at any time during working hours on company premises
including companys residential areas.
15. Possession of Arms
15.1 The Company within its premises prohibits the possession of explosives, ammunition,
firearms or any other weapon or devises used to inflict injury. However, security staff is authorized to
keep weapons which have been licensed and issued by the competent authority.

16. Health and Safety Guidelines

16.1 The company is responsible for meeting Federal as well as local health and safety standards
and for establishing and implementing necessary measures to minimize its employees risk of injury or
16.2 Health and safety guidelines shall be strictly followed i.e. use of Personal Protective
Equipments (PPEs) wherever and whenever required. Health and safety procedures shall be developed
and implemented in order to ensure complete adherence to the safety rules and regulations.
16.3 Human Resource Department will ensure that all EHS policies and procedures are
communicated at all levels of Company employees.
17. Compliance of Policies
17.1 If preliminary investigation of any reported case of non-conformance to the above policy
point towards infringement of the provisions of this policy, Human Resource Manager/ Inquiry Officer
will conduct detailed, confidential and impartial inquiry and report the matter to the top management.

Internship Report

17.2 If an inquiry reveals that any provisions of the policy have been violated, Human Resource
Department will take appropriate disciplinary action against the defaulters, in accordance with laws /
management practices relevant to the situation.
18. Guidelines for Human Resource Department
18.1 Human Resource Manager will ensure that all executives / managers are fully conversant
with the provisions of this company policy.
18.2 Head of Departments will also be responsible for ensuring compliance to these policy
guidelines and any deviation of above policy guidelines shall not be acceptable.

Comments on the organizational structure :
Layout should be designed intelligently. Though not much needed, but if company feels, a specialist can
be hired temporarily to design the layout. It will certainly save a lot of cost by improving efficiency.
There is no special arrangement to keep an eye on the labor. Many departments are distant from each other
and some supervisors are not enough to keep an efficient with in such scattered production facility.
Cameras should be placed in production facility to keep an eye on the labor. By this, efficiency of labor
definitely increases. It also ensures that labor is using safe work practices.
Safety measures are not up to the mark in production processes. Labor force is not equipped with proper safety
equipments and dresses. This increases the chances of accident, causing increase in cost. Also, it is a
severe violation of labor laws.










fewhands. Yes! Decision making is highly centralized. This centralizationcauses



with company policy when directors orders confront with it. Mostly, directors orders are
preferred to company policy.
A proper cost of production report should be maintained at least monthly .This will ensure strict watch
on the wastages and would definitely provide benchmarks for improvement. Continuous cost efficiency is not
possible without such practice.

Internship Report

Organizational Structure:
a. Organizational Hierarchy chart

b. Number of employees
There are estimated 7,000-8,000 employees that are still working in service in different departments and
sections like Adminstartion,QC, Tooling shop, die molding shop, die maintenance shop, sheet shop, fan
shop, motor body shop, motor winding shop, and assembly shop.

c. Main offices
The main offices of this organization are situated at the admin block of services. Here main offices are
the Chairman, Managing director, Chief Executive, Director Finance, Director Production, Director HR,
Director Marketing, and General Manager of finance, production, HR, and Marketing

Plan of your internship program:

Training Program:
Daily Activity Report:
Internship Report


Critical Analysis:
Development Stage:
The life cycle concept may apply to a brand or to a category of the product. Its duration m a y b e a s
s h o r t a s a f e w m o n t h s f o r a f a d i t e m s o r a c e n t u r y o r m o r e f o r p r o d u c t categories.
Product development is the incubation stage of the product life cycle. There are no sales and the firm
prepares to introduce the product.
When the product is introduced, sales will be low until customers become aware of the product and its
benefits. Some firms may announce their product before it is introduced, but such announcement also








surprise.A n d S e r v i c e a l s o u s e s t h i s s t r a t e g y t h a t t h e y a n n o u n c e t h e p r o d u c t b e f o r e
t h e introduction and their view about this thing is that customers become aware of
the product before its introduction in the market. Advertising costs are typically high during this stage
in order to rapidly increase the customer awareness of the product and to target t o t h e e a r l y

Introduction of all the departments

Factory Outlets Department

Hierarchy of Factory Outlets Department:

Business Manager
Internship Report

Mr. Younas


Supply Chain Analyst

Supply Chain Analyst

Mr. Mudassar Ikram

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad

There are 33 factory outlets in all over the Pakistan.

Servis Sales Corporation which is working under Servis industries Private Limited is doing its
business in retail which is further divides in FOL and A pair.
According to management FOL is very small part of their business however retail is big Giant.
FOL strategy is very simple. FOL strategy is to sale the rejected material of factories special
low price articles, dead articles which are not giving sale on the shops and also some A pair
articles which are specially prepared on order from Local venders. I understood from this that
the main purpose of FOL is to help out the company and save from losses which may be
company have to bear because of rejection without existing of FOL.
Reference: Mr. Younas (Business Manager)

The following are the brands of Factory outlets

Don Carlos.

Categories and Ranges

Internship Report


There are different categories and different ranges of sizes.

English size



French size
20-23 , 24-28

The following are the sub categories of above categories.


Shoes and Moccs
Reference: G.M Khan (Category Analyst)

Reference: Mudassar Ikram (Supply chain Analyst

Corporate Sales Department

This is the hierarchy of this department.

Country manager
Shahid Iqbal

Internship Report


Senior Manager

Asst. Manager
Asim Majeed

Corporate Sales
Mr Rashid

Corporate Sales
Faisal Imtiaz
Today, Servis is fully geared to deliver the best to its corporate customers. Unshakeable trust,
unmatched products, superb quality and an amazing ability to satisfy the ever increasing
needs of its clients are some of the qualities that make Servis your unbeatable partner. No
matter how big the consignment is or how fast it has to be delivered, Servis is always there.
Servis enjoys a rich history of excellent performance. You can bank on Servis for your
requirements. From safety shoes to trendy sandals, from highly quality joggers to matchless
formal footwear nothing compares to Servis.
Popular Servis brands include Cheetah, Don Carlos, Calza, Liza, Skooz, Toz, Servis and more.
Servis offers a new product range twice a year at the beginning of summer and winter

Internship Report


Corporate sale department is very small department as compare to Retail and wholesale but
here the working is interesting because the main reason is there is direct interaction with the

Supply Chain Department

Hierarchy of this Department

GM (Abbas Ali Sherazi)

Senior Planning Manager

Planning Manager

Internship Report

Planning Manager

Planning Manager


Merchandise Planner











Zaid Bin



Supply Chain department.

In actual Supply chain is about the planning and distribution of Retail. All stages involved,
directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request. Including the manufacturers, suppliers,
transporters, warehouses, retailers, and customers. Within each company, the supply chain
includes all functions involved in fulfilling a customer request (product development, marketing
operations, distribution, finance, customer service. Customer is an integral part of the supply
chain. Includes movement of products from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors, but also
includes movement of information, funds, and products in both directions.
Probably more accurate to use the term supply network or supply web
Typical supply chain stages: customers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers. All
stages may not be present in all supply chains.
Reference: (Mr. Qaiss Aslam)

Internship Report


Whole Sale Departments

Wholesale Department




Dealer Network

Internship Report


Cheetah -------- Joggers
Don Carlos------ Formal/Casual Shoes
N-Dure--------- Casual Shoes
Maximus-------Formal Shoes
Calza----------- Open Chappal
Liza------------ Ladies Slippers
Skooz---------- Men/Ladies/Youth/Boys/Girls/Children

Internship Report


Marketing Department
Internship Report


Competitive Advantage
Servis has competitive advantage on it product range, its brands name, and Price.

Customer Services
Servis provide Customer Services through give them warranty and guarantee on shoes.

Customer Relationship Management

To develop customer relationship management Servis provide Loyalty cards to their Loyal
customers. Every customer who consumes 1500 RS to purchase some article can become a
loyal customer and can get Loyalty card by filling a form and then after some process company
dispatches the card. Company also sends catalogues on customers addresses. One time
entry on every 500 consumed in the shop. Last year one person won a car who belongs to
from Jhelum then company advertise him through ads photographs and print media. Company
also provide after sale services.

Marketing Strategy
SSC use aggressive marketing and take advantage through give ads on TV channels, different
campaigns and promotional activities so their competitor is so far from them on this side.

There is a team who plan that when there is need of advertisement and how to advertise or
running a campaign but there is no advertising agency of Servis so Servis use outsourcing
from different advertising agencies.

Internship Report


SWOT Analysis

Following are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which I personally observe
in the company.

Largest footwear group in Pakistan
60 years experience
Old employees
Accessible to all income segments in country.
Geographical coverage
Variety of products
Image of durable shoes
Strong market share in sports and school shoes
Brand name like Cheetah, Don Carlos

Female market penetration is weak
Low aspiration value in high income group
Don Carlos communication seems to be static. Need to find ways to build on the strong equity
of the brand.
Weak corporate image of Servis group
Distribution network as compare to Bata is little bit weak.

Internship Report


Penetration in the female segment
Creation of innovation and customized products
Further segmentation within sports segment
Improve shopping experience at retail outlets
Major portion of market untapped

Stiff competition in the market from local and foreign brands
Aggressive marketing tactics by other shoe manufacturers.
Different market segments have been targeted by competition.
Unbranded small players competing against different brands of Servis

Organizations exist when two or more people work towards achieving common goals. An organization
can never be better than the people it hires. Hence we have to get the best to be the best because the
performance of the employees reflects the companys image and standing in the market. Out of the three
Ms i.e. Man, Money & Machine, probably the human dimension is of the utmost importance. Hiring
employees is not the sole objective rather the primary goal is to devise a tool that can help the
organization attract, maintain, retain and motivate them enough to give their best to the organization.
Training and development is therefore the first step towards success. Better the quality of the employees
better the performance of the company. An organizations ability to meet the training and development
challenges provides an opportunity to make significant contribution to the company. With better quality
people executing the companys operations the HR department can create a competitive advantage for
the company. Here in the end I want to sum up my report of internship in Super Asia in few words.
Again I would like to say thanks to Super Asia and it all employees for providing such supportive
environment of learning. I must say that my 6 weeks internship experience in Super Asia was a great
learning time and I believe that it will be very helpful for me in future career. During my internship in

Internship Report


Super Asia I had chance to practically use my knowledge and skills which I have gained during my
study as well as I gained and experienced different new skills on the job. It also helped to learn about the
manufacturing sector working in Pakistan, its procedures and products and services. Here in the report I
have tried my best to give very informative and useful details regarding my internship in Super Asia and
I believe that by reading this one would agree.
With me that gaining practical experience of what we learn in books is as important and useful as any
other thing. I was fortunate enough to secure a position as an internee here and thereby able to do an in
depth analysis of the working environment of this company from the inside and of the external


Servis sales corporations is weak in its competitors analysis, because when FOL or
Retail sets their articles prices they should be aware of competitors prices so I will
recommend that they should also study to their competitor that what are Batas strategy
like which campaign or pricing strategy Bata is going to launch.
MIS system is weak. So there should be such team who operate marketing information
Prices are high of SERVIS articles because now in the market there are China shoes
and local companies, so now there is need to be reduce the prices.
Promotional activities are same which were 10 years ago, like a low quality ball with
every Skooz so there is need to change them in this modern Era.
Rewards and compensations are not satisfying to its employees, so there should be
such rewards and benefits that if employees achieve the targets then they should be
Servis should allow some degree of freedom in its policies and work procedures and
policies according to the environment and conditions of Pakistan without having to ask
for permission every time.

Internship Report


In the outlets of Servis there is no availability of all the articles thats why positioning of
Servis in general customer is that there is no development in the shoes or the young
generation thinks that there is no funky shoes which will attract them so Servis should
make positioning in the mind of customer about their developed articles and fleets.
Budget of FOL is not enough, budget should be increase because FOL is targeting low
income people and giving a good business to company.

References & Sources:

Internship Report