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(A) Must Read NCERT if u r even thinking of clearing UPSC.

1. NCERT Geography XI/XII( imp but optional can download online freely t) [P+M]
2. The Story of civilization Volume I+ II , Contemporary World History old NCERT
v. imp (M)
3. Themes of Indian History Part I, II , III
4. Anciect/ Medivial / Modern Indian History old NCERT ( Must read many times) (
5.Indian Constituion at work NCERT / Indian politics after Independence/Contempo
rary world politics ( v.v. Imp (P+M)
6. Economic NCERT (XI/XII) [P]
7. Sociology Ncert ( Xi/XII) (M)
8. India And Contemporary World (M)
9. Politics in India Since Independence ( M)
(B) Different but Must Buy Coaching Material Best for Prelims + Mains preparatio
1. Vision IAS / GK Today Current AFFAIRS [ Try Free PDF Online]
2 .Indian Polity printed Notes of SriRam Coaching [ imp P+M]
3. Economy printed notes of Sriram coaching Printed Notes ( imp [P+M])
4. Environment Shankar IAS Acdemy [P]
5. Science & Tech ( newspaper/magazine only don t buy anything )
6. Vision IAS Test Series ( P +M) ( Try Free pdf online , dont waste money)
7. Insight Test Series ( P+M ) ( Try Free pdf online , dont waste money)
(C ) Following are the must buy books You can buy directly from flipkart/amazon
10-15 rs cheaper than Delhi; [ Prelims(P)+Mains(M)]
1. Certificate Physical and human geography book by Gochen Leong [ v.v.imp for [
2. Indian Geography book by khullar ( Best Standard Refrence Book but hard core
Geography) [ v.v.imp for [P+M]]
3. Orient Blackswan Atlas + Oxford Atlas ( Must have ) [ v.v.imp for [P+M]]
4. History of Modern India by Spectrum book( Must read 2-3 times) [ v.v.imp for
5. Indian struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra book( Must Must ..) [ v.v.v
.imp for [P+M]]
6. Indian Since Independence by Bipin Chandra book( Important no doubt) [
p for [M]]
7. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant book( V. Imp) ( For reference )
8. Lexicon for Ethics
9 . Indian Economy by ShankarGanesh ( Prelims)
10. Yojana/ Kurukshtra Magzine for last 15 month b4 mains. ( be very selective)
(D) Now these are for Optional only so choose ur optional very carefully
1. Public Administration by Vajiram & Ravi ( v. Risky subjects so must read news
paper and books)
2. Geography Class Notes ( Shabbir Sir from Vajiram )
3. History hemant jha printed class Notes and Baliyan Hand written notes ( only
4. Political Science class notes by Subhra Ranjan of Vajiram & Ravi (best)
5. Sociology class notes of Mahaptra Sir ( Vajiram & Ravi)
6. Philosophy class notes by Patanjali
7. Psychology class notes by Mukul Pathak
8. Anthropolgy Printed notes by Brain Tree
9. Zoology by Evolution coaching..( only english medium)
10. Botany by Evolution coaching..( only english medium)
11. Law Optional by Rahul Sir ( Best )
12. Mathematics optional by IMS Coaching ( Best)
So My Suggestions Regarding material purchase are :

--> Buy Books from Amazon/Flipkart coz some what cheaper then Delhi and authenti
c too But for coaching material if u urself can come and buy then it wud be best
or else if u really want my help for guidance or material then just msg me in f
acebook , i will try my best to help . And for Those who had asked me for materi
al chk my or our group wall post for ur material receipt nd other authentication
, Well U can download Freely whatever material i had uploaded in Our group .
You msg me in my facebook profile inbox only for proper reply or if you can't th
en WhatsApp or sms me @ 9958840847 only if its sort of emergency . if u want any
other help , call me if i m free will pick ur call for sure..

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