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Learn How To Calculate When Play Chess - Calculating in chess is one of basic

element that you need to mastered. This is because if you can calculate well
enough, you can avoid many mistake when play chess. In addition if you can
calculate more better than your opponent you can dominate the game and
ended with winning result.
One of the things that need to be considered in calculating is the accuracy.
People often misjudge by assessing a person's calculation ability based on
such calculation depth like capable to calculate 5 move or 10 move more
further ahead. Able to calculate as deep as it certainly is a good thing.
However, without an accuracy, of course that would be a waste of time
Therefore I will try to give an explanation how to calculate accurately. But
before that let us refer to some theories about techniques in performing
calculations. According to Aagaard in his book Grandmaster Preparation:
Calculation, there are eight techniques that need to be mastered. I am going
to expose it briefly as an introduction.
Candidate move are the move that can be execute in the next turn. More
details are, have you ever made a mistake because you did not look a reply
by your opponent or ever encountered an error because you didn't consider
a better move. Mistake like this should be easy to ignored, if before you start
thinking you identify the candidates move that possible for your or by your
opponent. Please read the article how to analyze threats in order to learn
more about candidate move.
What is combination? have you heard or read a smuthered mat, it represents
one example of combination. The combination are sequential move with a
specific purpose. Usually a combination contain a number of captures and
tactic to get certain positions. Its very hard to find a combination move while
playing chess without knowing the pattern of combination. To get a good
calculation ability, practicing with combination puzzle is very sugested.
To perform calculations without requiring consideration of opponent move are
a mistake. This is commonly happend when we doing a calculation and we
will forget to look at the idea of opponent. Nevertheless too focused with your
opponent also not good idea. This is because in a game of chess we need to
take the initiative so as to make the opponent play based on the pattern of
the game we wanted. The ability to propylaxis the good and right is very

important to be able to support the ability of calculation.

To be able to have a good ability in this dude need to master how to evaluate
a position. Read how to play positional chess grandmaster style. When
performing a calculation we will get a kondisis where we need to choose a
variation that we need to run. Therefore, in comparing the ability is crucial to
be able to do the calculation as well.
Elimination is one of the techniques of calculation. The technique was
necessary to be able to select candidates off guard needs to be so
considerate. This is because we can not analyze all the candidates step while
playing chess because it takes a lot.
Once you find a variation step in calculations sometimes we can insert a
favorable step without making a variation step we get distracted. For
example, by conducting an exchange of pieces, checkmate to move fruit
without having to lose a tempo and others.
Sometimes there are people who think that the imagination is a natural
ability. But actually, it can be trained with the al with hard work. Calculation
of exercise is one of the things that can improve the ability of imagination
The trap is one of the car