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With profound sense of gratitude and regard, I express mysincere thanks to my guide and
mentorMr.Shan, forhis valuable guidance and the confidence he instilled in me,that helped me in
the successful completion of this projectreport. Without his help, this project would have been
adistant affair.His thorough understanding of the subject and professionalguidance was indeed of
immense help to me.Also, this acknowledgement would remain incompletewithout thanking the
staff of KFC.I am also greatly thankful to the faculty members of ourinstitute who co-operated
with me and gave me theirvaluable time

Goals of KFC
Build an organization dedicated to excellence.
Consistently deliver superior quality and value in our products andservices.
Maintain a commitment to innovation for continuous improvementand grow, striving
always to be the leader in the market placechanges.
Generate consistently superior financial returns and benefits our owner and employees.
To establish in India our position as leading WQSR (Western Quick ServiceRestaurant)
chain, serving good value. Innovative chicken-based products.Consistently, providing a
pleasant dining experience, with fast friendly, in a clean and convenient location. At all
times we must be dedicated to providing excellent and delighting customers

Introduction of Company

KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the worlds most popular chicken restaurant
chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Extra Crispy TM, and Colonels Crispy Strips chicken
with home style sides andfive new freshly made sandwiches. Every day, nearly eight
millioncustomers are served around the world. KFCs menu everywhere includesOriginal Recipe
chickenmade with the same great taste Colonel HarlandSanders created more than a halfcentury ago. Customers around the globealso enjoy more than 300 other productsfrom a
Chunky Chicken Pot Piein the United States to a salmon sandwich in Japan.KFC continues
reaching out to customers with home delivery in more than300 restaurants in the United States
and several other countries. And in quitea few U.S. cities, KFC is teaming up with other
restaurants, Taco Bell andPizza Hut, selling nearly fifty years ago; Colonel Sanders invented
what isnow called home meal replacement selling complete meals to harried,time-strapped
families. He called it, Sunday Dinner, Seven Days a Week.Today, the Colonels spirit and
heritage are reflected in KFCs brandidentity the logo features Colonel Harland Sanders, one of
the best-recognized icons in the world.

KFC specialized in chicken and they says,

No bodys cooking like KFC today and we arethe chicken experts

There is no competitor for spicy chicken which is made by KFC

Company overview:

Colonel Harland sanders, born September 9, 1890, actively beganfranchising his chicken
business at the age of 65. Now, the Kentucky friedchicken business he started has grown to be
one of the largest retail foodservice systems in the world. And colonel sanders, a quick service
restaurant pioneer, have become a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit. More than two billion of the
colonels finger lickin good chicken dinners are servedannually. And not just in America. The
colonels cooking is available inmore then 82 countries around the world.When the colonel was
six, his father died. His mother was forced to go towork, and young Harland had to take care of
his three year old brother andbaby sister. This meant doing much of the family cooking. By the
age of seven, he was a master of a score of regional dishes. Ate age 10, his first jobworking on a
nearby farm for $2 a month.
When he was 12, his mother remarried and he left his home near Henryville, Ind., for a job
on a farm inGreenwood, Ind. He held a series of jobs over the next few years, first as a15-yearold streetcar conductor in New Albany, Ind., and then as a 16-year-old private, soldiering for six
months in Cuba. After that he was a railroadfireman, studied law by correspondence, practiced in
justice of the peacecourt, sold insurance, operated an Ohio River steamboat ferry, sold tires,
andOperated service station. When he was 40, the colonel began cooking for hungry travelers
who stopped at his service station in Corbin, KY. He didnthave a restaurant then, but served
folks on his own dining table in the livingquarters of his service station. As more people started
coming just for food,he moved across the street to a motel and restaurant that seated 142
people.Over the next nine year, he perfected his secret blend of 11 herbs and spicesand the basic
cooking technique that is still used today.

KFC India

KFC is the worlds No.1 Chicken QSR and has industry leadingstature across many
countries like UK, Australia, South Africa,China,USA, Malaysia and many more.KFC is the
largest brand of Yum Restaurants, a company that ownsother leading brands like Pizza Hut, Taco
Bell, A&W and LongJohn Silver. Renowned worldwide for its finger licking goodfood, KFC
offers its signature products in India too! KFC hasintroduced many offerings for its growing
customer base in Indiawhile staying rooted in the taste legacy of Colonel HarlandSanders secret
recipe. Its signature dishes include the crispyoutside, juicy inside Hot and Crispy Chicken,
flavorful and juicyOriginal Recipe chicken, the spicy, juicy & crunchy Zinger Burger,Toasted
Twister, Chicken Bucket and a host of beverages anddesserts. For the vegetarians in India, KFC
also has great tastingvegetarian offerings that include the Veggie Burger, Veggie Snacker and Veg
Rice meals. In India, KFC is growing rapidly andtoday has presence in 11 cities with close to 50

Values of KFC
Focus all our resources to our restaurants operation because that iswhere we serve our
Reward and respect the contributions of each individual at KFC.
Expand and update training with time and be the best we can be andmore.
Be open, honest and direct in our dealings with one and other.
Commit ourselves to the highest standard to the personal and professional integrity at all
Encourage new and innovative ideas because these are the key to our competitive growth.
Reward result and not simple efforts.
Dedicate ourselves to continuous growth in sales, profit and size of organization.
Work as a team

Current ProductsKentucky

fried chicken
Zinger burger
Chicken Bucket
Soft Drink
Snack Box
Soft Twirl
Brownie Sundae

KFC Original Recipe

6 cups Crisco Shortening

1 eggs well beaten
2 cups Milk 2 cups Flour
2 teaspoons ground pepper
3 tablespoons salt
1 teaspoon MSG
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 dash paprika
2 Frying Chickens cut into 6 pieces

Place shortening into the pressure cooker and heat over mediumheat to the shortening reaches
400F. In a small bowl, combine theegg and milk. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining six
dryingredients. Dip each piece of chicken into the milk until fullymoistened. Roll the moistened
chicken in the flour mixture untilwell coated. In groups of four or five, drop the covered chicken
pieces into the shortening and lock the lid. When pressure buildsup cook for 10 minutes.


Since 1982, KFCs All-American salute to Mothersnational card contest has been KFCs
way of honoringmoms and their families for making mothers DayKFCs biggest sales day of the
year. The contestencourages children to creatively express theirfeelings for their moms by
making a homemade cardand give them chance to compete for more than$10,000 in cash and
prizes. Educational packets,including language, history and art exerciseshighlighting Mothers
Day, were sent to thousands of schools nationwide.
There are 4 Ps of Marketing:
Basically the product is anything that be offered to a market forattention, acquisition,
use, or consumption that might satisfy a want orneed. KFC is specially dealing in the
chicken products; Basically, KFChas the special raspy for chicken products that is why,
KFC known as achicken specialist allover the glob. KFC target the Asia and east
sidebecause they observe that they people are like the chicken products,so they enter in
the market due to the demand of their chickenproducts. KFC product variety of product
in the chicken, those products are:

Original recipe chicken
Chicken pieces
Kentucky Nuggest
Crunch Zinger

There are three brands of the KFC:

1)Taco bell
2)Pizza Hut
3)Long john silvers


KFC during pricing their products keep the different points in the mindlike they adopt the
cost base price strategy. Pricing of the productincludes the Government taxes and excise
duties and then they comeat final stage of determine the price of their products. KFC
prices of products are a bit high according to the market segment and it is alsocompatible
to the stander of their products.
Calculation of the price under Cost Based Pricing Strategy:
Total Pounds of Chicken Served in KFC Restaurant Annually
=1.914 Billion
Total KFC Chicken Pieces Sold Annually
= 5.89 Billion
Total Retail Sales
= $8.9 Billion
Sales Price of per Chicken Piece
= Total Retail Sales / ChickenPieces sold= $8.9 Billion / $5.89 Billion=$1.51We assume
that Fixed Cost is = $6000000000
Variable Cost
= $675000000
Profit Margin
is Or Mark Up= $225000000(25% of Sales)Per Unit Variable Cost= $675000000 /
5890000000= $ 0.115
Unit Cost
= Variable Cost + Fixed Cost / Chicken pieces Sold= 0.115 + 6000000000 /
5890000000= 0.115 + 1.02= $1.135
Now suppose manufacturer wants to earn 25% mark up on sale. The manufacturer mark
up price is calculated:
Mark Up Price
= Unit Cost / (1 Desired Return on Sales)=1.135 / (1-.25)= 1.135 / 0.75= $1.51

Promotion is one of the necessary plates in any form of business or inother words you
can say that promotion is the key of success. If youpromote your product at the right
time. KFC also known theimportance and significance of promotion so they uses the bill
boardsthe major source of advertisement and one of the most important thing that they

uses media especially the newspapers to promote their products. They are also creating
awareness among the masses abouttheir existing product range as well they tell us about
the future product.

Marketing efforts to be taken by the restaurant:

Paste delivery posters at petrol pumps, flats, colleges, plazas, and departmental stores.
Distribution of delivery flyers in residential areas, markets, plaza sand institutions (as per
the plan)
Visit offices and business places.

In the case of the KFC the placement of the product is not importantbut the
placement of the restaurant is important. The products of theKFC is cooked at the sport

and then served after that. KFC Cavalrybranch opened in June 1998, in the main
commercial zone of Cavalry
Grounds near the Jinnah Flyover. The restaurant is a three-storybuilding including
the basement (where the chicky play area islocated). It is ideally located in the center of a
main commercial andresidential area of Lahore. The area that KFC Cavalry caters for is
theresidential and office area of Cavalry Grounds and Cantt, as the maintarget market.
Another branch the KFC opened in the Lahore is in Garden Town (opposite to Barkat
Market). KFC also target theFaisalabad and open its branch in D ground.
Now we can easily judgethat the KFC target the place for their restaurant, which is
well know nand is in the Porsche area where the income level of the people is high then
the middle class level. Because the prices of the KFC products ishigh with comparison to
the local products manufacturer who are dealing in the same kind of product in which
KFC is dealing but the prices of the KFC is high due to special taste, high quality, and
due tointernational brand, it is the world recognized fast food restaurant all around the
world. So, for the placing strategy, KFC chose the well income class area for their

Promotion Issues
For the sales pormotion KFC introduced their goods like watches , keychain,
e.t.c to the customers.


There are different strategies adopted by KFC for different events.They market their
products on different events and in differentactivities as they are helping SOS
village.According to KFC, kids become the future permanents customersand we know
very well that without any marketing strategy nomarketing program and no product is
successful because wedepend upon customers, customer not depend on us.

KFC is following Niche Marketing and Societal Marketingtechniques.

KFC possess a western culture because some of the Indian people are also following that
KFC are moving from Divisional Level to the District level by opening branches
KFC also offer free home delivery.
KFC open their outlets on reachable places.
KFC menu consists of more than 30 products.
KFC gives more priority to Family

Second best global brand in fast food industry in
terms of value ($ 6 billion)

Untrustworthy suppliers

Original 11 herbs and spices recipe

Negative publicity

Strong position in emerging China

Unhealthy food menu

Combination of KFC Pizza Hut and KFC Taco

High employee turnover

Lack of strong marketing efforts
KFC is the market leader in the world among
companies featuring chicken as their primary product

KFC SWOT analysis

Increasing demand for healthier food

Saturated fast food markets in the developed

Home meal delivery

Trend towards healthy eating
Introducing new products to its only chicken range
Local fast food restaurant chains
Currency fluctuations
Lawsuits against KFC



Second best global brand in fast food industry in terms of value ($ 6 billion). KFC is
known by many and is a trustworthy brand in many countries mainly due to its early franchising
and international expansion.


Original 11 herbs and spices recipe. KFC original chicken recipe is a trade secret and a
source of comparative advantage against firms competitors.


Strong position in emerging China. KFC receives half of its revenue from China, where
it operates more than 4,000 outlets. KFC position in China is one of its main strengths as Chinas
fast food market is growing steadily.


Combination of KFC Pizza Hut and KFC Taco Bell. KFC partnership with other
Yum! Brands yields some advantage as the restaurant can offer items from its partners it doesnt
have itself and satisfy more customers needs.


KFC is the market leader in the world among companies featuring chicken as their
primary product offering. KFC has positioned itself clearly among other fast food chains
bearing its famous slogan and trademark chicken products.

1. Untrustworthy suppliers. Over the years, KFC has been contracting suppliers, which
supplied contaminated poultry to KFC or were mistreating chicken, thus resulting in falling
sales and damaged reputation.

Negative publicity. KFC receives much criticism from PETA over the conditions chickens
have been raised. Furthermore, it received bad publicity for selling chicken wing with kidney.
There are many more or less bad news from KFC, which damage firms reputation significantly.


Unhealthy food menu. KFC menu is largely formed of high calorie, salt and fat meals and
drinks. Such menu offering prompts protests by organizations that fight obesity and hence,
decreases KFC popularity. Consumers also often opt out for healthier choices.


High employee turnover. Employment in KFC is a low paid and low skilled job. It results in
low performance and high employee turnover, which increases training costs and add to overall
costs of KFC.



Increasing demand for healthier food. While demand for healthier food increases, KFC
could introduce more healthy food choices in its menu and reverse its weakness into strength.


Home meal delivery. KFC could fully exploit (it test deliver services now) this
opportunity and reach more customers.


Introducing new products to its only chicken range. KFC could introduce new meals
to its menu and offer pork, beef or only vegetarian meals, which would target wider consumer
group and would result in more costumers.



Saturated fast food markets in the developed economies. The fast food market in the
developed countries is already overcrowded by so many fast food restaurant chains and this
already proves to be a threat to KFC as it finds it hard to grow in the developed economies.


Trend towards healthy eating. Due to government and various organizations attempts to
fight obesity, people are becoming more conscious of eating healthy food rather than what KFC
has mainly to offer in its menu.


Local fast food restaurant chains. Local fast food restaurants can often offer a more
local approach to serving food and menu that exactly represents local tastes. Although KFC does
a great job in adapting its own menu to local tastes, the rising number of local fast food chains
and their lower meal prices is a threat to KFC.


Currency fluctuations. KFC receives part of its income from foreign operations. That
income has to be converted into dollars and may affect the business' profits, especially when the
dollar is appreciating against other currencies.


Lawsuits against KFC. KFC has already been sued for many times and lost quite a few
lawsuits. Lawsuits are expensive as they require time and money. As KFC continues to operate
more or less the same way, there is high probability for more expensive lawsuits to come.


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