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Berlitz English Level 3

This course is suited to those wishing to study English who have some knowledge of the language, with limited time to study. The course will
include a Berlitz English book, audio CDs and website access. The course will also include use of DVDs and a Berlitz compiled magazine
containing contemporary articles of cultural interest. The goals for each lesson will cover a range of pronunciation practice, vocabulary work,
listening activities based on real life situations, reading tasks and writing exercises to help focus on accuracy and grammar to enhance effective
communication. Supplementary material may be included according to the changing language needs of the learner. The course will include learning
strategies to enable students to develop their language skills outside the classroom.

Orientation Welcome to the Berlitz Centre by staff

Lets get together!
Sushi or Spaghetti?

Inviting someone out

Extending invitations
Offering congratulations
Reported speech with statements and questions

Discussing deadlines
Discussing project management
Reporting the status of a project

Choosing a restaurant
Discussing types of restaurants
Expressing preferences / as much / as many

Opening a bank account

Discussing personal finances
Describing saving / spending habits
Discussing payment options

Can we still meet the deadline?

Double pronouns over- / under- as prefixes

Learning Strategies
Being an active learner

Id like to open an account

Present perfect / already/ yet/ simple past vs. present perfect

Aisle or window!

Checking in for a flight

Future progressive

Aisle or window!

Getting around the airport

Asking to change seats
In case / although / unless

Language review (grammar and vocabulary)
DVD based lesson
English Passport magazine lesson
Role Play lesson
Your turn presentations

How do I get to the beach?

Asking for directions

Describing road conditions
Talking about commuting alternatives
Reported commands

Have you found a place yet?

Discussing apartment searches

Describing properties
Responding to an advertisement
Reflexive pronouns

Tell me about yourself

Interviewing for a job

Talking about skills, qualifications and qualities
Conducting an interview
Present perfect progressive/ prefixes un-, in-, dis-, past to be

Outdoor fun

Discussing vacation options

Talking about outdoor activities

Gerunds as subjects

Outdoor fun

Describing an outdoor experience

Ever with present and present perfect / ever for emphasis

Are you alright?

Describing an accident
Talking about emergencies
Asking if someone is alright

Language review (grammar and vocabulary) and/or Role Play
DVD based lesson
English Passport magazine lesson
Level Check
Your turn presentations
Leaving Certificates for students finishing course


Berlitz Language Centre

Lincoln House 296 302 High Holborn

London WC1V 7JH