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Job Description

Job Title: Community Outreach Worker x 2

Location: Birmingham

Accountable to: Project Coordinator

Salary: £14,800

Hours: 30 hrs per week including evenings and weekends

Leave: 26 days per year

This project has been funded by The Big Lottery Young People’s Fund. The
project aims to engage and support the most disadvantaged children and
young people living in the north-west corridor of Birmingham to complete a
series of personal development programmes that will re-focus and re-direct
their lives.

This is a new post for a person with commitment, enthusiasm, and a strong
interest in pastoral and enabling ministry to children and young people. The
work is part of the Mission, Vision and Strategy of New Jerusalem Apostolic

To work in the community of Nechells, Aston and the surrounding areas to
engage children and young people aged 10-18 to provide individually
tailored learning programmes, motivation and support for them and to
ensure they make use of the facilities and activities of the Transformation
Centre. Carrying out initial diagnostics, advice and guidance to support
young people to identify their goals and steps to achievement.

To establish and build relationships
• To set up and develop new initiatives that welcome, nurture, integrate
and offer pastoral care for young people who come to the
Transformation Centre, with particular attention to those who are
categorized as the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the
community aged between 10-18
• To support the work of the Transformation Centre, working with
existing initiatives and in particular developing outreach work among
young people, particularly children and teenagers
• To establish and assist in the building of working relationships with a
range of groups and organisations in and around Aston, Nechells and
the surrounding areas who also work with children and young people

To enable and encourage developments

• To encourage and support a variety of small group/fellowship activities
with particular attention to the provision of help, support and
development of young people
• To support the overall vision of an open, welcoming and inclusive
Transformation Centre, and to attract new groups and individuals into
the Centre
• To attend appropriate meetings both internally and externally, liaising
with the project coordinator about events and agenda items
• To ensure project outcomes and targets are being achieved and have
in place plans to address any variances
• To keep adequate records of contacts and work undertaken and by
providing written reports as requested and required.
• To appraise and review, with the project coordinator, the initiatives
undertaken and activities set up and then in consultation with and
agreement of the Steering Group, initiate changes and further
development of the work in line with identified need.

All staff should adhere to New Jerusalem Church equality and diversity policy
and will be expected to play a key role in its successful implementation.

Please note: This job description reflects the core activities and as the
organisation and post holder develops there may be changes in the emphasis of
duties. It is expected that the post holder will recognise the need to carry out
other duties from time to time which are broadly consistent with those in this
document. This job description does not form part of the contract of

What is New Jerusalem looking for? How will we check if you have it?

Applicati &/or test/
on Form additional

Knowledge & Current community related √ √

Experiences work experience or
Outreach/Youth Worker
Experience working directly √ √
with disaffected young people
in a range of learning
environments and social

Previous experience supporting
and motivating young people
facing multiple difficulties and
providing practical assistance in
group and 1:1 situations. √ √
Experience of assessing young
people’s needs, setting goals √
and learning plans and
recording their progress.

Experience of monitoring,
evidencing and recording
Experience of working in √ √
partnership with organisations.
Knowledge and awareness of
education, employment,
training, and other support √
available to young people.
Experience of working with young
people with learning difficulties
and disabilities, looked after/care
leavers, young offenders and
teenage parents.
Competencies Working with Others
Develops networks and builds √
alliances, engages in cross-
functional activities;
collaborates across boundaries,
and finds common ground with
a widening range of
stakeholders. Utilises contacts
to build and strengthen
external support bases.
Effective Communication
communicate effectively in √
person and in writing
To be able to use PowerPoint, √
Excel and Word
relate effectively to a wide √ √
spectrum of people and
contribute to the team √
set and work to goals without
direct supervision and adapt to
changing priorities and
take initiative and be able to √
motivate self and others
Self-motivated and pro-active
with ability to use own initiative √ √
to resolve problems.
Ability to develop innovative
ways of working with young
√ √
people and relevant
Awareness of health and safety
issues and how they affect √
yourself, young people and √
Good level of IT skills. √
Able to plan own workload and
manage time effectively to meet
agreed targets and deadlines.
Qualifications Appropriate advice and √
guidance qualification on level
3 or youth work qualification
Willingness to work flexible √ √
Other hours and undertake duties
outside normal working hours
during evening and weekends.