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Submitted by:
Maninder Singh
ID NO-:A8281

Submitted TO:
Margie Garcia

Marketing research Topic

ITC Foods salted snack brand Bingo
Existing Variants - Bingo potato chips, Bingo Tedhe Medhe and Bingo Mad Angles
New Variant Tangles

Management Decision Problem

Whether to launch a new variant of Bingo in the market - Tangles

Marketing Research Problem

To find out the perception of the consumers towards various existing variants of

Find the various attributes of Bingo that appeal to the consumers
The readiness of the consumers to try out n buys new variants of Bingo.


Consumers are always looking for change

There has been a positive response to the other variants of Bingo
The brand Bingo has positioned itself well in the minds of the consumers
Gained in market share in the segment

Secondary data analysis

ITC ranks among Indias top 10 most valuable brands in a study conducted by Brand Finance
and published by Economic Times .It has diversified its presence in cigarettes,hotels,agri
business, packaged food and confectionery, branded apparel, greeting cards, safety matches
and other mfg. products .
Bingo, which is estimated to be worth Rs 650-700 crore. Since its launch in 2007, the brand
has given stiff competition to market leader Pepsi. While Pepsi brands Lays and Kurkure lead
by a huge margin, their shares have taken a hit in recent months. According to Nielsen 2010
data, Lays potato wafers reported a drop in share from 48 to 45 per cent, and Kurkure

witnessed a 3 per cent decline in market share between January-December 2009 to JanuaryDecember 2010. On the other hand, Bingos potato chips have notched a 1 per cent increase
in share, whereas its sub-brands in the bridge category like Tedhe Medhe and Mad Angles
have seen a small rise in market share. Other players in the snack food arena are mostly
Indian players such as Parle Products, Haldiram and Balaji Namkin, besides a host of local
and regional brands. (ITC website)

STP of Bingo:
Segmentation- People looking for a salted snacks
Target group- Young people and children from upper and middle class
Positioning - youth, fun and excitement

Strength- good visibility
Weakness- brand loyalty of major competitor
Opportunity- newer tastes
Threats- price wars with other brands

Research Design
A detailed questionnaire can be created which consist of 15 to 20 questions. Thus keeping the
number of questions low can help to increase the response rate. The questionnaire can be
distributed to the respondents via e-mails. Since this questionnaire is the primary mode of
data collection, it is necessary to include important details that are necessary to create a
detailed report.

Sampling Technique
The target population for the research process belonged to the age group of 10 - 25. People
from different state regions can be considered for the survey. Keeping in mind the constraints
on distribution of questionnaires convenience sampling can be used for doing the analysis.

Data collection methodology:

Source of data: Primary data
Research instrument: Questionnaire based survey

Target Population
Element: Individuals over the age group of 15 years
Sampling Size: A total of 1000 respondents
Extent: New Delhi, Maharashtra, South India
Time: 2011