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Name : Teena Sanders Date : Week 3

Class : !st year students Time :

classes majoring in English

Class objectives :

Skills: Listening, pronunciation.

Key points :


International phonetic alphabet chart

Phonetic questions handout
Oral Workshop: Reproduction book “They don’t talk”

Anticipated difficulties :

Students of mixed abilities.

Problems with some phonetic sounds

Acoustics reproduction in class room

By the end of the lesson, the students will have…

(i) development of vocabulary

(ii) practiced listening for context,

(iii) practices phonetic sounds.

Stage Procedure Aim Anticipated Interaction

15 mins General Greetings
What have you been doing Students to Students may be STT/TTT
in the last week since I practice apprehensive to
have seen you – individual functional answer –
students to answer English encouragement to
be given – questions
asks to encourage
expansion of
Register. answers TTT
All students
Students to answer to should now be
English name used to No foreseeable
pronunciation problems
of English name
10 mins Discussion – the TTT
importance of listening for Students to tell Students may
Oral English teacher why undermine the
listening skills importance of
are important listening / could be
seen as a separate
10 mins
module – not so
E Introduce listening activity. Students to important at this
Instructions on board : practice stage of the lesson
listening skills T-SS
When you hear the and following
name/word Mary, Stand up instructions

When you hear the

name/word Miller sit down
When you hear the George
raise your right hand
When you hear the word
visit lower your right hand

When you hear the words

twenty-fourth raise your
left hand

When you hear the words

twenty-sixth lower your left
Students to
Practice instructions : follow Most students
indulge students in their instructions should be able to
minimization of the while being told follow instructions
difficulty of this exercise at they are the when given them
this stage best class so clearly and straight
should find the after each other –
instructions also students can
easy to follow simply copy each
Students then asked to turn
to page 111 Oral English Practice Students are
workshop – Text A – A listening skills expected to be in
welcome surprise. Teacher and following the wrong position
to read text – students to instructions – the first and second
follow – students told the also time they do this
emphasis is on following emphasizes the exercise.
the instructions on the difficulty and
board. Students are told importance of This exercise should
they will also have to listening skills be fun so students
answer three questions are unlikely to feel
regarding the text after the anxious

All students should end the

text standing and with their
left hand raised.

Repeat the exercise three Students to

times to give students the understand the Most students will
opportunity of being in the importance of have difficulty
right position at the end of listening and following
the text. understanding instructions when
what they are reading the text.
Ask students three reading rather
questions without looking than reading Few students will be
at the text blindly able to answer the
questions given
Who else is coming to visit
with Uncle George

How old is Fay and


Where are Fay and Students to be

Rosemary going to sleep encouraged to
share their
Discussion of the difficulty experience of
of listening when following this exercise
Go through unfamiliar
words/phrases in text

Festivities – celebrations –
we celebrated mid autumn
festival – we celebrate
Chinese new year etc. etc.
Give me a sentence with
festivities in it.

Wonderful – very good –

pleasant – enjoyable – Students to
admiration share their true
feeling about Some students may
Discussions regarding text. the text (which feel unconfident in
What is the text about – is not task. Group work
what is it telling us? – is it particularly will encourage
interesting? – do we really stimulating participation
care if uncle comes to visit without the
Mary? What do we really listening
think about this text? activity)

Some students may

find this difficult.
Students to be encouraged Encourage students
to sometimes use the word to give their
wonderful rather than opinions
beautiful which is overused
by students. Students to
give sentences with the
word wonderful (this is a bit
tongue in cheek)


Phonic alphabet

What adjectives are

represented by










Put the following phrases in

She is not just a pretty


Beauty is not just than skin



Write the answer to these

questions in English

Do you enjoy all your


No – Some lessons are

better than others but
some lessons are just plain

Are you where you want to


I am where I need to be so
that I can study and get my
qualification. I want to get
my qualification so I guess
I want to be here

Introduce – it’s a wonderful


What is Louis Armstrong

I see trees of green, red
roses too
I see them bloom for me
and for you
And I think to myself – what
a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and

clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the
dark sacred night /nəʊ səm
And I think to myself ‘lesnz ər
What a wonderful world betə(r) ðən
‘ʌðəz bət səm
The colours of the rainbow ‘lesnz ər
so pretty in the sky ʤʌst pleɪn
Are also on the faces of ‘bɔːrɪn/
people passing by
I see friends shaking hands
saying how do you do
There’re really saying
I love you

I hear babies cry, I watch

them grow
They’ll learn much more
than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

Think about the words we

have learnt today – could
you replace the words of
the song with similar

Recap on the lesson

Back up material

Many Chinese
mispronounce this word

Go through correct
pronunciation and practice