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Music for the Guitar Printed in Sweden 1800-1860

A bibliography of music for the guitar printed in Sweden with locations of the w
orks. This bibliography can also be found in Guitar and Lute Issues published by
Matanya Ophee. In English. The Swedish version: Musik fr gitarr utgiven i Sverig
e 1800-1860.
The Guitar in Sweden to the mid 19th Century
A short history of the guitar in Sweden. In English.
Gitarren i Sverige under tidigt 1800-tal - om svenska gitarrskolor och instrumen
An article in Swedish about two early Swedish guitar methods and about a preserv
ed Swedish Guitar by Lorents Mollenberg.
Music for the Guitar and the Swedish Lute in the Collection of Kenneth Sparr
A catalogue of early prints and manuscripts for the guitar and the Swedish lute
in the collection of Kenneth Sparr. The catalogue spans the period 1760-1900. Th
e collection contains many Swedish and French prints. The pages are regularly up
Literature and Prints Concerning the Guitar and the Lute in the Collection of Ke
nneth Sparr
A catalogue of books and prints concerning the guitar and the lute in the collec
tion of Kenneth Sparr.
Daniel Fryklund - A Bibliography over His Works And an Introduction to His Biog
A biography over the Swedish musicologist and music collector Daniel Fryklund.
Daniel Fryklund - a Translation of His "Bidrag till gitarristiken" (Contribution
s to Guitar Studies). Part One
A commented English translation of Daniel Fryklund's important article about the
guitar, first published in Swedish in 1931. This article has been neglected and
overlooked by most researchers on the guitar although it contains a lot of inte
resting information particularly about rare early prints. The article is in two
parts: Part Two
Daniel Fryklund - samlare, forskare och pionjr inom svensk gitarrforskning
About Daniel Fryklund as collector, researcher and pioneer in Swedish research a
bout the guitar. In Swedish.
An unknown French song by Fernando Sor in Sweden
About a recently discovered French song by Fernando Sor, now housed in the Music
Library of Sweden.
Handbok fr instrumentbyggaren (gitarr) av J-C Maugin
A translation into Swedish of the guitar chapter in J-C Maugin's handbook for in
strument builders. The original French edition was published in 1834. In Swedish
tienne Jean Baptiste Pastou - Violinist and Guitarist
A short article about a lesser known French guitar composer and with his lithogr
aphed portrait.
Two Unknown Guitar Works by Fernando Sor
An English version of my article Due pezzi sconosciuti di Fernando Sor [il Froni
mo 36/2008 No, 144 pp. 28-38] A Japanese version can be found in Guitar dream N
o. 17 June-July 2009 pp. 10-17. A Swedish version, Tv oknda verk av Fernando Sor,

was published in Gitarr och Luta 42/2009 Nr 2, pp. 20-26.

A Guitar by Etienne Perrin fils a Mirecourt
A short description and some pictures of an interesting guitar, made in France i
n the early 19th century, probably imported to the USA in the 1820-1830s and som
ewhat changed with some typical American features. This guitar has been restored
at the Carl Malmsten Centre of Wood Technology & Design, Department of guitar m
aking as a project in a course for repairing and restoring of plucked instrument
s. A report on and a documentation of the restoring process has been made by Mat
s Nordwall: Restoration of a plucked string instrument TMTR08 - Guitar by Perrin
fils Mirecourt and in Swedish as Restaurering av knppinstrument TMTR08 - Gitarr
av Perrin fils Mirecourt (in Swedish)
Den gitarrspelande sockerbagaren
Om Carl Johan Grafstrm och hans gitarrskola [XV
I Nordic Musicological Congress, Stockholm 2012. Proceedings. pp. 223-238]
About a little known Swedish nineteenth century guitar tutor and its aauthor. In
Journal des Troubadours avec Accompagnement de Guitare ou Lyre con il suo insolito
codice di datazione e Ferdinando Carulli come compositore e arrangiatore [il Fr
onimo 42/2014 No, 165 pp. 37-47]. An English version of this article Journal des
Troubadours Avec Accompagnement de
Guitare ou Lyre with its Unusual Dating Code and Ferdinando Carulli as Composer
and Arranger