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Professional Accounting

Qualification with the Association of

Chartered Certified Accountants

Romania – June 2008 Session


Introduction 2

ATC International – Specialists in International 3

Accounting Standards

The ACCA DipIFR Qualification 3

The ACCA Professional Qualification 4

The ACCA Examination Structure 4

Main Examination Rules 5

ACCA Computer-Based Examinations 5

ATC International’s International Bookkeeping 5


The ATC ACCA Learning System 6

The Professional Training Club (PTC) 6

ATC Provisional ACCA Course Dates for the June 7

2008 Session

ATC Courses Main Terms and Conditions 7

Enrolment 8

Individual Enrolment Form 9

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the information given in this brochure,
please do not hesitate to contact us at our Bucharest Office.

Andreea Ion
ATC Professional Training
Calea Victoriei, 224
Sector 1, Bucharest

Tel/Fax 021 314 4890



The choice of a quality professional finance consultant is critical to achieving success in ACCA’s
examinations. With ATC International you can be confident of dealing with the very best.

• We have been training ACCA students throughout eastern Europe, the Russian Federation
Kazakhstan and Central Asia since 1993

• We have thousands of ACCA graduates across the region, with many more about to qualify

• Our pass rates easily meet ACCA’s requirements and we are pleased that our Bucharest centre
has been awarded Gold status on their tuition provider accreditation scheme.

No other provider has this kind of experience and at ATC International we are committed to doing
everything we can to help you be successful in the ACCA exams.

We offer you:

Specialist Tutors

We recruit the very best subject specialists to be our consultants. They work only in the region and
therefore have extensive experience of teaching students for whom English is a second language.

Focused Study Material

You will be given ATC International’s unique finance consulting system, written by our consultants and
designed specifically for students in the region. Our System sets out the curriculum for each subject in
a clear and logical way and contains many examples and practice questions, vital to the success of
your exam preparation.

On-going Support and Help

Our experienced consultant and client teams are on hand to help you with any problem – technical or

ACCA Liaison and Registration Service

We offer a full ACCA liaison and registration service, including an effective working relationship with
ACCA’s Customer Services Department in the U.K. – just ask the experienced staff at our Bucharest
office for details and they will be delighted to help.

ATC International – Specialists in International Financial Reporting Standards

ATC International are specialists in providing training services based on International Financial
Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Audit (ISA). ACCA’s professional
examinations now use their International Stream as the main stream and we are uniquely experienced
to meet this requirement. International Standards are the standard in Europe and are becoming so
across the world. ATC International is at the forefront of providing accountants with the skills and
knowledge to deal with this massive change in their profession.

With all of this experience at our disposal, we are able to offer a full range of services tailored to our
clients’ requirements. Please contact our Bucharest office for more details and to arrange a meeting to
discuss your company’s IFRS and ISA training requirements.

Our Clients

Our extensive client list ranges from large national and multi-national organisations to forward-thinking
local firms throughout the region. We are able to focus on each client’s own needs and to deliver
courses that best meet them. In fact, delegates from over 20 countries attend programmes in our main
centres and the levels of success that they achieve ensure that they come back to us time after time.

So, whatever your ACCA consulting needs, you can be sure that ATC International has the
experience, the skill, the resources and the determination to provide a truly effective solution.

For further information on our company, and how we can support your staff development programme,
please call our office in Bucharest.

The ACCA DipIFR Qualification

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants offers the first globally accredited IFRS
qualification – the Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR). The qualification is designed
for those already possessing extensive accounting knowledge and experience but who now urgently
require a certificated understanding of IFRS’s and their implementation.

The English language version of the qualification is awarded on the basis of one examination, held in
June and December each year and can be undertaken by self-study or through a course of tuition. For
more information on ACCA’s DipIFR qualification, go to .

ATC International is delighted to have been chosen by ACCA as the only global provider of approved
course material for the DipIFR. The material is available to individual students, to be used on a self-
study basis or on a DipIFR courses provided by consultants including ATC International.

Please note that for qualified accountants, the DipIFR is an excellent way in which to gain verifiable
CPD points from your professional body.

The ACCA Professional Qualification

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the largest internationally recognised
accountancy body with over 450,000 students and members worldwide.

To become a fully qualified member, you must pass a series of demanding professional examinations
– for which ATC International provides a highly successful consulting programme – and meet ACCA’s
practical training requirement. Its well worth the effort as the ACCA qualification has been chosen by
the United Nations as the one to which all other accounting qualifications will be compared to improve
the level of professional accounting recognition on a global basis.

ACCA’s examination scheme covers Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial

Management, Strategy and Business Techniques, Auditing and Taxation and Law. The papers are
based on International Accounting and Auditing Standards and, in some countries papers in national
taxation and law are also available. A Romanian Tax version of paper F6 is scheduled for introduction
in 2009.

ACCA’s examinations are held in every country in the world during June and December each year and
are set and marked to the same high standard regardless of their location. You can be sure of the
quality of this global qualification.

For more information on being an ACCA student please contact:

ACCA Connect
Telephone: +44 141 582 2000
Fax: +44 141 582 2222
Postal address: 89 Hydepark Street, Glasgow G3 8BW, United Kingdom

The ACCA Professional Examination Scheme Structure

ACCA introduced a new syllabus at the December 2007 examination session. The examination
scheme comprises two distinct and progressive levels consisting of 14 examinations in total. All
Fundamental Level papers, comprising Knowledge and Skills Modules, are compulsory (unless
exemptions have been granted for a paper).

The Professional Level includes both optional and compulsory core Papers.

Knowledge Module
F1 Accountant in Business
F2 Management Accounting
F3 Financial Accounting*

Skills Module
F4 Corporate and Business Law F7 Financial Reporting*
F5 Performance Management F8 Audit and Assurance*
F6 Taxation F9 Financial Management

Part 3 – Professional Level

Essentials Module: Options Module:

Any 2 from the following 4 subjects may be taken.

P1 Professional Accountant P4 Advanced Financial Management

P2 Corporate Reporting* P5 Advanced Performance Management
P3 Business Analysis P6 Advanced Taxation
P7Advanced Audit and Assurance*

* Based on International Accounting and Auditing Standards.

ACCA’s Main Examination Rules

1. All the examinations consist of written papers in English and are two and three hours long
2. A maximum of four papers may be taken at one examination session in June or December
3. The pass mark for each paper is 50%
4. Students have up to 10 years in which to complete the examination scheme

Taking the ACCA Examinations

To be eligible to take ACCA’s examinations and attend any ATC International seminars you must be
registered as a student with ACCA.

You can obtain an ACCA registration form from our Bucharest office where we are delighted to advise
and help you complete this process.

Computer-Based Examinations
In addition to the traditional, paper-based examinations, ACCA also offers all of its Knowledge Module
examinations on computer.

Although the exams are taken on computer, linked to ACCA's own testing system and question banks,
the exams are sat under strict exam conditions and are administered by organisations formally
approved by ACCA.

The most important advantage of ACCA's computer-based exams is that they can be offered at any
time and so allow students to complete the Knowledge Module at a time that may be more convenient
than ACCA's major exam sessions in June and December each year. Candidates may also resit each
paper as many times as they like. Please note that the CBEs are included in ACCA’s allowance of a
maximum of four exams to be taken at any one session.

ATC International is approved to run ACCA's computer-based exams in Bucharest and we are offering
this facility to corporate clients and individual students throughout 2008.

The computer-based examination fee in 2008 is Euro 70 per paper plus VAT. This does not include
the exam fee payable to ACCA.

Students who wish to take advantage of our computer-based examination facility can attend our open
ACCA courses in preparation. See more details in this brochure.

For more details on our computer-based examination facility, please contact:

Luana Costea at .

ATC International’s International Bookkeeping (IBK) Programme

Before students commence their studies for paper F3, if they have not been awarded exemption from
this paper by ACCA, we think it is advisable that they undertake the ATC International Bookkeeping
programme (IBK).

We feel this is a key part of preparation for paper F3, as it covers all the basic elements of Financial
Accounting, which are assumed knowledge on the ACCA training courses.

Taking the IBK programme is a good thing even for students who have previously completed
Accounting degree programmes at University as it bridges the gap between the academic study of the
subject and the more practical and more international content of the ACCA’s professional programme.

The IBK may also be studied independently to the ACCA qualification, as a stand-alone training
qualification for staff engaged in bookkeeping duties. You or your staff may simply need some basic
accounting knowledge, or you may not be sure that you want to take the full ACCA programme or are
worried that perhaps your English is not yet good enough.

As a classroom course, the IBK lasts for three days. However, we also provide the course on a DVD
that includes video presentations by one of our most experienced tutors and full study material with
questions and answers. The IBK DVD is designed to provide a full self-study option to individuals and
also corporate clients who can make it available to their staff either on disk or as downloaded content
on their company intranet system.

The price of the IBK DVD is Euro 120 with a discount structure available to corporate clients.

The ATC International ACCA Learning System
As leaders in ACCA training in Europe, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, we
have developed a successful, systematic and structured approach to preparation for the ACCA
examinations that we believe offers you the best chance of success.

In Bucharest we offer our Link Course structure with a two or three-day introductory course followed
by a period of focused self-study. Then we provide a further two-day Revision Course, including
intensive question practise to prepare you effectively for the professional test that is the ACCA

As soon as you enrol with us, we will send you your study material, designed and written by our own
tutors for use in the classroom and for directed self-study. Before your classes start, you should have
been working through your Study System and Study Question Bank – to allow you to keep pace with
our tutors’ in the classroom.

Each course ends with a two-hour mock exam to ensure that you are fully prepared for the content
and style of the ACCA examinations.

The Professional Training Club (PTC)

ATC International offers an on-line service to students preparing for their ACCA examinations – the
PTC. An increasing number of members are enjoying the benefits of a wide range of facilities and
support services, delivered effectively and conveniently on the Internet.

This includes:

• Study Systems for each subject to be downloaded and used. These are updated for each ACCA
exam session and accompanied by clear Study Guides that take students through each session in
the system.

• Downloadable Study Question Banks, Monitoring Tests, Mock Exams and full Revision Question
Banks providing students with all the exam practice they will ever need to succeed. These are all
set to the same style as ACCA’s own examination questions.

• Exam tips designed to help students focus their preparation.

• ACCA news items to keep students up to date with their professional body.

• Relevant Internet links, giving students access to the wider world of business news and events
and putting their studies in a real global context.

Students can join either as individuals, by paying the annual enrolment fee of 160 GBP*, or as part of
a corporate membership agreement through their employer or educational institution.

In Bucharest, individual students taking any of ATC International’s professional ACCA courses can
join the PTC at a special price of 70 GBP* per exam session.

For more information about the PTC please contact Ronnie Smith at our Bucharest office or write to
him at or visit the PTC web site on

*Special discounted price for students joining the PTC through the office in Bucharest. The standard
global price for 12 month’s membership is 195 GBP.

ATC Provisional ACCA Course Dates – June 2008 Session

ACCA Paper Date

Fundamentals Level – Skills Module

F5 Performance Management Intro 12 – 13 April 2008

Revision 9 – 11 May 2008
F6 Taxation Intro 1 – 2 March 2008
Revision 16 – 18 May 2008
F7 Financial Reporting Intro 15 – 16 March 2008
Revision 18 – 20 April 2008
F8 Audit and Assurance Intro 29 – 30 March 2008
Revision 26 – 28 April 2008

Professional Level – Essentials Module

P1 Professional Accountant Intro 15 – 16 March 2008

Revision 18 – 20 April 2008
P2 Corporate Reporting Intro To be confirmed
Revision To be confirmed
P3 Business Analysis Intro To be confirmed
Revision To be confirmed
Professional Level – Options Module (any two)

P4 Advanced Financial Management Intro 8 – 9 March 2008

Revision To be confirmed
P5 Advanced Performance Management Intro 23 – 24 February 2008
Revision To be confirmed
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance Intro To be confirmed
Revision To be confirmed

The standard fee for all ACCA Skills Module courses is – Euro 795 per student.

The standard fee for all ACCA Professional Level courses is – Euro 950 per student.

Main Terms and Conditions

1. All courses must be paid for prior to their commencement.
2. To cancel participation in a course, notification must be received in writing at least three weeks
before the course starts – otherwise the full fee will be due.
3. ATC International reserves the right to change the tutor and/or the course dates.
4. Fees are quoted exclusive of PTC membership, VAT and other indirect taxes. These will be
added to the fees.
5. Fees for the courses do not include any examination fee and any other fees payable directly to
6. Fees include tuition, material, tests, course administration, reporting and coffee breaks.
7. Coffee and Tea is provided on the course. No lunch is provided.

Additional Support Products
In addition to the provision of comprehensive seminars in preparation for ACCA’s professional
examinations, ATC International also makes its seminar material available to people preparing for
those examinations on their own, as follows.

Item Price (Euro)

Full Study System 99

Study Question Bank 20

Revision Question Bank 25

Passport* 20

Note: prices shown do not include VAT, local taxes or postage.

Passport is a new product from ATC International designed to assist people through the revision
phase of their examination preparation. It is currently available for the Professional Level only.

We also offer a full liaison service to students in which deal with ACCA to look after the administration
of your student registration, annual subscription, exemption claim and examination entry. The cost of
this service is Euro 60 per ACCA examination session or Euro 110 for one year.

To enroll on a course please fax your completed enrolment form to ATC Professional Training in
on 021 314 4890 or send to:

Andreea Ion
ATC Professional Training
Calea Victoriei, 224
Sector 1, Bucharest

Tel/Fax 021 314 4890


Please complete the form below in full, including your ACCA registration number:


Course Fee
Paper No. Intensive Seminar PTC (Euro)
Please indicate dates

PTC – 70 GBP for all papers attempted at this session

VAT – at

In order not to be charged for an unattended part of the course, written notification
of cancellation must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of the course

Section – Payment by bank transfer

(Please note that the endorsement is not valid unless stamped with the company stamp)
Hereby we confirm that we agree to pay the fees for above student for the appropriate course.

Position Full Name:

Signature: Stamp:

For invoicing purposes we require your bank and tax details. Please provide these below:

Bank Name:
Account Number:
Company’s Tax Registration Number:

Signature: Date: