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Special Occasion Speeches

A Toastmaslers Internationa Program




Special 0ccasion




PO. Box 9052

lviission Viejo, CA 92690 US.A. (949) 858 8255'Fa-{r (949) 8s8 1207 lvwwtoastmasters.ort

02000 To.shdsrers lnternrtnmal. AIl rigl$ resenrd, includilg the .igll ro reproduce dl or anr pa.l ofthn publication in ary form withouhvitren per

nrission fron \\irld Headqlaners, Toastmasters International, the'Iodnntdne.

ud the loastmasters lrternltional onblern .r

rr&iemarls of ToashastcN

Internadonal regnbed in the Unlted States, Canada, and nany orh- .onntrics.

Revised 2006

How to UseThisProgram



l. Vd, .ring 5c 'loJ.

2. Speaking in Praise


3. Th€ Roasr


4. Presenting an A$rard


5. Accepting an Award




Project Completion Record





The Advanced Communication Series.


How to Use

This Program

ach of the adtaxced manuals in this

series assumes you alteady kl1o.,r the

basics of speech organization, toice,

gestures, etc. but at necessarily thot your

skills are fully deteloped. Refer to your

Competent Communicotion 'noauol if y,'t

need to review some of the PrillciPles of sPeech.

These advanced manuals are designed around

four principles:

The projects hcreasc in difticulty 1! ithin each nanual, begn ing with an oven-iew of the

subject and rhen becoming more specialized

Erch subj€ct incorporates what you have learned fiom the pre.eding oues, and it is assuned you will use these techniques whether

or not the,v are spe.ifically rcferred to in that

The projects supplymore information than vor

need to conpletc each particular assignrnent. This will give ),ou eas for tuture talks.

It is the speech pleparaiion ard deliverl that

teach,vou, not just reading thc project in the

Be Sure T0

Rcad each project at least tlvice for ftll


l\{xke yoLI o ,n notes in the margin as


Underline key passages.

Repext projects as necessary until,vou are

satisfied with your mastery ofa subject.

Ask for an evaluation discusion or panel rvhen-

ever 1ou fi.ish, especiall,v iffe$ ofvolLr club

mcnrbers have completed the Caneetent

Cammu i&tian maiual.

Credlt up to t]fo speeches per nranual given

outside a Toastmasters club il

1) your vice president cducation agrees in

2r ., .o. im .\.er, e, cl . ,,,r r. prc.elL.

\omp ele.

the written proiect evaluation, gives a verbal

l) ),oo meet a1l proiect objectives.

Have lour vi.e prcsident educatioD sigi the Prolect Completion Rccord in this manual after ).ou complete each pLoje.r.

App\, for

Communicator Blonze,


Adv.rnced Communicator Silver or Advanccd

Communicator Gold recognition when ).ou have completed the appropriate manuals and l1ret the orher requiremerts ]istcd in the back

ccasionally )-ou may be called upor to give a special kind ofspeech, one presented in

horor of a friend. relarir.e or r:o u'orker Perhaps a loved one has passed ar.ay and 1-ou will be saying a few l.ords at the ser\,ice. Or you have

been invited to a formal awards banqu€t at which

you 1!ill be a recipient.


.h r. rhe,e.'Jn

h, lr'1, ,rl r. d

because thel, often jnvolve sendnent or special

decorum.Ifthe occasion is a sad one or even a

h .ppy onP )^J

ofbre*ing down or inadvertentl.v saving some

i) h. 1

t. -t r,, .p, aI [



thing that s'ill offend. Perhaps modest)- and

embarraxrrent also contribute toward making

you hesitant to accept an award. Such speeches are indeed chaLlenging, but ).ou

,an g e .her .u,,e

u l). I

6ve speaking assignments which will help 1.ou del'elop the necessaryskills for givng special occa sion speeches. In the 6rst project, you wiil presenr

a special occasion toast. Project ]i{o requires ).oLL

to give a speech in praise ofanothcr indnidual.ln

.r, ' ,J I o, ,, \.u s I h ,e l.

tJ, ,,,pJrints,1

x "roasi'l The project following asks 1ou to present

an award to soneone. Finally,,r'ou will learn hon

to accept an avard with sq-le and ease.


i 1,.J.\




.r .orrre nro pl .y nor


JLr.b led,.,,,.ri. e,er,.oirourlife.brr.du- g

da,v to da.v experiences $.hen a special comment or reph is required. Horvever Iou apply the skills acquired frolr the fbllowirg as\ignincnts, you $,ill be sure to expand your prcsentution skills and bccon,c a proicicnt special occasion speakerl

Mastering theToast

What Is a Toast?

heneter you raise yLtur tl.iss dnd dtink a toasl, you nre

participdtillg in a cLtstont that ddtes bdck to the tines

when citizens o.[ ancieltt Rome antl Grcect drank to honor

thei gods. The concept of the"," in fact, a1.igi11ated i,ith tlrc

Romans, who were accustonted to brotning tlrcir breatl in tlc fre.

When the hreadbecame tao hdrd to che\r, it \tds placed nt the bot

tom of witle kegs cmd ldnkards ta @llect the sediments. The "toast"

cotiept eyel.ttually expanded to include the drink ix which the bread

hdd been soaked - and ewn the persofi in rrhose honor thc drink

.,ras about ta be cofisumed. Hefice the tert\"the toast of the townl'

lorsting customs vary 11oln coun lry to countrr Thc Erglish gave

them on bended kree. Brar.nv Scotsmen, on thc other hand,

stood on chairs and put one tbot on the rablc. The lrench brought

civility to the custou $,irh a bo$'.

Ii is a Urcsten custom io raise one\ glass and then touch the

slasses of all others assembled. Today toasts are ofered for a

variety of occasionsr engagement parties, weddings, birthday cele brations, going away parties, anniversaries, retircnent banqLrcrs and dinner partics, to rame but x fcw. And h keepins i{irh changnrg ores and customs, toasts do not

necessarily inlolve wine or other

nl.oholic drinksi water. tea, coftie,

juice and othcr beverages also arc

ac.eptable for toastirg. Toasts gencrally nrake referencc

to the o.casior and/or to the

person being honored and offer some thought or perspcctive on the occasioll. A ivpical toast will

besto,! besi 1\ ishes as well as

hopcs for health, happiness and good fortune and other posirive

thoughts. Some offer ad1-ice. II

.in be as seriotl.s, witq-, sentimen

tal or poeti. as the giver wishes.

You are probably most familiar

with the simple roisls -"Cheersl"

or "Hcre'.s to voul" BuL a well done toast requires more thought, as illLtstrated bv this toast to friends:


Weddings, onniversories ond oiier celebrolions oflen co I for o loosl. A ioosl b€slows besl wishes os woll os hopes lor heolth, hopp ness,

good forfune ond olher

posilive lhoughls A good

loosf hos on opening, body ond conclusion ond fils lhe occosion in bolh rnood ond

onguoge When glving o

emboross onyone ond be

sensiive to your oud nce



> Recognr2e ifie charucier

rsl cs of o loosT

r Preseni 0 loosl honoring

0n occosron oI o peTson

lime: Two lo lhree minules

"Hut's a todst ta tlt f1tt1tre,


Avoid cljchis. Tired expressions such as "Down

A to st to the lrast, And a taast to aur friet s, far nvl nett

NIay the future be pLeasanq

The p** a bright drcanu

i|ttly oltr frie ds rc"Mh fliithJul and dear."

Preparing the Toast

Anv nunbcr ofbooks on io.rsts mn), bc found in

libraies and bookstoresj mosl olthem will otler a

selectior o{toasts for a varietl of occasions. The

nicest toasts are those ibat are personalized br the giver for the recipient ol for the occasion. Such



i. -Jr,'er.u al',

e .b.- r .

recipient or the occasiorl and perhaps an appro

I ,,e. \ se I Jo re. pelond

carelul thought, as in this toast to.r bride.ind




-eq" i.

Our brlde and groom both are musi.i.]ns.





.1 br .rr

a pirnist.

Elizdbtth dnd Br;M, Ne hape yur life tuSnhcr w|.l be sntilar ta the mu:ic ya lare. Maf rou

both dlwn)-s plq- nt the sanrc key and rrLay yorr

xtubles be mnnr and yotn jot: mri,. \\ehap.

for a hannany, vith no sharp .lL.n1: or Jlnt

tnonen|! Lhke tur11s plo|ing Lhe solo part and

o. \io alb,ltnd the athcr an aciotnpanintent. Retnertber to keep your tones baknced ptoperly,

so anc hstrurrrcrtt docs nat drotn aut the ather.









:trtue wiLh your skills noL to plq the\i.,\lwdys

aLoirl the shrill and srrid,



Nat| let u: dritlk ta ou] twa t us;.iil1i. l,Ial Elizobeth dnd Btidn nnke b?dutiful nusic

\\h.I Dr p I ryr,r.


rrrher lre I'l



> Prepare an openhg, bod,v and conclusion. A

ioast i! a speech.

t Make sure it fits the occasion in both [rood and language. For formal gatherings, the toast

.lrou d he digni6ed


ougl-.o .e h . ror

appropriate. lor informal o.casions, $'hcre guests are likely to be acqLninted $,irh one another, toasts can be lightcr in tonc .rnd phrased to 6t the relaxed atrnosphere.

lL-hcr.\'-ur'Ilere. rLd in \orrre)e dre

the last retuge ofthe uncertain toastmaster


Bc sinccrc. The best toasts are heartfelt.


Dor't ernbarrass anyone. Be sensitive to your

audience and to the occasion.


Use vocalvarietli thc sanc techniqLLcs uscd for

.r spcc.h .trc appli


1l) l,oLU toast.

Toasting Etiquette

Timing is impo.tanr when giing a roast. Generalb',

the best tinre is after the chosen beverage has been

p,. ed "r .ld.el


oo i.r.l.ri'e'

tluiet. For large prblic occasions such as banquers,

stand and look aboLLi thc room until You have cvcr,vonct artcntion. If a few people contirlue to lalk, gcntly lap a gt s with a spoon to suggest the

ioun.l ofa toast. Then, when ,!ou har.e ercr.vonet attcnlion, sa\t "I w;h lo propose a toast to (the

pcrsor or o


this time e\€I),one should

lift their glasses. \\t.n a1l have dore so, gne the

toast, nrakin.e e,ve curtact with guests aroLnd thc

room.Iftoasting ore or rnore people, finish,voLLr

toast as you look at each ofthcm.

Ior fbflllal occasions, ask thc guests to ris.

directed to a parti.ular perlon or b severrl

pcoplc, thc indilidLLals rcn1aii s.ated rrd do not

.lrirk,!ith the oth.rsi tRer t|e toast is drunk, thel

rise and brieflv think the others. for hlbrnal occasions, all remair seaied as the toast giver lifts

her glass, pronounces the toast and then leads the .:ssenbted conrpanr ln gently clinkins glasses together before downing iheir be\-erages. Again, iithe toast is made to a parti.ular pcrson or to sevcral pcoplc, Lhosc pcople .lo not drirk n'ith the

othersithe), silnply thank drem aftenlards and ther drnrk.

Your Project Speech

For this projeci speech, preparc, rchc.rrsc and deliver an orignral nvo to three nlinut. toast iD honor ot the occasion or perxn ofyour choice. for example, you could toast ihe wiruer ofyour

club! nemberslip building coltest, or the

anniversarv ofvour clubs formxtion. Or you could

role play the loast. In a role pla), you imagine a

specilic situation nlvolving ).ou and

and then rou act out the givcn situation. For



example, you could pretend to roast your friend at his retirement partl;for this situation, j,oo would designate one mcmbcr ofyolr audie.ce to act as your fricnd and lhe others to act as guests. If)ou prefer you colLld sinply toast someoDe,livirg or dead, whom ).oLL rdmire. For example, you could

toast \Villiam Shak€speire. You could also toast an

historical occasiolr, such as the signing of tie

Declaration of Independence.

Your toast should cleari) state the occasion or person beilg honored and be personalized with a releva11t story. Remember to consider the guests in attendance as )-ou compose and deliver your toast.

If )'ou are role plaving a situation, be sure to

explain this to your listencrs and instruct them in their roles beforehand

Mastering theToast



NOTE TO THE EVAIUATOR: The putpose of this project k fot the speaker to present d two to three minute

toast in honor of a person or special occasioll. The todst is to be original, and the audience is to serye as the

"guests" at the todst. The toast ust clearly state the occasion or person being honored and be perconnlized

through snries, anedotes or qltotes relating to the subject. tt is suggested

presentatiotl. In aadition to )row rcrbal e,/aludtiolt, ?lease Si1,e writtell responses to the questions belau.


read the entire prcject bet'ore the

) Holv weli did the speaker indicate the occasion or person being honored?


Describe how effectively the speaker personalized the toast


Were stories, anecdotes or quotes used?

> How effectiv+ did the speaker use vocal variety and eye contact in presenting tle toast?

I Was the toast appropriate for the occasion or person being honored?

> What could the speaker have done differently ro make the toasr more effective?

> Wlat did you like about the toast?

Speaking in Praise

s you contintre 1o grow oncl devtlop your speakiry abilities as

t TaastmLlster, it is nnle ll\n likelf that you will be called to

sPeak dl spetidl fLtuctions or duri g certutit occasio s. -\rerf ntonth's hanquet honoring a reLiring co worker, for example, will re.luire satneo e ta stond and sdy a fet, words. Or ),ou n1d), be asketl

ta spedk dt an a

fuersary or blrthday party, or perhaps dt the

fiLneral of a fi-ienLl or latnily ntetnber.

Th€se tyfcs olspee.hes general\'

requirc vou to speak in p.aise of

rhc indrjdual benrg honored Lrt

r.\ jerlnrg their positi\.e quxlirics and chara.teristl.s. S .h spee.hes are somctimcs rclerre.l to a!

culosier be diflicult to

dcli!€r, parti.ularlv if the situation

inrolies loss. A trreratis br

n.ttln e an emotidrallr draining

erent; speaking about a reccntlv departed loved one can inLcnrilv

these emotions and caLLse c\en the nrost lbastma(er to


lose confidence ffrd pois

i r'arerlell partl', retirenlcnt ban

quet or anni\.ersar,v or birth.h!

partl are potentiall,\' scn tinr ental

events that ca rnrlte presenta

tions dif6.ult.

Ditferent Methods

Ihc most sLrccesstul speechcs of

praise are insfir.rtionil. fh.)

poirt ollt tfe nleanine oi .rrother

persons lite and relate that meun

irg to our o$r lnej. Thh can be

.tccomflished ln one ofnro r,a,vs. \\:heD usirg a biographical aPtroach, thc spcakcr nleriioDt

the maior influertial events oft|e

indn ual's life in chronological

ordcr, dis.trssing hoa.each elent slnpc.l that person's llfe. Tbe

dareer in t|is afp.oach. of.oxrse.

i\ rhat the spee.h ma) become too

much ola skctch, \!i& a dutl, lengthy rc.itation of fa.ts.

In the sccon.t merhod, the

sfeaker onc or tM) spe.i6c ait.ibutes thal bcst d.scribe the

indnidual and d1.n elaborares on

those ntuibutes. For erample, if

thc rrclnidual had a developncn

t.Lllv disableLl chilcl, r'as concemed

about the lack of.omnrunlty

ta.ilities .tnd frogrrns for the dis

advanraged and \lorlie.L to start a

.omnnrnifi progran tbr disabled

clildren, vou.ould discuss this




At sorne

lime you w li be

coled lpon lo speok n

pro se of sorneone - perhops ol o retirernent bonquel,

onn velsory cnlebrolion or lhe funerul of o irend or iom y nrember Th€ mosl successfu speeches ol

proise are insplrolono,

po nlng out the meonlng ol onolher person's llfe ond

reloi ng that meon ng lo our

own lives. To k oboLl fhe

nd vduol ond h s or her

occompl shmenls, rncludlng the quo iles thol mode lhe

person worihy oi pro se ond lhe essons we moy leorn



r Prepore o speech pro sing or honor ng someone, elher iv ng or d€cd

t Addrcss lrve or€os con- cerning the ndlvduol ond

h s/her occornpl shmenls

t lnc Lde onecdoTes illusirot

ing poinis !vlhin ihe speech

lime: Fve lo seven mlnutes

concern lbr disabled children. thc cont.ibutiors

' eilla\d. l,.de l-r. imp, \.J \e, uJ.o i,,

the comlnuritl unit, obsta.les tha {ere ovcr.omel

and the di\-idualt pl,tce in col nuniryhist(,!.

Selecting Material

\{hatever appro.ich 1ou choose in selecring nrater inl for the speech, renember to personalize ir. Talk about the individual and his or hcr acconrplhh-

ments, includirgi

t the qualities that make or made the individual

Sreat or l\'orth). ofPraisel


l,e i , i'i.i


Le ot po\

> thc debt ive olfe the individuall

> the irNpiration rle nlav receir.c or the lessom wc

Dray learn from the irldividuai; and

t the individual's l,lace in historl:

Illustratc these Points r{ith personal storics of

er-ents,\,ou rnal, hal-e witnessed thar demonsrrrted

such qu.tlities as $'isdom, concern or sensc of

humor. Be honest and sincere. But don't do a

rl ira,J. Ir


. e le-.orr. i.r,,.rrr.rare.

and peccadilios to enrphasize his or her human-

ress and to point out that despitc weakDesses or

shortcon ngs the iDdividual still rvas or is a

Soo.l p,

A i!nn), arecdot€ abour the individual can help

provide some relicf for a stressli e\.ent. Agajn,

be sincere and avoid "roasting" rhc;ndividual.

(You will have the opportunity to rcast soneonc in Projcct Three.l Ifan ertra quote or poem

illustrates a particular point you are making, be

n .l

Io,. ,le n.l. J,

-,ne h r ror.

Keeping in Control

As you prepare your speech ofpraise, pav cnretul attention to your opening and closing, cspeciauy

ilithe speech is to be given at a tuneral or other

stresstul oc.asion. Create an openirg statemenr

rhat is lice ofenrotion aroLLsing thoughts or

words - one that vou knor',vou rvill be able to say with ease and continlLe h this fashion for a fe|

more seDtences.lhis $ill albwr.ou to bLLlld cont

den.c and poise as ,vou begin to speak. Bc sur. to

rehenrse your speech. II ar).material causes you to

break dol'n during rehearsal,leave it otil, and

retain olJy the material you klow lou can deliver.

Conchde vour speech with a positive statemenr,

anecdote or quote that 6ts the o

messagc lou are comci-ing.


and the

If ,vour voi.e begtu to quaver duringi-our

prescnt.rti(,r. pause and lake a deep breath.

on your words, not on Lhe occasion or lour feel 1ngs. Remember, too, $at a shaky voice does not

.roo Jelire-i rg.u. me*rge: ir

sinpl,r adds to the poignancy olthe momenr.

Your Proiect Speech

For this prolcct, you Nill prepare and presenr.r

five to seven-minute

speech that is nr praise of

.oula h. r trnerd, 1rr(

o reor, . ft,



ment brnquet, arniversrrv or farervell par|. The

i.l' \ d. J'\e

g,, rd\ oe d t-icn,. rl- \e

or.o worker. You ma), also role plal You could

ilso spe:* in praise ofa fninous person or

soneone whom loLL adnire,living or dcad. For

example,1-ou coL d speak jn praise ofElvis Presley at the opening ofa museum dcdicated to lim, or

in praise ofDr l\'Iartin Luther Kins on rhe

annivcrsary ofhjs binh or dcath. Bc sure the Toastmaster introducins ).ou men tions the occasion for vhich 1'our speech has bccn prepnred to the audience.


Evaluation Guide tol

Speaking in Praise



NOTE TO THE EVAIUAI0P( The p ryase ol this prajett is far the spedket to present a

speech praising a friend, relatiye or co-t"/orkeL Ttu acnsion e.9., funenl,


ta s.],cn minute

retirenent batlquet, a nild'nt at

farewell party has becn selected by the speaker The speech i to be inspiratianal, paintins out the quahies of

the indiriduaL awi the meanltry al the indiridudl s life, ds well as relati S that ealling to aur at|n ltues. In

additian ta laur wbal eraludtion, pLease gire ritten responses to the questions below.

I Howwcll did the speech suit the occasion?

t What parts ofthe speech $,erc most efe.tive?

Ho'! effectively did the speaker identii rnd illustrate the nrdividualt qualities, accomplishments, power and inspiration sources, and his/her impact on societl, and historv?


How did the speiker usc this indi\' ual's qualities and accomplishments ro inspire the aLLdien.e?


How well djd the sl,eaker use stories and anecdotes .oncerning the individual to illustraie l.oinrs?


u4rat colild the speaker have done different\ to

ake the spee.h more effectjve?


what did you like aboLLt thc spee.h?



The Roast

setl it the speaking sense, the nord"ratlst" implies tlnt ltedl

is being applied ta someo e - that. sonet)ne is being "cooketl"

or embarrdssed in some Nay. ActuaLly, d roast canbe consid

ered a positirc recognition, in ulLich art inditilual and his Ltr her

dchietenents ore honored by frieru1s, co workers aru) t'anily.

Howercr, unLike the speech ofpraise, a roast relies on uit, hutnor and sntire la cofirey the fiessale.

Retircment, fare1ve1l, pronrotion

and annlversary partics can all be

occasions for roasts. Most often

fte nrdividual bcirg Ionored is

roasted b1' nt1nierous oihcrs,

each dcliv.rjDg se.!.eral mnrutes

ofnaterial. Tlis rorst material

gcneralh consists oijokes and ane.dotes about the honored

guert's person, a

es.apades nnd c.centriciries. lhc


jokes and anc.dotes are good

natured not mean spiritcd and

maynot even be truel But they are

tunn)-.]\nd, best of all, a1 the end

ofthe roast the recipient is given

an opportunity to responct.

Preparing the Matedal

A successtul roast tcgins wirh a willing guest ofhonor. This indi-

dral nrust be agreeable and

capable of handling the verbal

abuse wiih gnce and cheerfulress.

Also, vou and ever)-one auending

or participati"g in the ro.Nt

rrust know and like the pcrson

well erough, or the roasl simplv

Once it has bccn established

that the guest is willing and is

kDolvn fairh r

attend, ).ou .ire .eadr to begin

assembling lour roast matedal.

Begin by rnaking a list ofcvery thing yor know about ihc guest


alll.ho will

) tamiiy

> person. characteristics

(inchdi,rS appearance and


travel experiencc


outstanding a.hie!€rrents

t personal phiLosophics.


A roosl ls onolher woy io

honor or ecognize o person

Llnlike he speech ol pmlse

in Proiect 2, o roosT reltes on

wlT, hurnor ond soi re io con- vey ls messoge. The guest of honor musi be ogreeoble ond copobe of hond ing ihe jokes Corefulyselecl jokes ond onecdotes thot re ole lo

the guesl of honor, making

sure lhol your moferio wi

foi hurT the guesl of honor's feel ngs Reheorse your

slores ond jokes ond moke surc your punch lifes con



r Poke fun oi o p0rlicLrlor

individuol ln o good

t Adopl ond peBonolize

humorous moleriol from

r Delrvorlokes ond humor

ous sTories effeci vely

Time lhee lo live minutes


lfnecessary', taik to the i,ldividual\ family and

"i( n, . ra Fl ia .'1) ,r,.,

rE lldrion. Ir :.

important to find out as much as 1'ou can, sincc this information will serve as rhe basis for i-our

Next. select sel-eral ofthe above areas \\,hich

have the mosr prolising inlormrtion and to

which most ofl.our audien.c can relite- Ther

begin .ollecting jokcs and anecdotes that address thcse rreas. Yon r.ill find a great deal ofmaterial

in joke books, nerspapers and rmgazires. l'hcn

adapt the material io )-our guest ofhonor. Don't

neglect to include origindl jokes and storics and cvents that actually happened. As an example, consider this sccnario: The per son )lou are roasting, Ed, is a co-workeL, kno$u for both his determinatior and for neet g deadlines


.t alJodd' r .l th. o.r




to vice president. Clnc olyour jokes could be,

experienced some delays in Project x, and Fd i{.as

verl upset. I sa ,'Ed, Rone ivasit built in a day.'

He replied,'l $,asn't in charge ofthatiob."'1bu

could then talk rbout Ed's contrib!tions to thc

compan)', saling, "Ed takes credit for a lot oi


uline ]llosthf'

Renember, since this is a good huflored rcasi rather than a sober testimonial, ,volLI iokes need

not be realih-based.lnstcad, stxrt with a kernel of

truth, then eri il or distort it to unbeliev


ablc lcvels. Or your storv could be completelv

\\rhate\.er jokes or anecdotcs )ou scle.t, be sure

they suit rou.You must be.omfortable w;th then1,

and )our audien.e must bc comlortablc hearing ,r-ou tel1them. Ior eriample, ifyou are normally a

reserved person, no one is tikelv to accept a story



abolrt the time you and Ed perlormed nr

).our story

i rodco Logethel Brit thel would accept

ibort the marriage advice Ed once gave IoLr.

Abov. all. be sure your material will not hurt

rhcl."l g.^i.1. H


oih^nor.ue .,.,r\. i '.

sali to pokc frL11 xt things that the guest ofhonor

kids himselfabout. ror exan\,le, if the gucst of

honor often jokes about her terriblc tennis ganre, 1ou on safely joke about hcr tenris abilities as weli.

Even so, ask sonleone close to the guest ofhonor

I , re\:e$ )oJ- |






ru dereflj ;n,

ifanvthing night be offensive. If something is

qrestionnble, rewrite or eliminate it.



e. u.e good t r.te dnd d,oio



profanity or "blu€" mnterial;i-ou risk offending or

embarrassing not only the aLrdience but the guest

Your Delivery

Are ),ou uncomfortrble telli.g a joke? Do 1ou think thal some people are just born to be funny -

ind lou're not one ofthem? The truth is, pcople

ca. teI a joke



ifil is right for them, ifthel.are


r\e) hr'.,n-."r',


nervousness through rehearsal and coaching.

Some ofthe besr jokes colne from surprise and incongrLLitl ; r,hen shl,, quiet Nancv delivers a knockout joke, the audience 1\ ill roal.'

The key i! rehearsat. Delil-er,v can make or

break the best material in the workl- Pm.ti.e vour roasr so thoroughly thar all clLrmsincss, filse starts and murnbled punch lines ire eliminalcd. And

rem.nber b be ,vourselt. lbo often novice

hurnorists t'y to ir tare their favorite come&an. t|e usual result beirg an uncomfortable silence

tion the audience. A\oid su.h e barrassments bl teling ).our storics rnd jokes in rhe same $,ay loLL

nonnally speak. Enui.iate prcperly


mr ,g lurr.

and speak

u,.-oe.r .oulo'.c.

Don't rtlsh lhrough vour material especiallrvorr

punch IineslAlwavs maintain good clc conta.t

$,ith,vour audience, and rNe gesturcs naturrll,L

Once,vou feel rour matcr;alis ready, rehearse

vour deliverrwith famih or liiends. Ask for their

"J. ce.:horrJ r"



.irt.r. pl



eflect? GestLLre a certain way? Change aJoke or

Your Project Speech

for thjs proiect,lou will create and present a three

to five minute "roasrl'

l,e o






rtrsar,v or faLervell party- will be selected b,v 1'ou.

The speech is to bc hunorous, including jokes rnd

anecdotcs about the honored guest that mav be

adrpted ftom other sources. The prcscntation should be good natured and not offend the indi

vidual or the audience.




NOTE TO THE EYALUATOR. The pwpose of this projed is for the speaket to present a three- to fire-ninute

"roast." 'Ihe occasion retireme t banquet, annbtersary or farc1.\1ell porty, etc. has been selected by the speak-

e/. The roast is to include jokes arul anerlotes adapted from other sources to aWIy to the honoftd guest. In

addition to your oral etatuation, pbase gtue nriten rcsponses to the qu$t;o s below







How well were the jokes and anecdotes adapted to the occasion and to the individual being roasted?

How did the speakert detivery contribute to or hinder the effectir.eness of the humorous material?

How effective were the iokes and anecdotes?

How did ihe speaker\ body language and vocal vadety add to the impact of the roasr?

What could the