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 Conduct the class in the target language ONLY

(two exceptions technical problems and the opening part of class 1, level 1)
 Set lesson and exercise goals
 Transition between exercises and topics
 Present new material clearly and efficiently
- be prepared and organized! always know where youre going next and how best to take
the student there; think building blocks
 Be clear and consistent with your instructional words/commands; deconstruct broad
instructions into step-by-step instructions for more difficult topics/exercises
 In the presentation phase, write out target vocabulary and structures in full at least once
 Use visual cues to separate concepts
eg. write out masculine and feminine forms in different colors and on different sides of the
screen, use all caps to focus attention on the target vocabulary etc.
 Always work with ALL aspects of a construction positive, negative, question forms,
contractions, verb conjugation changes etc.
 Always ask open-ended questions rather than yes/no questions
 Make sure the student always answers in FULL sentences, even if you have to write out the
sentence in full as an example for him/her to repeat
 Any explanations should be concise and to the point; use visuals to expedite where
 Use the round-robin style of Q&A for groups ASAP and for private classes, be sure the
student gets equal time asking questions as answering them
 Use a target list for the performance phase with visual cues to give feedback
eg. checkmark the list as they cover each item
 Ensure you cycle through EACH PPP phase for EVERY target
 Provide corrections at the appropriate time depending on the PPP phase, including writing
out corrections in full when they are confused

- before you correct, ask a probing question to see if they can make/find the correction
(this promotes the habit of self-correcting which is an important goal)
 Manage the different abilities within the group
ie. assign the harder tasks to the stronger students and/or start with a stronger student so
the weaker ones can have more examples to work with before they are called on
 Maximize student speaking time
eg. for private classes the minimum is 50-50 vs. with a group of 3 the minimum is 25% each,
including you or for a group of 4, it is 20% each etc.
 Customize the lesson with the students information native language, home city/country,
family details, work info, hobbies, likes/dislikes etc.
(keep notes and update student info boxes at the top of the e-Ped card)
 Be patient
- give them a chance to think and respond before prompting them
 Give positive and constructive feedback only; you can praise both effort and achievement
 Vary your praise both the praise words themselves and the intonation of your voice
- use the clap sound after a strong performance task
 Use friendly greetings and upbeat closings; ask for end of session questions; have a
student do a class summary/recap; thank them at the end of class
 ALWAYS assign (and check) homework
- write out the homework assignment on the screen at the end of class
 Maximize use of tools (box, underline, colors, etc) and resources (insert, app share, web, etc)
- use the white opaque/solid box to erase
- use the side notes with manually pasting (CTRL-V) from a .doc to save time checking
written homework
 Ensure students are properly using the tools too writing, underlining, checkmark, change
colors etc.
 NEVER have a blank screen - use an opening/welcome slide; predefined background slide
 Be polite, respectful, culturally aware, and professional at all times
 Fill in e-Ped card and progress reports properly and timely