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Up and coming events in the



Building Carer Friendly

CCG Workshops
Future say in Dorset Acute Mental Health
Over the past few weeks meetings have been
taking place around the whole of Dorset to
hear the views of those involved in mental
health, be they carers, service users, or
professionals, to help improve services for
adult mental health needs. This is the first
stage of the survey. Anyone who has missed
or not been able to make a meeting can
show their interest by contacting the CCG by
emailing or call
01202 541946 there is also an online survey
at www.dorsetccg,

On Thursday 10th September

An OPEN EVENING is being held in
Ferndown, all mental health carers
welcome. Nick Plumridge will give a talk on
Care Quality Commission inspections, Nick
goes round mental health establishments
with a team inspecting the care and its
He will give a talk on what he looks for and
answer any of your questions. As Dorset has
just had their inspection it will be good to
hear how this is done. This will be followed
by free refreshment and a social time.
To be held on the 10th September at 7-00pm
St. Marys Church Lounge.
Church Road, Ferndown BH22 9EU.
Any carers in the west or north of the county
That would like to attend may be able to
Get a lift, please phone 01305 340045
And we will see what we can do.

Carers Teas
Every third Thursday of the month tea
and cake is being served in Forston Clinic
canteen with Peer carers and acute staff
or members of the crisis team to offer
carers support.
Start at 4-00pm. Do come if you want to
Talk to someone, we are there to listen.

Peer Carer
The Dorset Mental Health Carers Project has been
working for over a year to set up Peer Carers to
give support to carers going through a crisis. We
are nearly there with the support of The Dorset
Mental Health Forum for training and the Crisis
Team in the West helping us understand what
they are dealing with and nurses from the acute
ward at Forston Clinic, we have taken our first
step. Once a month we are serving tea and cake in
the canteen at Forston Clinic where there are Peer
Carers and Staff on hand to listen to your worries
and offer support.
What is a Peer Carer, Firstly and most
importantly, a Peer Carer is not a first port of call
to talk to someone that is unwell, this should be
left to the appropriate services that are trained
for these situations. A Peer Carer is not a
counsellor. A Peer Carer is a person who can
support someone that is caring for a loved one
with a mental illness who has hit a crisis, either in
the acute ward in hospital, or being visited at
home by the crisis team. They can offer a
listening ear, as experience has taught us that
just having someone there that knows what you
are going through can help share the burden. A
peer carer can offer empathy, reassurance, point
you in the right direction for further support, and
a hug if required
At any other time a Peer Carer can be reached by
phoning either Joy or Nigel on for the East 01305
340045 and for the West 01202 373305. Please
leave a message and contact details if no one is in
and we will get back to you on the same day
where ever possible.
Caring for a loved one during times of crisis can be
a very traumatic and challenging experience. It
can make you feel lonely, isolated and not
knowing which way to turn. Talking to someone
that has been through that experience can be a
great comfort and support, so please call if you
feel like that,

For any further information, please contact:Joy or Nigel Ford on telephone numbers 01305 340045 East & 01202 373305 West
or email or send a message via Facebook:Dorset Mental Health Carers Project

Carers are vital partners in the
provision of mental health and
social care services. There are 1.5
million people who care for
someone with mental illness in the
We are a group of carers who are
supported by Dorset Healthcare
NHS, The Dorset Mental Health
Forum, and Rethink Mental Illness.
We act as the voice of the carer, any
worries a carer may have about the
person they care for or themselves
can be relayed to us and we will
pass the information onto the
appropriate people. We can voice
back good and poor care to help
improve the carers experience, and
encourage a true partnership
between carers and professionals.
We support the Recovery concept
and can advise on courses being
held to support carers and their
well-being. These are free course
run by the Recovery Education
Centre also courses run by Rethink
Mental Illness and The Richmond
Felloweship. We work together
with the Cares Lead in the West and
East of the County where
professionals, Third Party Sector
and Carers work together to
improve mental health services for
everyone. If this sounds like
something you would like to be part
of, why not come and join us.

R-E-A-C-HSomething for the people you care for
Carers have asked what is around for the
person I care for, something they can
do and a chance to meet up with others.
REACH is a sports and leisure program that
is led and managed by Dorset Mental
Health Forum Peer Staff. It is open to
anyone over 16 years old and promotes fun
exercise within a social, welcoming
There are activities in the West and East
of Dorset For more information,uk

10th 2015.

The Carers Choir The day started with the

Carers Choir, an uplifting experience,
people singing just for the joy of it had
many feet tapping and some singing along.
There was various stands with valuable
information. An excellent lunch and talks
and demonstrations. Those that attended
had an informative and social day.
The New REC Prospectuses Is Out
Two course are running particularly for
An Introduction. &
Recovery for Carers and Supporters. These
two courses have been developed for those
who are supporting someone through their
experience of mental health problems. As
well as ways to help you support someone,
more importantly we look at ways to take
care of your own wellbeing.
Though the above course are pacifically for
carers there are other REC course that
could be helpful in a supporting role such
as Recovery Focused Conversations.
Understanding Unusual Experiences.
Identify Your Values. Mindfulness an
introduction. This is just a few of the REC
Courses. All are free to obtain a
Prospectuses or for more information

Mental Health Advocacy.

The Dorset Mental Health Forum have
been awarded the Dorset Mental Health
Advocacy Contract for the whole of Dorset.
It becomes live at the beginning of
October. Watch out for a Road Show,
where you can learn more about what they
do. They give free independent and
confidential service for anyone who has
experienced mental health problems and
their carers across Dorset.
Psychological Therapies Service For
Most families experience some difficulties
from time to time. If you are no longer sure
what to do for the best. Evidence based
practice show family therapy is useful for
people of all ages experiencing a wide
range of difficulties including mental
health problems. The focus of therapy is on
relationships rather than individuals.
Family therapy helps people in close
relationships to help each other. It enables
family members to express and explore
difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to
understand each others experience and
views, and appreciate each others needs.
Therapists are highly skilled professionals
working with children, young people,
adults and other professionals. Their aim is
not to take sides or provide simple
answers. But to encourage families to
understand each other.
What happens if I would like to be referred
for family therapy?
Please discuss being referred with the
CHMT/Care Co-ordinator, who will make
the referral via the teams Clinical
Psychologist. If you would like more
information, or have any questions please
telephone 01305 214500 and someone from
the team will be happy to phone you back.
Wimborne Carers Support Group
Early Autumn Program
9-9-15 Massage & meeting up with the
Mental Health Carers Project, for an
informal chat and questions.
23-9-15 H.G. Walker Solicitors Mental
Health Talk concerning the law, wills, and
power of attorney.
7-10-15 Computer talk for carers.
The group meet at The Planet Youth Club,
4 Church Street Wimborne
BH21 1JH at 10-00am to 12-00 noon.

Dorset Mental Health Advocacy is also the

provider for the Independent Mental
Health Advocacy Service for patients
detained under the Mental Health Act or
Community Treatment Orders. Please
phone 01305 261483 for more information
and a leaflet.
Richmond Fellowship
Have three new support groups for carers
opening. One in Wareham held in caf
Not Just Sundays on Tuesdays at 11-00
am. In Wimborne Costa Coffee on
Thursdays, and a new one in Christchurch
at Baileys.
They also have two courses coming up one
of them on the 29th September in
Wareham on Mindfulness. A Wrap Course
on Friday 25th September. Then on the 8th
of October at 7-30 a charity musical
evening in Bournemouths Jaharra, for
Mental Health. For more information on
the Richmond Fellowship Carer Groups
events and Courses phone 01202 496276.
Three Peaks Please Sponsor
Later this month Paul Siebenthal the Peer
Carer Lead from Dorset Mental Health will
be attempting to climb the three peaks in
the UK. He is raising money for Cystic
Fibroses, anyone wishing to sponsor him
please contact Jess on 01305 257172.
Rethink Mental Illness
Let The Sun Shine In Caroline Carr
introducing BUBBLES, BOUNDARIES and
LAUGHTER on 9th September at 2-00pm at
Twynham Church Hall, 99 Barrack Road,
Christchurch, BH23 2AL. Reconnect With
Your Brightside. For more information
contact Jude Holt on 07918626258.
Dont forget the Open Evening on
September 10th at 7-00pm at St Marys
Church Ferndown. Speaker, refreshments
and a time to chat. Anyone in the West
wanting to go make contact on 01305
340045, to arrange a lift.
Next Open Evening December 10th