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Dear School/Choir,

Thank you for applying to take part in Chorus at Southbank Centre on Friday 4 April 2014. There
are a variety of ways your group can be involved in Chorus, with performance platforms, the
opportunity to sing student-composed Chorales along to an organ, song sharing and open mic
sessions, as well as free tickets to the exclusive concert at 1.30pm with the Simn Bolvar
National Youth Choir of Venezuela.
Please fill in this application form and return it to with
CHORUS SCHOOLS in the subject line or post to Voicelab, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road,
London, SE1 8XX by Friday 14 February 2014. We will be back in touch at the beginning of
March with a schedule for your day, tickets, resources and all the information you will need for
your visit.
General Information
Name of School/Choir: London Nautical School

Name of Contact/Choir Leader: Friesia

Contact Email:

Contact Address: 61 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9NA
Contact Telephone Number: 0207 9286801
Free Tickets to Simn Bolvar National Youth Choir of Venezuela: The Youth Exclusive Concert,
1.30pm - 2.15pm
We are offering the opportunity for young audiences to experience the incredible vocal talent of
Venezuela's national youth choir, one of the many young performing groups to come out of the
revolutionary social action programme, El Sistema. Hosted by In Harmony Lambeth, and
featuring secondary school and youth choirs from London, Gateshead and Leeds, this informal
event - inside Royal Festival Hall - aims to inspire both secondary and primary school audiences.

You are invited to apply for as many tickets as you would like (subject to availability) for your
school or group - this opportunity is for all young people, not just those who sing in choirs. The

day will be scheduled so that all young people on site can attend this concert at 1.30pm, in
addition to taking part in other activities throughout the day.

How many free tickets would you school/choir like?: 22

(NB. please include staff members in this number)

Does anyone in your group have special access requirements, or require a wheelchair
space in the Royal Festival Hall? No
Choir Platforms
Choir platforms are across the site, both inside and outside, on our stages, foyer spaces and
beyond. We will program each space to try and get the best balance of different types of choirs
across the day. If you would like to apply for a performance slot for your choir/singing group,
please tell us the following information:
Average year group/age of singers: Most are around 14. All boys. Number of singers in
the choir: 20
Have you performed at Southbank Centre before? Yes (please delete as appropriate) If Yes, when?
2013 Sing Out Sea Chanty workshop, 2012 Lambeth Music Festival mass choir
Please give us an indication of the style and type of repertoire you will sing for your
performance (please plan for 20 minutes):
We are planning a selection of musical theatre songs from current and very recent Broadway and
West End productions.
Do you perform a) a cappella b) with piano or keyboard c) backing tracks d) other
We use both piano and backing tracks.

If you can, please provide us with a recording or link to a website/YouTube clip/online

material so we can hear you:
Are you available to perform and participate in the full day, 10.15am - 6.30pm? No
(please delete as appropriate)

If No, what time will you need to arrive and leave? Boys will need to be back at school for
3:30, so wed need to leave by 3:00.
Chorale Try-Outs
Do you have any GCSE or A-level composition students writing 4-part chorales that youd like to
workshop with your students and other young people at the festival? If so, theres the unique
opportunity to book a 45-minute session in a dedicated room, with pedal organ and piano
accompaniment available, which will then be advertised as part of the days programme.
Would your school/choir be interested in leading a Chorale Try-Out session? Yes/No
(please delete as appropriate)

Song Sharing
Do you have a song you love to sing, that you are bursting to share with other young people at
Chorus? If so, theres the opportunity to book a session in a dedicated room with a piano where
you can teach your song to other singers as part of the programme for the day.

Would your school/choir be interested in leading a Song Sharing session? Yes/No


delete as appropriate)

Open Mic
We are offering Open Mic slots for young singer-songwriters and vocal groups to perform in the
Queen Elizabeth Hall Front Room from 3-6pm. Students under 18 must be accompanied by a staff
member or adult when performing.
Can you give us an indication of how many students from your school/choir would be
interested in booking a slot?:
Also happening on the day...
- Join regular warm-up sessions across the morning which are open to all and offer the
chance to learn an arrangement of Mas Que Nada to sing along in the 1.30pm concert;
- Drop in to Find Your Voice, a vocal workshop led by Musical Futures at 2.45pm;
- Watch Southwark Vocal Magic!, a concert featuring over 300 students from Southwark.