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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

199 / Monday, October 16, 2006 / Notices 60691

Dated: October 6, 2006. Extension of Time Limit for Preliminary FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Stephen J. Claeys, Results Dmitry Vladimirov or Minoo Hatten,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Import The Department is in the process of AD/CVD Operations, Office 5, Import
Administration. collecting additional information and Administration, International Trade
[FR Doc. E6–17041 Filed 10–13–06; 8:45 am] clarifications of submitted data from the Administration, Department of
BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S respondent. Furthermore, we require Commerce, 14th Street and Constitution
additional time to conduct verifications. Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230;
Thus, it is not practicable to complete telephone: (202) 482–0665 or (202) 482–
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE this review within the original time 1690.
limit (i.e., 245 days). Therefore, the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
International Trade Administration Department is extending the time limit Background
for completion of the preliminary
results by 120 days, in accordance with On August 28, 2006, TRW 2 requested
section 751(a)(3)(A) of the Act. The that the Department conduct a changed-
Stainless Steel Bar From the United preliminary results are now due not circumstances review of the order on
Kingdom: Notice of Extension of Time later than March 30, 2007. The final stainless steel bar from Japan and
Limit for Preliminary Results of the results continue to be due 120 days after exclude a product to which it referred
2005–2006 Administration Review publication of the preliminary results. as 21–2N modified valve/stem stainless
We are issuing and publishing this steel round bar from the scope of the
AGENCY: Import Administration, notice in accordance with sections order. See TRW’s letter to the Secretary,
International Trade Administration, 751(a)(1) and 777(i)(1) of the Act. dated August 28, 2006. Specifically,
Department of Commerce. TRW requested that the Department
Dated: October 6, 2006. exclude imports meeting the following
EFFECTIVE DATE: October 16, 2006. Stephen J. Claeys, description from the order on stainless
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Import steel bar from Japan: certain valve/stem
Rebecca Trainor or Kate Johnson, AD/ stainless steel round bar of 21–2N
[FR Doc. E6–17129 Filed 10–13–06; 8:45 am] modified grade, having a diameter of 5.7
CVD Operations, Office 2, Import
Administration, International Trade
BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S millimeters (with a tolerance of 0.025
millimeters), in length no greater than
Administration, U.S. Department of
15 meters, having a chemical
Commerce, 14th Street and Constitution DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE composition consisting of a minimum of
Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230;
0.50 percent and a maximum of 0.60
telephone (202) 482–4007 or (202) 482– International Trade Administration percent of carbon, a minimum of 7.50
4929, respectively.
[A–588–833] percent and a maximum of 9.50 percent
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: of manganese, a maximum of 0.25
Initiation of Antidumping Duty percent of silicon, a maximum of 0.04
Background Changed-Circumstances Review: percent of phosphorus, a maximum of
On April 28, 2006, the Department of Stainless Steel Bar From Japan 0.03 percent of sulfur, a minimum of
Commerce (‘‘Department’’) published in AGENCY: Import Administration, 20.0 percent and a maximum of 22.00
the Federal Register a notice of International Trade Administration, percent of chromium, a minimum of
initiation of administrative review of the Department of Commerce. 2.00 percent and a maximum of 3.00
antidumping duty order on stainless percent of nickel, a minimum of 0.20
SUMMARY: In accordance with section
steel bar from the United Kingdom, percent and a maximum of 0.40 percent
751(b) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as of nitrogen, a minimum of 0.85 percent
covering the period March 1, 2005, amended (the Act), and § 351.216(b) of
through February 28, 2006. See of the combined content of carbon and
the Department of Commerce’s (the nitrogen, and a balance minimum of
Initiation of Antidumping and Department’s) regulations, TRW Fuji
Countervailing Duty Administrative iron, having a maximum core hardness
Valve, Inc. (TRW), a U.S. importer, filed of 385 HB and a maximum surface
Reviews, 71 FR 25145 (April 28, 2006). a request for a changed-circumstances
The preliminary results for this hardness of 425 HB, with a minimum
review of the antidumping duty order hardness of 270 HB for annealed
administrative review are currently due on stainless steel bar from Japan. The
no later than December 1, 2006. material. See TRW’s letter to the
petitioners and domestic interested Secretary, dated August 28, 2006. TRW
Statutory Time Limits parties have affirmatively expressed a requested that the Department revoke
lack of interest in the continuation of the order in part retroactively to
Section 751(a)(3)(A) of the Tariff Act the order with respect to 21–2N February 1, 2006, the beginning of the
of 1930, as amended (‘‘the Act’’), modified valve/stem stainless steel anniversary month of the order. TRW
requires the Department to issue the round bar.1 In response to this request, stated that the steel product in question
preliminary results of an administrative the Department is initiating a changed- is not produced in commercial
review within 245 days after the last day circumstances review of the order on quantities in the United States.
of the anniversary month of an order for stainless steel bar from Japan with On September 18, 2006, the
which a review is requested and a final respect to this product as described petitioners and domestic interested
determination within 120 days after the below. parties provided a letter attesting to
date on which the preliminary results EFFECTIVE DATE: October 16, 2006.
are published. If it is not practicable to 2 In its August 28, 2006, request TRW did not
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

complete the review within the time 1 The petitioners and domestic interested parties identify the sub-section of the term ‘‘interested
period, section 751(a)(3)(A) of the Act include Carpenter Technology Corp., Crucible party,’’ as defined by section 771(9) of the Act,
Specialty Metals Division of Crucible Materials which applies to TRW. In response to our
allows the Department to extend these Corp., Electralloy Corp., North American Stainless, September 21, 2006, request for clarification, in its
deadlines to a maximum of 365 days Universal Stainless and Alloy Products, Inc., and September 25, 2006, response TRW identified itself
and 180 days, respectively. Valbruna Slater Stainless, Inc. as a U.S. importer of the subject merchandise.

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60692 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 199 / Monday, October 16, 2006 / Notices

their expressed lack of interest in having the Department make the revocation Administration, Department of
this merchandise, as described above, effective February 1, 2006. Commerce.
continue to be subject to the Pursuant to section 751(b)(1) of the ACTION: Notice of Decision of Panel.
antidumping duty order on stainless Act and 19 CFR 351.216(b), we are
steel bar from Japan. initiating a changed-circumstances SUMMARY: On October 6, 2006, the
review. Although the petitioners and binational panel issued its decision in
Scope of the Order
domestic interested parties have the full sunset review of the
The scope of the order covers antidumping and countervailing duty
expressed a lack of interest in the order
stainless steel bar (SSB). The term SSB determination made by the International
with respect to the product in question,
with respect to the order means articles Trade Commission, respecting
they did not claim that they represent
of stainless steel in straight lengths that Magnesium from Canada, Secretariat
substantially all of the production of the
have been either hot-rolled, forged, File No. USA–CDA–2000–1904–09. The
domestic like product nor has the
turned, cold-drawn, cold-rolled or binational panel affirmed the
Department made such a determination.
otherwise cold-finished, or ground, International Trade Commission
Interested parties are invited to
having a uniform solid cross section determination with two dissenting
comment on this initiation or to
along their whole length in the shape of opinions. Copies of the panel decision
circles, segments of circles, ovals, demonstrate that the petitioners and
domestic interested parties account for are available from the U.S. Section of
rectangles (including squares), triangles, the NAFTA Secretariat.
hexagons, octagons or other convex substantially all of the production of the
polygons. SSB includes cold-finished Caratina L. Alston, United States
SSBs that are turned or ground in Public Comment Secretary, NAFTA Secretariat, Suite
straight lengths, whether produced from 2061, 14th and Constitution Avenue,
hot-rolled bar or from straightened and Interested parties may submit
comments which the Department will Washington, DC 20230, (202) 482–5438.
cut rod or wire, and reinforcing bars that
have indentations, ribs, grooves, or take into account in the preliminary SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Chapter
other deformations produced during the results of this review. The due date for 19 of the North American Free-Trade
rolling process. Except as specified filing any such comments is no later Agreement (‘‘Agreement’’) establishes a
above, the term does not include than 15 days after the date of mechanism to replace domestic judicial
stainless steel semi-finished products, publication of this notice. Responses to review of the final determinations in
cut-length flat-rolled products (i.e., cut- those comments may be submitted not antidumping and countervailing duty
length rolled products which if less than later than 7 days following submission cases involving imports from a NAFTA
4.75 mm in thickness have a width of the comments. All written comments country with review by independent
measuring at least 10 times the must be submitted in accordance with binational panels. When a Request for
thickness, or if 4.75 mm or more in 19 CFR 351.303. The Department will Panel Review is filed, a panel is
thickness having a width which exceeds publish in the Federal Register a notice established to act in place of national
150 mm and measures at least twice the of preliminary results of changed- courts to review expeditiously the final
thickness), wire (i.e., cold-formed circumstances review in accordance determination to determine whether it
products in coils, of any uniform solid with 19 CFR 351.221(b)(4) and conforms with the antidumping or
cross section along their whole length, 351.221(c)(3)(i), which will set forth the countervailing duty law of the country
which do not conform to the definition Department’s preliminary factual and that made the determination.
of flat-rolled products), and angles, legal conclusions. Pursuant to 19 CFR Under Article 1904 of the Agreement,
shapes and sections. The SSB subject to 351.221(b)(4)(ii), interested parties will which came into force on January 1,
this order is currently classifiable under have an opportunity to comment on the 1994, the Government of the United
subheadings 7222.10.0005, preliminary results. The Department States, the Government of Canada and
7222.10.0050, 7222.20.0005, will issue its final results of review in the Government of Mexico established
7222.20.0045, 7222.20.0075, and accordance with the time limits set forth Rules of Procedure for Article 1904
7222.30.0000 of the Harmonized Tariff in 19 CFR 351.216(e). This notice is Binational Panel Reviews (‘‘Rules’’).
Schedule of the United States (HTSUS). published in accordance with sections These Rules were published in the
Although the HTSUS subheadings are 751(b)(1) and 777(i)(1) of the Act and Federal Register on February 23, 1994
provided for convenience and customs § 351.221(b) of the Department’s (59 FR 8686). The panel review in this
purposes, our written description of the regulations. matter has been conducted in
scope of this order is dispositive. Dated: October 10, 2006.
accordance with these Rules.
Panel Decision: The determination is
Initiation of Changed-Circumstances David M. Spooner,
as follows:
Review Assistant Secretary for Import The majority opinion stated that
Pursuant to section 751(b)(1) of the ‘‘While the Panel had some reasonable
Act, the Department will conduct a [FR Doc. E6–17149 Filed 10–13–06; 8:45 am] concerns about the evidence supporting
changed-circumstances review upon BILLING CODE 3510–DS–P the Commission’s price underselling
receipt of information concerning, or a finding, the totality of the Commission’s
request from an interested party for a determination, including its alternative
review of, an antidumping duty order DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE price depression finding, is reasonable,
which shows changed circumstances International Trade Administration made in accordance with law, and
sufficient to warrant a review of the supported by substantial evidence on
order. As stated above, on August 28, North American Free-Trade Agreement the record as a whole. Therefore, the
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

2006, TRW requested a determination (NAFTA), Article 1904 Binational Panel second determination on remand is
by the Department in accordance with Reviews hereby AFFIRMED’’.
19 CFR 351.216(b) to exclude the The minority opinion stated ‘‘Having
product described above from the scope AGENCY: NAFTA Secretariat, United reviewed the Commission Second
of the order. TRW also requested that States Section, International Trade Remand Determination, the briefs,

VerDate Aug<31>2005 16:16 Oct 13, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\16OCN1.SGM 16OCN1