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Chemical Reactor Omnibook. O. Levenspiel

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Resources: Digital Material. Recommended bibliography.

Case Analysis. Exhibi,ons.

Resources: Selected papers.


Resources: Montage laboratory. Pilot scale.


Resources: Class work.
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Course descripIon:

Chemical reactors play a central role in all chemical processes. The control of
chemical changes for pracIcal applicaIons is a dening concept in processes
engineering. ReacIon engineering entails the manipulaIon of chemical reacIons
by adjusIng the size and shape of a reactor, the ow condiIons, and the operaIng
condiIons (temperature, pressure, etc.).

Possible goals might be to minimize reactor size, to opImize the yield of a certain
product, to avoid byproduct producIon, or to make a process safer or more
environmentally friendly.

In this course, you will learn to interpret chemical reacIon rate data and to use
those data to develop performance equaIons for single and mulIple reactor

Grading Components

Exam 1 (15%)
Group Project 1 (5 %)
Class Workshop (10 %)

Exam 2 (15%)
Group Project 2 (5 %)
Class Workshop (10 %)

Final Exam (20%)

Group Project 3 (10 %)
Oral presentaIon (10 %)

1. BASICS, chemical reactor design.

2. ANALYSIS OF IDEAL REACTORS. Batch, mixed ow (CSTR) and plug ow

3. DATA PROCESSING ( kineIc and stoichiometry).



6. Bioreactors and Bio-processes.

7. Heterogeneous catalysis ( basics).

Recommended Texts
Fogler, H. ScoS, Elements of Chemical Reac,on Engineering (3th EdiIon), PrenIce-Hall,

Levenspiel,O., Chemical Reac,ons Engineering ( 3th EdiIon). John Wiley and Sons, 1999.

Bengoa, C.,Segarra A., Cin,ca qumica i disseny de reactors. Notas de clase. Grau
dEnginyeria Qumica. URV, 2012.

HarrioS, P., CHEMICAL REACTOR DESIGN. Cornell U.,Ithaca,N.Y.,Marcel Dekker,.2003

SCILAB Enterprices. The Free Numerical SoMware. hSp:// ,2015

What you should review ?

Most of the equaIons that arise in reacIon engineering are either sets of algebraic equaIons,
or rst-order ordinary dierenIal equaIons. It would be a good idea to review how to solve
ordinary dierenIal equaIons. Can you solve this?

Numerical soluIon will be required for some problems in this class. The problems will be sets
of ordinary dierenIal equaIons. The default numerical package for this course will be
SCILAB. It will help you to review the syntax that SCILAB uses, especially to solve dierenIal
equaIons. You may use another numerical package at your own risk (I will help as much as I
can, but I may not be familiar with other packages).
The other processes engineering course most closely related to this one is heat and mass
transport. If you do not remember how to do dierenIal balances, you should review how
today. Limits on reactor design also come from the thermodynamics of reacIng systems.
Review the calculaIon of equilibrium coecients for chemical reacIons from