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Rites of Commission and




Dear brothers and sisters, today we will have the rites of commissioning of the Ministers of
the altar also known as the Knights of the Altar. Your sons have volunteered to be Ministers
of the Altar. You must realize that they have a special role in the celebration of the Eucharist;
a ministry of service- a servant of Jesus Christ and of the others; one who help in the Altar of
Sacrifice. As a servants, they are asked to help build the Christian Community, even outside
the church by their example of goodness. You must help them and mold them in the love of
the Lord and respect for the others around them that they may mature in their faith. Help
them grow in virtues, especially of the virtue of AVAILABILITY for this backbone of their
service and our service to God.
Yes, even if you are gifted with abilities, if you are not available to GOD, then these gifts are
wasted. AVAILABILITY means also a sense of Preparedness and Readiness REMEMBER,
God never asked about your ability, only your AVAILABILITY. The availability to offer your
services to the Christian Community and to the church in particular, truly becomes a fitting
offering of your praise and gratitude to God for many gifts you have received from Him.
Calling of the Candidates:
Commentator: Rev, Father, I now present to you the following boys who wish to be accepted
as Knights of the Altar. They have been found worthy to join the Brotherhood of Christian the
Knights of the Altar. Candidates as your name is called please come forward to show your
willingness to make the commitment to serve and that you can be blessed in your ministry
of service. May we also present to you the following old Altar boys with there renewal.
Examination of Candidates:
Priest: Dear boys you have willingly volunteered yourself! May the spirit of GOD bless you,
and may you discover your true worth in your service. In order that you can reflect more
deeply on the dignity and meaning of your commitment, let me ask you these following
questions: Will you make every effort to model your life on Jesus Christ, who is the source of
the goodness of our life and the fulfillment of our destiny? Will you dedicate some time to
prayer, and study necessary to form solid foundation of our effective ministry in the spirit of
St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi?
Candidates: I will
Priest: Your presence in front of the Altar of God means that you desire to serve Him as His
Knights. Do you understand the meaning of serving Him as Knight?
Candidates: Yes Father, we understand its meaning. To serve God as knights means to serve
at the Holy Mass whenever we can, to help them in the Church, to show respect to the elders
and to give example to our brothers and sisters.

Priest: Are you ready to be available to God and to offer your time and yourself for this task?
Will you do your utmost to grow spiritually so as to become a worthwhile member of the
family, community, and ultimately to our society?
Candidates: I am with the help, mercy and the love of God.
Priest: (to the congregation) Brothers and sisters are you willing to accept and support these
your sons and our ministers of the Altar in their prayerful deliberation and decision to commit
themselves to be in the service of the Eucharist for our benefit for the good of the entire
people of God?
All: We are.

Blessing of Cassocks:
Priest: Our help is in the name of the Lord
All: Who made heaven and earth
Priest: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
All: As it was in the beginning is now and will be forever Amen. (The priest blesses the
cassocks with Holy Water)
Priest: Prepare yourself to serve God, as knights. Receive from your parents your cassock,
the sign of yourself-offering to Jesus in the Knights of the Altar. And dear parents, while you
help your son wear their uniform of the Knight, praise God who chose your son to serve to
his altar. Remember that is your duty in turn to help these boys. Be faithful to their duties as
knights of the altar. (The parents help their sons wear the cassock. The choir will sing
appropriate song at this part of the rite. As soon as each one has properly donned their
cassock, the parents will take their sits)


Priest: Now that you are ready to serve at the Altar, recite your pledge in front of Jesus and in
front of the people of God.
Candidates: Lord, here I am, all yours, ready to serve you. I shall strive to be faithful to my
duty of serving at the Mass and of helping in the church. I shall strive to give good example
to all and to help my fellow Christians to respect your Home. May I be your loyal knight with
the help of Mary, my Mother and the Model. Amen.
Priest: Let us pray Lord God, look down upon us today and send forth your Spirit to bless,
strengthen, and inspire these, your young servants, who you are offering their whole hearted
service as a response to your call to be Knights of your Altar. Help them to be responsive to
your Word, sensitive to the needs of others, and reconciling in their relationships. Give them
the visions and courage to seek the truth and to descend your will in all matters they will be
required to offer their services. Bestow upon them the grace to fulfill their roles in the

mission of your Son Jesus Christ. Bless them with the abundance of your love and mercy
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
All: Amen.
Priest: We once again welcome into your ministry of service. We thank you for your
willingness..Now receive the light of Jesus so that you can be His light in our community.
Keep the light of faith and generosity in your hearts burning! ( The priest offers them lighted
candle, the symbol of the Light of Jesus Christ.)
Priest: Dear people of God, we have witnessed the love of these young boys for the Lord and
for his house. May they really be shining examples to all. Let us now join them in the joy of
their commitment. Let us give them a sign of our acceptance and approval for thay have
willingly offered their services to us by round of applause. ( The newly inducted Knights of
the Altar face the people and make a deep bow)