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Size and Shape Characterisation

of Plates Particles for Paint Industries
Some industries require strict control of particle size and
particle shape in order to manufacture high quality products.
These industries can benefit from the use of a particle size
analyzer that can also perform shape analysis
This document describes measurement made on plate
particles used in paint industry. The shape of the particles is
of first importance for the paint industries in order to have
good shades. Two samples having the same thickness with
two different surface must be controlled after production.
Figure 1 : Camera video

Purpose of analysis
The aim is to determine the Shape Factor (SF) of two
different samples having the same thickness (3m).
The results obtained by the innovative CCD shape
analysis will be compared with laser diffraction


20 m


Experimental set up
The CILAS 1180 Particle Size Analyser is ideal for
repetitive, high quality measurements of particle size
and shape. Its integrated wet and dry dispersion
modes, built in video camera and short optical path
make it the most versatile instrument available
anywhere. The unique design of the 1180 provides a
measurement range of 0.04 to 2,500 m while
maintaining an extremely small footprint.

Figure 3 : Reproducibility of the measure <2%

5 measurements on the same sample

Expert Shape software allows the users to

calculate many different parameters from a
sample, and to view qualitative results. Expert
Shape for thresholding, contour identification and
binary noise removal. Images of your particles
can be stored along with the particle size
distribution data for later retrieval.

Figure 2 : CILAS 1180

Results summary (d50 in m)


CCD Technology

Diffraction Tecnology


Figure 5 : Plate particles

Results interpretation

Figure 4 : Expert Shape software

The aim of the measurement was to determine the

mean diameter of the particles. The table shows
the perfect correlation between the laser diffraction
technology and the CCD values.

The benefits of the CILAS 1180 and the EXPERT SHAPE software
- Shape analysis combined with the Laser particle size analyzer
- Direct comparison of results with the same software
- Advanced tools for data management, statistical analysis and report generation
- Methods and results applicable on other CILAS Particle Size Analyzer
- Implementation of a Standard Operation Procedure
- Permanently aligned optical system
- Short bench concept
- Full automated routine analysis
- Interactive, user friendly software

Other applications : Mica, Feldspath, Paint industries, Cosmetic, Metals,...

The both technologies are complementary. The shape analysis helps to characterise the process and the
laser diffraction allows to do routine analysis when the process is defined.