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Trucha Bug Restorer 1.

Get the required IOS files as wads on sd card before starting TBR. You can easil
iy download them with NUS Downloader
(see for download link). The names TBR expects are:
Q: What's this good for?
A: The TBR is to get IOS with the trucha bug on all Wiis with system menu up to
4.2. Usually the error codes
-1017 and -2011 indicate that the trucha bug is required and missing.
Q: What can i do to reduce the risk when using this application?
A: Have BootMii as boot2 installed and have a nand backup. If that's not an opti
on and/or you want to reduce the
risk as much as possible then:
Have 2 ways to start the TBR that do not depend on the same IOS. For example hav
e HBC installed and be able
to use bannerbomb, while the HBC must not use the IOS used by the system menu. O
n 3.2 for example the system menu
uses IOS30, so if you start the TBR with bannerbomb then, the only used IOS unti
l then is IOS30. The HBC uses
different IOS depending on which IOS you have installed when you install it. Whe
n you press home in the HBC
it tells you which IOS it is using.
Q: Can this brick my Wii?
A: Yes, it modifies system files, so it can brick your Wii. It's written to be a
s safe as possible and tested
on a few Wiis, but nobody can guarantee it will not brick your Wii. It only modi
fies IOS15 and IOS36 which
are not used by any system menu direclty. So it *should* be safe to use and if a
nything goes wrong, your Wii
*should* not be bricked, just the IOS you modifed may stop working. Also please
try to understand the above answer.
The highest brick danger comes from the stuff the TBR enables you to do, the stu
ff you could not do before!
Q: What are the requirements of it?
A: Access to some IOS files either by just having internet connection on your Wi
i or by getting IOS wads.
The TBR is only known to work on system menu 4.2 or lower. For installing a patc
hed IOS36 or 37, you need an IOS with
trucha bug. All IOS from system menu 3.2 and lower have the trucha bug, also the
original PatchMii(installed IOS254)
has it, the cIOS that many people have as IOS249 installed, and the IOS that is
run with cBoot2. If you have
none of these, use the IOS15 downgrade the TBR offers. But please only in this c
ase, and after
installing the IOS you want, please restore IOS15 again, i can't guarantee it wo
rks as it should,
i only know it works to install patched IOS.

Q: How do i revert the changes i made?

A: If you downgraded IOS15, use the restore option. If you installed patched IOS
as IOS36 or IOS37, just install
it again with no patches selected. The TBR should tell then to install IOS3x ins
tead of install patched IOS3x.
Q: What exactly should i choose from the options?
A: This depends on what you want, if you want:
- to be able to use AnyTitle Deleter(<-very dangerous application), you need a p
atched IOS36 with the identify patch.
You also need to use AnyTitle Deleter MOD or another mod of the original ATD, be
cause the original only works with
IOS36v1042. But IOS36v1042 does not work on new Wiis.
- to be able to fully use fstoolbox(<- one of the most dangerous applications),
you need an IOS36 with
the nand permissions patch. Where you install it, does not matter since you can
select which IOS to use
in fstoolbox.
- to be able to install preloader, you need to install a patched IOS36 with truc
ha and identify patch
as IOS36.
- to be able to use WAD Manager or any other applications from Waninkoko without
installing the cIOS, you
need to install a patched IOS36 as IOS249 with all patches. This is a as legal a
s possible way to install
for example custom channels. Please note that most if not all these applications
are dangerous, and even
something as simple as installing a custom channel can brick your Wii.
- to be able to use "RawkSD, Rock Band 2 Custom DLC", you need an IOS37 with tru
cha patch installed as
IOS37. The RawkSD package should already provide you with this, using the TBR to
install it, is just an
alternative to it.
1.11 -> 1.12:
- added version check patching (this prevents error -1035 on downgrading titles)
- forces the patched ES module to be NOT shared (will reduce used nand space eve
ntually if the installed IOS is overwritten)
- disabled all patches except the hash check for IOS37, the patches either don't
work or are useless on a patched IOS37
1.1 -> 1.11:
- using a patched libogc to prevent code dumps on IOS loading
1.0 -> 1.1:
- updated IOS versions to support the 4.2 update

This application is based on PatchMii by bushing, svpe and tona

and also contains code from:
Raven's Menu Loader Clone (IOS selection code)
Waninkoko's WAD Manager (WAD code)
(please notify me if you find other code from other people inside TBR)