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6.1 Common types of errors in Registration
Internet Banking customers have the option of raising complaints by way of
tickets in OnlineSBI. Of the total tickets raised those for username password
issues account for about 25%.

Reasons for the complaints are:

Attempt to register existing INB customers again in Core menus

Registering customers for INB in dispatch mode without verifying the

address available in Customer Details menu

Issue of preprinted kits to customers without Claiming the packet in

Branch Admin Interface for INB.

Issue of preprinted kits without mapping the same in the core menu

Issue of preprinted kits but registering in core menu without input of kit
number in the field Internet Banking Ref No.

Input of the INB access flag 02 in more than one channel box in customer
management menu

Undoing and redoing of INB access flag in customer management menu

Issue of multiple kits to a single CIF when customer complains of difficulty

in logging in, without analyzing the reason therefor

Mapping of a single kit to more than one CIF

Mapping of kit to a CIF but handing over the kit to a different customer

Issuing kit to a customer for whom neither the CIF nor an account is
maintained at the branch

6.2 Login Issues

Problems i & ii
Username & password not received (i)
Password not received, username received (ii)
Steps to be taken by the branch:

Check whether 02 appears in the Access Channel

box of screen 67108 (Customer Management 
Amend  Customer Details: Miscellaneous Details)

Check in Branch Interface Requests

User A/c Details: Input any account number of the
customer to find whether the INB Registration is
effective. In case the registration is unsuccessful, the
error message displayed is No matching user found
If the registration is effective, then, username of the
customer is displayed

If more than 10 days have lapsed between the

registration and the date of complaint, please effect a
Redispatch of the username and password as follows:



Redispatch Id Pwd:
Herein, input the customers account number and
click Go. Customers name, username and address
are displayed. Two options are provided: Dispatch,
Issue Kit.

Dispatch: This option must be exercised if customer

does not visit the branch. On selecting this option,
address of the customer is made available for editing,
if required. On editing the address and confirming, the






dispatched to the customer at the modified address.

Earlier password is overwritten by the new one
whenever the branch invokes the Redispatch id pwd

Issue Kit: When customer visits the branch, this

option must be exercised. After selecting Issue Kit,
input a new preprinted kit number and submit.
Password in this kit gets mapped to the existing
username of the customer and he can login
immediately. Username in the kit has to be ignored.
In this case, the existing username overwrites the







overwrites the existing password.

Problem iii)
Password received but username not received
Username of the customer can be found from Branch Interface Requests User A/c Details: Input the account number.
In the response, username of the customer is displayed. The username
can then be conveyed to the customer

Problem iv:
Existing INB customer forgot both username and password.
INB officer has to go to Branch Interface then to Requests User A/c Details and
the position and then Redispatch Id Pwd

Problem v:
Login Password forgotten
When customer forgets login password, he selects the Forgot password
option in Trouble Logging In menu of OnlineSBI login page. If he provides
his username and profile password correctly and wants to receive a fresh
password at his registered address INB System dispatches a fresh
password directly to the customer without branch intervention
If customer wants the fresh password to be delivered at a new address -INB System generates a reference number and a Password request form.
Customer has to input the reference number in the form and submit the
same to his branch, duly signed.
If customer provides only his username and leaves profile password field
blank too, INB System generates a reference number and a Password
request form. Customer has to input the reference number in the form
and submit the same to his branch, duly signed.
Action to be taken by branch:
Branch Interface Requests Reset Login/Profile Password->Key in
Reference number Select Issue Kit option if customer has visited the
branch; else, verify the address displayed, modify if needed and select

If Issue kit is selected, password in the kit gets mapped to the existing
username and customer can login.
If 'Dispatch option is selected, existing username and a new password are
dispatched to the customer.
When customer does not opt for the Trouble Login mode and approaches
branch stating that he has forgotten the login password, a written request
must be obtained from him for issue of a fresh password.

Under no

circumstances should a fresh password be issued without written request

of the customer.
In this case, the option Requests Redispatch id pwd must be used.
Problem vi:
Profile password forgotten

When customer forgets profile password, he cannot change login

password or create third parties online etc.

When the profile

password keyed in is incorrect, the error message

Profile Password is invalid.

displayed is

On selecting the Forgot Profile

password link provided in the same screen then, if he remembers his

hint question and answer to that, he can reset the profile password
himself online .
If customer does not recollect the hint question and answer, then,
system generates a reference number.
Customer notes down system generated reference number shown on
the screen, downloads the duplicate profile password request form

that is displayed to him and submits at the branch after incorporating

system-generated reference number described above.
At the Branch Interface, the INB Officer goes to the Tab Requests
Reset Login/ Profile Password





(If customer has submitted the form for duplicate profile password
and not provided the Reference no. a help is provided to click and find
the reference number. If multiple reference numbers are displayed for
the same customer, please select the highest reference number






When the customer logs in the next time, he will be prompted to set up
a new profile password

6.3 PPK Issues

Unable to login with the Preprinted Kit provided by branch.
Error messages shown to Preprinted Kit users on first login:
Invalid Username or Password:

If you have received a Pre Printed Kit for Internet access, click here. Else,
use the Trouble logging in link displayed in this page to log your problem

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Case 1:
Not a PPK User still used the above troubleshooting link
Error message:
You have not been provided with a pre printed kit for Internet access to your
accounts. If you have a username and password please try again. Else, use the
Trouble logging in link displayed in this page to log your problem

Case 2:
Kit details received, but username not mapped to accounts.
Error message:
Your registration for Internet access is currently under process. Please try again
after 24 hours.
Case 3:

Kit details not received

Error message:
Your registration for Internet access is under process. Please contact your
Reason and Solution:
Kit information not received by INB System because of one of the following

Branch has handed over the kit to the customer but yet to register in
B@ncs24; this can be ascertained from PP Kits PP Kit Status;
register the customer


Branch has handed over the kit to the customer but registered in
B@ncs24 leaving the Internet Banking Ref no. field (SCR: 067108)
BLANK; in this case, customers username can be retrieved from User
A/c Details and this kit can be used in Redispatch Id/pwd


Registered with kit number; data has not been received by INB system
as found from RequestsQuery for CIF. Please contact INB Project
Officer (ZO)/ Circle Admin and/or Internet Banking Dept., Corporate

Case 4:
PP Kit failed
Error Message:
Your registration for Internet access is incomplete. Please contact your branch.
Reason and Solution:
When INB System has received kit information but there is an error in the
process at the branch and rectification to be done by branch. (When customer
quotes this error message, branch can check in Branch Interface PP Kits
PP Kit Status (or) View Discrepancies and get to know the reason for failure.)
The most common reason for this problem is Packet not yet claimed

When customers have been registered for INB with PP Kits without claiming the
packet:- Branch has to claim the packet. INB system maps the kit details
received for the customer to the branch. Customer can login after an hour.
Case 5:
Registration is complete, password being keyed in is wrong.
Error message
Your registration for Internet access is complete. Please try again with a valid
username, password combination
Reason and Solution
Registration is in order. Customer is not keying in the password correctly.
Please remind customer that username and password are case-sensitive.

6.4 Transaction related Issues

Problem i:
Unable to transact
When Customer complains that he is able to login but unable to
transact, it may be because;

he has not been provided

transaction rights (or) he has hidden his account himself. To find

whether an account has got transaction rights go to Branch
Interface  Requests User A/c Details input account number.
Rights for the account are displayed along with the username.

If it is found that according to Branch Interface only view rights


given but in
B@ncs24 on enquiring from screen No 007082 it is found that All
Access Allowed.
In case of EorS account, the right might have been given to the other
CIF number. (Provide rights to the account number with the correct CIF

number). If CIF- Account number combination is correct, then, to remove

this discrepancy we go through the following steps:
Day 1 - In B@ncs24, Deposit CC/OD create- Account channel linkage
Make Access rights View Only and transmit. Authorize the queue.
This results in the rights matching in both core and branch interface.








Account/Channel Link:
Screen No: 007082 Deposits: Create Account/Channel Linkage
Input Values CIF no., Account No., System DEP; Channel INTER- give
transaction rightsTransmit.

Queue is generated and has to be

Day 3 - Customer can transact.
Problem ii:
According to Branch Interface, customer has transaction rights.


customer is unable to transact. Error message displayed to customer is

Restrictions made by branch. Please contact branch.
For accounts to which transaction rights were accorded before
26th Nov 07, there might be posting restriction in the account.


branchwise list of all such accounts has been placed in INB Support Site
Go to Deposit CC/OD AmendDeposit/CC/OD. Enter account No.
and select Option 7: Posting restriction.
In the screen 007040, for Internet Banking, the following fields should
have the value 0.

Field No.

Field description





Can Debit the a/c online

Can Credit the a/c online
Can view the account online
Can Debit the a/c online

To remove posting restriction, change the value in the respective field

must as 0 and authorize the queue. Immediately thereafter, customer
can transact.

Problem iii:
Customer has INB access; also confirmed in Branch Interface in User A/c
Details. But while authorizing the queue for giving transaction rights for
the account, error message displayed in B@ncs24 as Customer level
access not enabled 7135

INB facility has been accorded at account level only in B@ncs24 - which
was possible earlier

[OR] during migration to core, as a result the CIF

has not been marked with INB flag 02 for access channel. To rectify:
Step 1 Day 1: Delete the INB access for the account by Deposit CC/OD
Accounts & Services Amend Delete Account Channel link. Queue is
generated and has to be authorized.
Step 2 - Same day, register the CIF for INB with preprinted kit.
Step 3 Day 2, Give transaction rights to the account as required by
Customer can start transacting on Day 3.
Problem iv:

Error message while transacting in OnlineSBI(inb)."Minor a/c transactions not

For the account, the user code is 2 and hence customer is unable to transact.
Please make it as 0. Immediately after that, transacting will be possible.

6.5 PPF Account Issues

Problem i:
Customer wants the PPF account be seen in the same username as transaction
accounts. How to link PPF account to username?
If the PPF account is in the same CIF, then, it can be viewed in the same
username as that of the transaction account . Else, a separate INB registration
has to be done for the CIF of the PPF account number.
Problem ii:
Customer is able to view the PPF Account number. However, on clicking to
view the balance, message always seen as Please try later
For back-dated PPF Accounts, additional details of financial year-end balances
for the last 6 financial years have to be captured. For this purpose, the PPF
account must be amended.
a) Menu: Deposit/CC/OD Accounts & Services  Amend  Deposit/CC/OD
Account Screen\\ SCR: 007050 Deposits: Change Details is displayed.
b) Field Account Number: enter PPF account number
c) Field Option: Select the option P: Backdated PPF Details
d) Click on Transmit.
e) Screen \\SCR: 007052 Deposits: Backdated PPF Details is displayed along
with the Account number.

f) Filed No of Financial Yr Completed: the number of financial years that have

been completed since the PPF Account was first opened, as entered against the
field Booking No while opening the Account is displayed.
g) Field Withdrawal in Extension Period: enter the amount eligible for withdrawal
on completion of 15 years
h) Last Six Year End Balances: The year-end balance for he last six financial
years, beginning with the immediate preceding financial year have to be filled up
against the respective year as shown below. This data is required for autocalculation of Withdrawal amount eligibility and Loan Amount eligibility.

Fig 4

Click on Transmit. After the queue generated is authorized, customer can view
the balance and the account statement for the PPF account.

6.6 Other Issues

Problem i:

Customer always gets the message Please try later. On clicking the account,
the error message displayed is Restricted. Please contact branch.
The account maybe having posting Restrictions at customer CIF level: Navigate






Customer Management Create - Posting Restriction Give CIF number and

select option Deposit or Loan Transmit The next will be 69040 CIF: Maintain


Choose the option 9 (Enquiries)



and make it 0 to remove Restriction and

Problem ii:
Customer used to view accounts online before the branch migrated to core. Now
he gets message You do not have accounts mapped to this Internet Username.
Please contact branch after logging in successfully.
This means, the customer number (CIF) has not been flagged as INB enabled
when the branch migrated to core. For such a customer, in the screen 67108
(CBS) there is no 02 flag for Internet banking access channel box.
The CIF has to be registered afresh for INB.
Problem iii:
Customers account has been transferred from branch A to Branch B.
Changes effected in core. But in OnlineSBI, branch name displayed continues to
be A

Whenever there is a change in the home branch where the account is held, INB
gets a record from core advising the same.

There are occasions when this

record is not received by INB. Hence, the branch code change is not reflected in
Day 1 : Deposit CC/Od- amend delete account channel linkage. By this act,
the old branch code A gets removed from INB record for this account.
Day 2: Customer cannot view this account in OnlineSBI. Please advise him that
this problem is for only a day.
Deposit CC/Od Create Account channel linkage and restore the prevailing
rights (View only (or) view and transact) which the account had. Authorize the
Day 3: Customer views the account in OnlineSBI with correct branch name , ie.,
Problem iv:
Account Type in Account Statement (or) Account Description (in Account
SummaryAccount Details shown in OnlineSBI) is incorrect.
Whenever there is a change in the product code of an account which determines
the description of the account type this error occurs. For customer to see the
correct description of the account in OnlineSBI:
Day 1: Deposit CC/Od- amend delete account channel linkage. By this act, the
old product code gets removed from inb record for this account.
Day 2: Customer cannot view this account in OnlineSBI. Please advise him that
this problem is for one day only.
Deposit CC/Od Create Account channel linkage and restore the prevailing
rights (View only (or) view and transact) which the account had
Day 3: Customer can view the account in OnlineSBI with correct description.

Problem v:
Customer has accounts in different CIFs; wants to view all accounts in single
username. How to Link

the CIFs/ accounts. Can customer himself link the

For Security reasons, Link Accounts option in OnlineSBI has been discontinued
for customers.
At Branch level too, linking of accounts for internet banking facility is not possible.
For each CIF, a new registration has to be done and customer has to login
separately with different usernames.