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Comments on DEA Report COTTON CLUB (BD) LIMITED.

Date: 13th July 2015

General Information:

Factory Name:
Type of Buildings Story:
Year of Construction:


Cotton Club (BD) Ltd.

8 storied RCC building

The Civil and Structure

1. As Built Drawing:
Architectural Drawing:

a) Name of the adjacent street, neighbor plot activities are not mentioned in the site
layout plan, only north directional sign is provided.
b) Aisles and corridor width are not mentioned in the drawing.
c) Door and window schedule has not been provided. Door and window size is not
d) Provide detail dimension in floor layout plans.
e) Size of staircase, lift etc. are not provided.
f) Back side view and plan is not matching.
g) Faade materials, beam etc are not clear in the cross section drawing.
Structural Drawing:

a) Design criteria and notes, general note under grade beam section, slab detailing
and beam section etc. are creating confusion whether it is as-built or design
drawing. The source of information (the pile detailing, Pile cap detailing, cranked
bar etc) should be noted clearly on drawing.
b) In pile cap and column lay out plan pile cap caption is found wrong in A-1, E-1, E-2
and K-3 grid.
c) Grade beam drawing under the pile cap section part is not clear because another
drawing is available.
d) Cross section of SB, 11 and 11A is provided but long section is missing. Cross
section of B-6 is missing. Two B3 long sections are provided. Please check this.
e) Stair case dimension is not provided. Only one stair detail is provided. Other stair
detail is not provided.

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2. Material Test and Properties:

Foundation Exploration:

a) It is written in the report that two foundations are checked but no foundation
exploration plan and pictorial evidence is provided.
Core Test:

a) Only two Cores are taken from columns but according to Alliance guideline
minimum four cores should be taken from column.
b) Evaluation of concrete strength is not correct. All core samples should be taken
into consideration while using ACI 228.1 or discard any sample based on code
reference and calculation.
Rebar Diameter Checking:
a) Confirmations of Bar Size by drilling 50 mm X 50 mm holes at rebar location from
at least 3 columns are required. No pictorial evidence in report is provided.
3. Structural Analysis:
a) Please assign the column reinforcement as per as built condition and show column
performance in terms of PMM ratio.
b) Foundation is considered as hinge support but it should be considered as per
existing condition.
c) Please follow Alliance and NTC standard for proper load combination
Load combination as per Alliance and NTC Guideline is as follows:

1.2 D + 1.6 L
1.05 D + 1.25 L + 1.0 Wx
1.05 D + 1.25 L - 1.0 Wx
1.05 D + 1.25 L + 1.0 Wy
1.05 D + 1.25 L - 1.0 Wy
1.05 D + 1.25 L + 1.0 Ex
1.05 D + 1.25 L - 1.0 Ex
1.05 D + 1.25 L + 1.0 Ey
1.05 D + 1.25 L - 1.0 Ey

4. Structural performance parameter:

Please provide revised structural performance parameter considering the above
a) All column performance report (PMM value from ETABS) should be submitted.
a) All foundation adequacy report should be submitted (bearing capacity & punching

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b) All beams adequacy check

c) Slab adequacy check
d) Serviceability check
If any structural members found to be inadequate then provide retrofitting design. The
retrofitting design must follow the following consideration (Also provide performance report
of retrofitted structure)

5. Retrofitting Works:

Dead load, live load and lateral load should be considered as per BNBC-2006.
Load combination should be used as per BNBC-2006
The retrofitting scheme shall include a properly delineated work sequence and
Implementation time schedule in the form of a work.
Alternative design should be proposed.
Proper safety measures should be spelled out briefly.
Standard practice with proper reference must be followed for retrofitting design &
Performance report (computer modeling/other calculation) of the retrofitted
structural member should be provided accordingly.

6. Approved Load Plan:

a) It should be done according to Alliance Standard.

Important note: Analysis File to be submitted for Etabs modeling:


1st Etabs file- Alliance/NTC load & load combination.


(If any member is found overstressed, submit the 2nd Etabs file)
2nd Etabs file- BNBC load & Load combination for entire structure.


(If you do the retrofitting design by Etabs, again submit the 3rd Etabs file)
3rd Etabs file- Retrofitting Design following BNBC 2006 and serial b) above.

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