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Gece ee eeu n eee ee ea Tad Coens er eee Wet er a eae Re eT Teer Ce eat oom crn meets nattT en neo Rt ea eee eet oald fi adaptati in funotie de mamarul de ore de limba englezi pe Re CO Rae usar tenant ene eS eee tee Stn mt Seen Uinta or enone te ISBN 973-87578-1-9 Mae ana CO lt OS eN EGMee « Mihaela Boian Engleza pentru copii Coperta: Radu Grigoras “ial cstibut rin intermedi Libr 8 E-mail: info@librarie.nct 0771/714645; 0733/017948 Editor: Mihaela Boian Tehnoredactare: Radu Grigoras ISBN: 973-87578-1-9 [Descrierea CIP a Bibliotecii Nationale a Romaniei IBOIAN, MIHAELA Engleza pentru copii / Mihaela Boian. - Brasov | [Smart Educational, 2005 ISBN 973-87578-1-9 [$11.111:087.5, Contents Lesson 1 ~What’s your name? Lesson 2 ~ Hello! Lesson 3 ~ Colours! Lesson 4 ~My classroom Lesson 5 ~ Numbers 1-5 Lesson 6 — Numbers 6-10 the classroom ‘es in the classroom Lesson 9 — Revision 14 Lesson 10 ~ Revision IB Lesson 1 My face Lesson 12 -My body Lesson 13 ~ My clothes 1 Lesson 14 ~My clothes 2 Lesson 15 ~ In spring Lesson 16 —In summer Lesson 17—In autumn Lesson 18 ~In winter Lesson 19 - Revision 24 Lesson 20 — Revision 2B Lesson 21 ~My room Lesson 22 —In my room ... Lesson 23 ~My kitchen Lesson 24 — In my kitchen . Lesson 25 ~My bathroom Lesson 26 —In my bathroom ... Lesson 27 — My livingroom Lesson 28 —In my livingroom ... Lesson 29 — Revision 34 Lesson 30 ~ Revision 3B Lesson 31 ~ Daily routines: in the morning Lesson 32 — At noon, in the afternoon Lesson 33 ~ In the evening Lesson 34 ~ Breakfast vesson 35 — Lunch esson 36 — Dinner Lesson 37 ~ Vegetables Lesson 38 ~ Fruits Lesson 39 — Revision 44 Lesson 40 - Revision 4B Lesson 41 ~Pets Lesson 42 ~ Farm animals Lesson 43 — Wild animals, Lesson 44 — At the Zoo Lesson 45 — The playground Lesson 46 — Sports Lesson 47 — Hobbies Lesson 48 — More hobbies Lesson 49 ~ Revision 5A Lesson 50 ~ Revision 5B Lesson 51 — People - moods Lesson 52 — Descriptions Lesson 53 ~My family Lesson 54 — Shapes Lesson 55 ~ Comparison Lesson 56 ~ The alphabet Lesson 57 ~The alphabet Lesson 58 ~ The alphabet Lesson 59 — Revision 64 Lesson 60 - Revision 6B This book is dedicated to all those little naughty big-eyed unceasingly moving ... children of ours who, for a reason or another, were programmed to take their first step in English at a very young age. ‘The book is especially designed in black and white so as to give every kid @ chance to personalise it in his/her own colours. While the children are busy colouring their pictures, the teacher is given a precious chance to offer every student individual speaking practice. Moreover, the book offers suggestions for graded practice, as well as poems and games. For most of the activities or dialogues proposed, there is only one example given, Jeaving you the liberty to add (or not) as many structures as you consider suitable for the level of your class. The pages at the middte of the book are purposely placed there so as to be removed without affecting the integrity of the book. They offer colour, cut out and stick material for some of the lessons, as well as some more suggestions for games and activities, ‘There are words written on the pages either for those who can read or for those who can help. Iliterate children will simply ignore them. However don’t be surprised if, at a later time, they will be able to recognise their forms. . ‘The author Lesson1 What’s your name? 1. Finish the picture of yourself and cross out the wrong sentence. eg. My name is Maria. lama girl. My name is 1am a boy. 2. Pair work: Maria: What’s your name? Alex: My name is Alex. M: What are you? A: Lama boy. *M: Are you a boy/girl? A: Yes, | am./No, | am not. Lesson2 Hello! Lesson3 Colours 1. Colour the balloons with the correct colour: zee MBs Be. Be. white “blue green “black yellow «brown 2. Read the following sentences: who are you? Game: All the students but one sit down in a circle facing the centre. You must make sure there is no spare chair. While you play some music, the standing student walks behind the chairs. When you turn off the music, s/he turns towards the nearest sitting student and asks ‘vihat’s your name?” After the answer is given, they both start running round the circle in ‘opposite directions until they meet halfway. They shake hands and say "Hello!”, then goon | running until one of them gets back tothe chair and sitson it. Both students shake hands again ‘and wave "Good bye!” to each other. The student who remains without a chair goes on walking and tarts the game again. é 3 | am Maria, Lesson4 My classroom 1. Colour and describe your classroom. 2, Pairwork: A:What is this? This is the blackboard. A: What colour is your blackboard? ry B: My blackboard is black. Cre) This is my classroom: large and clean. The desk is brown, the book is green. This is a chair, that is the door, This is a bookcase on the floor. This is my school bag and my book, I've got two pencils and a notebook. Lesson5 Numbers 1-5 1. Read: ©. — . 1 apple Oo . 2 apples © 3 apples oO . 4 apples © _— .Colour, match and say: z e The cat is black. The cats are black. Eyre teddy is... . The teddies are .. eee 3. Count (one ruler — two rulers): a kh WN |?An Lesson6 Numbers 6-10 41. Colour, match and say: 6 OOOO 7 ) » 8 : 8 Q 10 a 4 7 i 4 4d 4 C7 a 7 &- S88 66886 DP - PID DPIIPDPDADF Zo - GQ Gd Ga Gd > Ho Lo G Ones a OCS 3. Pair work: A: How old are you? B: lam... (years old). Game: Bring a ball or a toy to the class. Turn your back to the students and throw it over your shoulder. Ask the student who catches it “Tell me, Alex, what are you ? What's your name? How old are you?” replacing Alex with the student’s name. The student answers ‘and replaces the teacher at throwing the toy/ball. 6 = — «¢.. , . Lesson 7 Activities in the classroom Point to the window! Stand up! Sit down! e Open the door! Poem Stand up, sit down and look at me! Point to the door, clap twice, say ‘whee’! Open your books and clap three times, Smile at me and close your eyes. clap = & twice = D2x three times = D 3 x Lesson 8 ae L 9 Revision 1A More activities in the classroom 1, orl, eet es Make sure you col colout the en Itical objects in the same colou Lesson10 Revision 1B 1. Colour and say: @ a The apple isn't white. The apple is red. — of m & © 2. Count: Lesson 11 My face 4. Listen, point and repeat: /'ve got two eyes. I've got one nose ... 2. Colour and say: The hairis ..., the eyes are . *3, Pair work: A: How many eyes have you got? B: I've got two eyes. 4. Draw your face and describe yourself. | eg. I've got brown hair, green eyes etc. Lesson 12 My body 4. Listen, point and repeat : I've got one head .. head ‘Shake your hand - it is “Hello”. Shake your head and it is “No”. Clap your hands and stamp your feet, Snap your fingers... this is it! CO Lesson 13 My clothes 1 41. Write [1] (one) or [2] (a pair off: mi In re boots Qa swimming suit iming game: tums stydents come in front of the class and mime putting on a piece of clothing. The student who guesses what itis must say "take off your..” and comes in front of the class to place his colleague. You can use the pattem: - Is it a/a pair of... ? = Yes, it8/No; itisn't ee —eE_ Lesson 14 My clothes 2 4. Colour and say: My shorts are... . My dress is... . 2.Help Maria and Alex choose their clothes: eg. a shirt for Alex 3. What are you wearing today? Draw and say: eg. I've got @ se Lesson 15 In spring 4. Colou? and describe the picture: 2, What flowers do you like? Te It is warm, The sun is bright. | pick up flowers. I can see a bird. It is spring. Pair work: A: Do you like tulips? B: Yes, | do./No, I'don’t. fo snowdrops daffodils *3. Pair work: How many snowdrops can you see? (15) ee Lessoni¢é In Summer 1. Colour and say what you can see in the picture. eg. | can see a yellow rubber ring. sunglasses Ve It is summer. Its sunny Summer is hot. | go to the seaside. | sunbathe. | play with the ball. I make a sandcastle. | swimm in the sea 2, *Pair work: A: How many balls/ kids/ boys/airis/birds/spades/... can you see? B: I can see... (is) WS Lesson17 In autumn 1. Colour and say what you can see in the picture. Itis autumn. Itis cloudy. It is rainy. The leaves fall down. It is windy. | go to school. 2.:Pair work: A: How many birds can you see? B: I can see five birds. 3. *Pair work: A: When do you go to school/pick up flowers/ make sandcastles? 8:1... in autumn/in spring/ in summer. ee Lessoni8 In winter Lesson 19 Revision 2A 1. Colour and describe the monster. Ke How many eyes can you see? 2 milli GZ Ree W | F slice of bread a croissant = von chocolate 2. Pair work: A: When do you have breakfast? Ice cream B: | have breakfast in the moming. : E A: What time do you have breakfast? 2. Answer the following questions: B: | have breakfast at ... What do you drink? ‘Good morning Teddy, breakfast is ready: What do you eat? 34) Aalass of milk, a slice of bread, butter and jam, a boiled egg. What food is sweet? & = ae Oe NOES Lesson 36 Dinner 4. Colour and say: For dinner | usually have... spaghetti cheese 2. Pair work: A: What's your favourite meat? B: My favourite meat is fish/ ham/ sausages/ steak chicken. i Ge) oh Ll Lesson 37 Vegetables 1. Colour and describe: eabbage popper 2. Pair work: A: Do you like cucumbers? B: No, | don’t like cucumbers. | like carrots. 3. *Pair work: A: Which do you prefer: aubergine/potato peas/cucumber cabbage/onion carrots/radish B: | prefer... to... —— a o . 1. Colour and Lesson 38 Fruits describe: water melon 2. Pair work: A: Which do you prefer: orange/peach apple/pear strawberry/banana watermelon/apricot nut/plum cherries/grapes : prefer Ce, Lesson39 Revision 4A 1. Which do you prefer? Colour only the preferred food and cross out the other, eg. / prefer tea fo milk. 2. Answer the following questions: ‘What fruit can you eat ; in spring? aD ede ed Lesson 40 Revision 4B 1. Colour and cut out the pictures at pages A and B | and stick them here as indicated. Pets Lesson 41 4. Colour and describe the pets. My breakfast | | r My lunch | | | My dinner ~ | | | | My favourite... c : —-- b 0 joe a vegetable tortoise lea t —- J 2. Pair work: A: Where is the tortoise? . a dessert | B: The tortoise is in front of the table. | 3. *Pair work: A: Is the tortoise on the chair? B: No, it isn't. Ne | - NON . Lesson 43 Wild animals Lesson 42 Farm animals Wild animals live in the forest. : Domestic animals live on the farm. ao 4. How many hens/chickens/cows can you see? 2. What does the cow/sheep/... say ? ia mY] hare | 4. Pair work: A: What does the bear eat? B: The bear eats raspberries. Wolf - sheep; squirrel -nuts; deer - grass; hare - carrots; fox - hens. 2. *Pair work: A: Does the bear eat squirrels? The cow says moo,moo. The cock says cock-adoodie-doo. ‘The sheep says baa,baa, The hen says cluck,cluck. The duck says quack,quack, The donkey says ee-ore,ee-ore. | ‘The horse says neigh,neigh. The pig says oink,oink. I B: No, it doesn't. ® | = ee ea i NON ___ Lesson 44 At the Zoo Lesson4s The playground 4. Write [ for dangerous and Zi for friendly elephant [__| aa — 2. Pair work: A: What's the lion like? B: The lion is dangerous/ fierce. | Pair work: A: When do you go to the playground? monkey - funny; elephant - big; giraffe-tall; tiger,zebra - stripy 8: 1 go to the playground... Some exotic animals live in the jungle (the lion, the tiger..). | e faeven you oe re? Dos — j aN ¢ , Lesson46 Sports af skating skiing jogging i football karate volleyball 1am (not) good at... ‘skateboarding ' am fond of... | (don't) like playing tennis/football/karate/volleyball. | (don't) like skating/skiing/jogging/swimming/skateboarding. Lesson 47 Hobbies read a book watch TV tay computer games Pair work: A: What is your favourite activity? B: | like making puzzles. | make lots of puzzles. I like watching TV. My favourite channel is ... I like drawing. | can draw... | like reading. My favourite book is... | like sewing. | make very nice... like playing computer games. | am very good at ... Oe a Lesson 48 More hobbies 4. Which do you prefer? BOA : | | doing gymnastics roller skating playing the guitar 2. Make positive and negative statements: like taking photos. | am a good photographer. | don't like taking photos. | am not a good photographer. | like playing the guitar. | am a good guitar player. | like riding the bicycle. | am a good bicycle rider. | like roller skating. | am a good rollerskater. like mountain hiking. | am a good mountain hiker. | like doing gymnastics. | am a good gymnast. oc .. . Lesson 49 Revision 5A 1. Spot out the mistakes in the following pictures. eg. The crocodile doesn’t live in the forest. It doesn't eat peppers. Lesson51 People - moods e°9 Lesson50 Revision 5B 1. Where are the animals? happy surprised confused fm) Si | wee i = 2. Draw something to indicate your hobby: i coned = oa When (season, time of the day) and where do you do it? With whom and what do you do exactly? | | ‘ ‘1 ; : | Today | am.. Go) —-_-—=S==_= | Se a) L 53 My famil Lesson 52 | meee y fa y Descriptions grandfather fe So i grandmother Color, point and say. i ; eg. This pencil is long. This pencil is short. =) fo fies) Le bs blank written ee a) Lesson54 Shapes i Lesson 55 Comparison | | Colour the following pictures in different colours, square rectangle The red pencil is short. The blue pencil is long. The red pencil is the shorter. Use the shapes to create a drawing. The blue pencil is the longer. eg. I make a house with a circle, a triangle, two squares and a rectangle. () se a re ee) Lessonss The alphabet P p GAA Q q Ki nanan. i. — () BONN Lesson59 Revision 6A Match the word with the picture duck @ leaf egg bird schoolbag onion teddy bread ai S)) armchair cock sleigh — spoon jeans spade Lesson6o Revision 6B Write the words.