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800 years ago, under the tyrannical rule of King John, the Barons of England were forced to stand

up and oppose their oppressive and corrupt leader. 800 years later we are being forced to do the very
same thing. On 15th June 1215, The Magna Carta was signed by King John to ensure that
fundamental and basic human rights were upheld and maintained. This document has been redressed
several times, most notably in 1682; but there are still basic laws that govern all commonwealth
nations that remain unchanged to this date. In 1734 the Magna Carta formed the basis of the Bill of
Rights which is still an active part of law.
There are in fact three separate and distinct laws, rights and entitlements that govern our nation and
those of the commonwealth. The first is that of soveriegn rights. This is your natural right from birth
as we are all born free and without alliegance to any governing body. The second is that of the
common law. These are laws that are commonly accepted by the general populous in order for our
society to function and co-exist peacefully. These laws govern expected levels of behaviour, such as;
do not kill, do not steal, do not assult other citizens. The third set of laws govern those in the house
of representatives. These are the rules and laws that govern the crown as an entity in its own right.
Our government are elected representatives of the people of our nation and as such, they are
required to; by law, act in the best interests of the people in which they govern at ALL times.
The law of soveriegn right;
NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free
Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor
condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the land. We will sell to no
man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right
As natural citizens we also reserve the right to oppose any corrupt government body or ruling
authority that is not acting in the best interests of its people by LAWFUL REBELLION. Lawful
Rebellion simply means that as citizens, we no longer acknowledge the governments right to rule due
to their own corruption. It does not cover nor endorse any crime or acts of violence.
It simply means, legally rebelling by not paying taxes, revoking licenses and not paying rates. It is
simply removing ALL contractual obligations, agreements and loyalties to the current governing
body. These are your soverign rights. It does NOT allow for civil unrest, destruction of property,
theft or any other breach of common law. It is in direct oppossion to the government body and
associated organisations alone, and it can only be cited where corruption is clearly evident within the
current ruling body. It is not an act of anarchy or revolt, nor is it a call to arms. It is a legal
entilement to peacefully oppose the corruption and control of those responsible.
Lawful Rebellion is NOT in opposition to any Police or Military employed within the nation. These
men and women are first and foremost civilians. They serve to uphold and protect our civil liberties
and rights at home and abroad. It is their duty to maintain civil obedience to common law and to
maintain peace and order. These men and women are our brothers and sisters, they are our fathers,
uncles, mothers and aunties and they are our friends. We all owe these people a debt of gratitude and
they ALL deserve our respect, as without them we would have no rights at all and we would all be
living in anachy and disorder. Lawful Rebllion MUST uphold common law and be conducted with
respect for all citzens of our nation; especially those who serve to protect us all. A Lawful Rebellion
opposes the corruption and illegal activity of the elected civil servants alone. Nothing more.
In 2014, The National Party rushed through several laws that are in direct contrast to the Magna
Carta, The Bill of Rights and the Human Rights Act 1993. These new laws allow for liberal search

and seizure of property by government authorities. These new laws also allow for New Zealand
citizens to be held and detained without trial and without ever commiting any crime, all of
which are contrary to our soveriegn rights. As such, they cannot be legally enforced until the old
laws are changed or removed entirely.
The only way this can be achieved is by seperating our nation from that of the commonwealth realm
and our flag is the final link in that chain. In 1931, as per the statute of westminster; New Zealand
became a constitutional Monarchy; Therefore, we now have our own Queen. Whilst that position is
held by the same person, legally speaking, this is a completely seperate entity to that of the Queen of
England. Therefore, our flag remains the last link to our soveriegn rights and entitlement.
The Union Jack in the top left hand corner is not there to show the former United Kingdom rulers, It
is there to symbolise that fundamental United Kingdom Laws still apply. If we change our flag, then
we will become a corporate entity and as such, we will become nothing more than a business with
every citzen becoming nothing more than just another employee.
If that were to happen then the only law that would remain standing between our prime ministers
new legislation and total government control would be the Human Rights act 1993. But this law is
NOT double entrenched into New Zealand Law. This means, it would only require a majority vote
by Parliment and we would be left with no soveriegn or human rights at all.
Double entrenchment simply means that it has been passed into Law by both the Citizens and the
Government; therefore it would require consent by both parties for it to be removed, altered or
edited. But as The Human Rights Act 1993 is not double entrentched, it can be absolved by
parlimentary vote alone. They are not trying to take our flag, they are taking our country and
our freedom from us in exchange for a cheap corporate logo. If we do nothing to prevent this
now, then we become nothing more than a human resource at their disposal and we will become
nothing more than stock for rich corporate bankers.
Our freedom and liberties aside, we CANNOT forget; least of all this year of all years, that if it is
good enough for more than 28,685 of our service men and women to fight, bleed and die for our
flag; not to mention the countless wounded and emotionally scarred that deserve recognition for
their sacrifice, then it has to be good enough for the rest of us to stand under. On the 25th, April,
2015 it will be 100 years to the day that our countrymen first landed on the shores of Galipolli and
made a name for themselves that resounds with honour and respect around the world. We now carry
that name forward for future generations. Our actions now dictate the world our children will in live
And if the only other reason for changing our flag is that it is too similar to that of Australia; then
there is a bloody good reason for that too. We have always fought side by side with Australia. And if
our nation was ever threatened, then they would be the first country to come to our aid without
question, so we should all be just as proud to fly their flag as our very own. Its called the ANZAC
spirit in both our countries for a reason. It is because they are our brothers in arms and they share
more than just a similarity with our flag; they share our history. This is bond forged in the blood of
our grandfathers and this cannot be allowed to be so easily forgotten or overlooked. And make no
mistake, the eyes of the world will be watching our nation and this anniversary.

How a Lawful Rebellion works;

Everything outside of common law is governed by contracts. The Government CANNOT force you
to pay income tax. It is a voluntary donation. You agree to pay taxes by signing your IRD form. This
is why they need your signature. They NEED your permission to tax you. Income tax in this
country was first generated by the 'one penny in every pound' voulentary donation for the war effort

during WWI. You have the right of refusal and the ability to cancel that agreement at anytime you
choose. It is completely voulentary, but without our soveriegn rights they can enforce taxation, just
like the kings of old, and then we will all become tenants of our own land. And taxable income is not
legally defined by monetory value alone. ANYTHING you receive into your household can be
considered as income. Pets, Gifts, Donations, Food; there is no legal definition. The very term
income refers to ANY form of trade that has ANY value and everything has a value. Even dirt is
tradeable and has value and thus, it can be taxed.
These same rules apply with drivers licence and car registration. If you have a vehicle that has no
signed documentation attached to it, then there are no binding contracts and therefore it is not
governed by law. But if you have no drivers license and you are driving a vehicle that does have a
contractual agreement to the contrary, then you ARE breaking the law as that vehicle and the owner
of the vehicle have a legal binding agreement that only a licensed driver shall use that vehicle in
accordance with the contractual agreements. Without our soveriegn rights, we will loose the right of
free travel. They will have the power of control to dictate when, where and who may travel too and
from any destination. Whether they exercise this right or not is irrellivant, without our soverign rights
they will have the power and control to do so.
The same thing applies when buying a house, opening a bank account or getting a passport. These
are all contractual agreements and they can all be cancelled or revoked at any time and by either
party involved. Without your soveriegn rights, these new laws allow for the search and seizure of
your property with little more than just a suspicion that you may be inclined to oppose their right to
rule. If you do not believe this to be true; consider the Nazi Socialist Party in the 1930's. That is
EXACTLY what can happen when the ruling party has soveriegn rights over its people. So if you
were unaware of you soverign rights, then you need to be aware now; before they are stripped from
you altogether.
Furthermore, your own name is legally defined by your Birth record alone. It is not Mr or Mrs, nor
is it J.James or Harry H Jones or any other variant in wording or spelling or title. It is always your
full name as it stated on your Birth Record alone; Not that of your birth certificate. These are two
seperate documents. You may have also noticed that on all of these contracts that YOU have to sign,
that you MUST put down your FULL name in its entirety. Yet when you receive a reply, it will never
state your full name in its entirety unless it a legal binding documentation that involves taking
YOUR money from you. That is because any letter not stating your FULL name and without title is
not legally binding and therefore it cannot be used against them. But as it is not legal documentation,
it cannot be enforced or used against you either, as that would be contrary to your soverign rights as
a natural citzen of this nation. Contractual agreements work both ways.
Once you have sent out your declaration of lawful rebellion or a declaration of natural citizenship
then you then reserve the right to pay no more income tax, you may also and legally display a 'noncompliance due to lawful rebellion' card instead of a registration. You may also remove your license
plates if you so desire. But to do so without first submitting a declaration of lawful rebellion is illegal
as there are still contractual obligations that are binding and must be upheld. You must declare your
position in order for it to be legally recognised.
To claim lawful rebellion in order to not pay tax, a declaration of lawful rebellion must be sent to the
IRD and it is effective immediately. The same applies to a declaration of natural citizenship; To claim
lawful rebellion against registration fees and licencing including drivers license then the LTSA (Land
Transport Safety Authority) must receive a copy. The same rule applies to local body council if you
no longer wish to pay rates. They MUST receive notification in order to cancel any existing
contractual obligations. This does NOT excuse any existing fines or pending court summons as the
contract was valid at the time of the offence.
It is also advised, but not required to send a copy of the declaration of lawful rebellion to the

government themselves. You are not legally required to do so, as Lawful Rebellion does not
recognise their right to rule. As a matter of courtesy it would also be advised to send a copy to the
local police station to validate your position. The attached declaration can be handwritten and
presented to any government organisation of your choosing. It does not affect or impact on any other
organisation or any other binding contractual obligations with any other organisation other than that
to which it is sent. The IRD, WINZ, LTSA ect are all seperate entities in their own right; you have
the right to pick and choose which contracts you agree with and which you do not. Please bear in
mind that the LTSA may have an impact on your vehicle insurance. The IRD does not.
Make no mistake, our Government IS corrupt. It does NOT work in the peoples best interests. We
must all stand united to oppose them and we are calling for LAWFUL REBELLION by the people of
our nation. There is no country called New Zealand, there is only land, dirt and sea. It exisits solely
on paper and in the minds of those who believe in it. It is controlled and labelled through a network
of paper chains and twisted words. You were born here. You have a natural claim to this land by your
birthright alone. You have a voice and you have a say. This is YOUR country.
The ruling authority in any land only has control as long as the people remain divided. They use fear
and intimidation to control us. They allow for a certain amount of civil unrest so that we will not
unite. They fear us because we out number them. We surround them. The police, army, special
forces, civil defence, fire, ambulance, teachers and even they themselves, are the brothers and sisters,
the fathers and mothers and the sons and daughters of our land. We share this land and no one has
the exclusive right to have total control. That is why the Magna Carter was first drafted.
Politicains have incorrectly assumed they have a position of power simply because we entrusted
them to do what is right for us all. Instead of working for us, they have lined their own pockets and
introduced new laws that are designed to give them more control than we can afford to lose. If we
do not oppose their actions now, then we will become a police state run by an elective dicatatorship.
We cannot allow this to happen. You do not need to join the Lawful Rebellion to exercise your
natural rights; you can become a natural citizen WITHOUT joining the Lawful Rebellion movement
simply by changing the words Lawful Rebllion to that of Natural Citizenship and removing item (b)
from the declaration attached.
If you are not prepared to stand up and oppose our government, then all we ask of you is to think
about what happened when the National Socialist party of Germany held soveriegn rights over its
people in the 1930's and 40's. That is the reality of the situation we are facing.

Least we forget.



To whom it may concern,

I ____________________________________________________________Full Name__________________________________________, no longer

recognise the New Zealand Governments legal right to govern our nation. I believe them to be a
corrupt organisation and I do not believe they are acting on behalf of, or in the best interests of the
citizens of our nation.
As such, I hereby request that you acknowledge; a) that I have invoked my sovereign rights as a
natural citizen. b) that I am legally and lawfully invoking my natural right to participate in a lawful
rebellion. c) that you remove all records, details and any other associated documentation pertaining
to my legal name and title immediately.
Yours sincerely,

Natural Citzen of our Nation.

Lists of general crimes against the general populous

1) Using New Zealand taxes to pay for the settlement of English crimes. In 1931, We became a
constitutional monarchy, thus the Queen of New Zealand is a seperate legal entity to that of the
English Crown. More than 2.5 billion dollars of New Zealand Tax payer money was used in
settlement of compensation for the associated atrocities and war crimes and this money should have
been paid for by the English Crown, not that of the New Zealand Crown. These crimes were
committed under the rule and name of Queen Victoria; Queen of England and they were committed
by the English, not New Zealand citizens. As the current reigning monarch, the Queen of England
also holds the title of Queen of New Zealand and these settlements were both acknowledged and
agreed to by the New Zealand Queen and Crown; and as she legally holds both titles, she has
therefore also albiet unwitting, acknowledged in her role as Queen of England that the people of
New Zealand were legally entitled to this compensation. Therefore any beficairies of this settlement
who are also a New Zealand taxpayers have all been taxed to pay for their own compensation and
those who were not beneficairies have been unfairly punished.
2) The New Zealand government has enforced voluntary income tax upon its citizens. The IRD has
prosecuted and fined all those who do not comply, without ever once informing any citizen of their
right of refusal. ALL contracts and agreements must have total disclosure between all parties
involved to be considered legal. All contracts must also be signed in wet ink, e.g. By hand; not a
printed signature and by both parties or their respective representitives. There can be no legal
contract with any entity that does not have the ability or a living representitive to sign on their behalf.
3) The current governing party has passed into law, acts that are contrary to the bill of rights, The
human rights act 1993 and that of our soveriegn rights in their entirety. These are basic human rights
to not be held or detained without trial. These laws also circumnavigate current legislation to allow
for illegal search and seziure of private property. As this was done without the consent of the general
populous and without the right of repeal; This cannot be considered as anything more than the
actions of dictatorship in the making.
4) The Human Rights Act, 1993 is not double entrenched into New Zealand Law; this gives any
governing body the right to revoke the act in its entirety without the consent of the people in which
it protects. This is unfair and needs to be amended imediately. We all deserve the right to have our
basic human rights protected and upheld by more than just a majority vote of elected civil servants.
There are MANY more examples of where, when and how our elected Government has NOT acted
in our best interests. These are just some of the few. We would need to have a full investigation into
all areas of our government including a complete audit by an independent body to expose the full size
and scale of the corruption within their organisation. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.