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Ratification of Board, Bylaws and Past Acts
Question and Answer
Admission of Members
Vineyard Power Financial Overview
Overview of Regulatory and Siting Issues
Question and Answer
Directors & Officers
•  Ted Bayne, Director 8/12
•  David Damroth, Director 8/11
•  Ted Danson, Director 8/11
•  Sue Hruby, Director & Secretary 8/11
•  Paul Pimentel, Chairman & Treasurer 8/12
•  Susan Wasserman, Director 8/12
•  Richard Andre, President
•  Approve What We Have Done
•  Directors, Officers & Staff
•  Initial Structure
•  Advisory Committee for Member
•  By-laws to Amend in August
Formal Declaration to
Admit Vineyard Power
 “As the duly appointed and authorized Secretary of the Cooperative, I hereby
present the Board of Directors of the Cooperative with a list of the members of
the Vineyard Power Co-operative. 

I hereby formally admit each person whose name appears on this list as a member
of the Cooperative.

Each member is admitted with the rights and obligations of members under the
Bylaws of the Cooperative adopted by the Board of Directors.  By becoming a
Member of the Cooperative, each person on this list accepts the authority of each
duly appointed member of the Board of Directors and each Officer of the
Cooperative and accepts and ratifies the acts of such officers and Directors in
connection with the creation of the Cooperative.

Each member of the board of directors shall serve their terms of office until such
time as the Directors and Officers may be replaced by a vote of the Members at
the annual meeting of the Members to be held each August.

The August meeting shall be the first annual meeting of the members.  At that
meeting, the members will have the opportunity to vote on a new slate of three
directors.The members will also have the opportunity to recommend to the board
of directors amendments to the bylaws of the Cooperative.”
Richard Andre
Vineyard Power President
Vineyard Power

Richard Andre
Vineyard Power 2010 Sources/Uses Overview

 Sources ($ thousands) Uses ($ thousands)

    Membership                               255

    Payroll                                    168

    Contingent Promissory Notes      74     Consultants                              63

    VEP Start-up Support                   40     Communication                        23

Total Income                                 369    Rent/Utilities/Travel                  13

Total Expenses                            267

Surplus Funds                            102

Vineyard Power Financing Requirements/Sources
( $ millions)

Pre- Development Financing                                    17

    Leasing, Permitting, Environmental Studies

Wind Monitoring (2012)                                       5
   Down payment on capital equipment
   and pre-construction expenses (2013)               12

Project Financing                                                   172

USDA Rural Utility Service Loan (2015)                       82

Sale of federal tax credits to equity investor (2014)    57

Sale of Renewable Energy Credits (2015)                33

Dave McGlinchey

Offshore Wind in Federal Waters

Offshore Wind in State Waters

Offshore Wind In Federal Waters
Cape Wind began the process in 2001

Energy Policy Act of 2005 transferred oversight to

Minerals Management Service

MMS issued leasing guidelines in April 2009 with four

leasing options, determined after RFI

“Multi-factor auction,” which favors organizations with

community ties or community benefit.

Draft MMS map suggests commercial developments

will begin 9 miles offshore

Draft suggests “innovative” developments (in terms of

technology or ownership) between 3 and 9 miles
Offshore Wind in State Waters
MA Ocean Management Plan developed by the Executive
Office of Energy and Environment

Final Plan issued Jan 4, 2010

Designates areas south of Cuttyhunk and Nomans Land as

renewable energy zones

Gives Martha’s Vineyard Commission authority to determine

“appropriate scale” in the Nomans Land zone

Gives Martha’s Vineyard Commission authority to approve up

to 17 offshore wind turbines outside those renewable
energy zones
Probable Timeline

Federal Permitting

State Permitting
Tyler Studds
Vision Fellowship
Vineyard Energy Project
Decision Making for
Community Owned
Offshore Wind Site

Tyler Studds
Context for
Community Owned
Offshore Wind

•  Realization of an idea long in the making

•  Accelerated by State and Federal planning processes

-  Siting for renewable energy

-  Large local Impact

Community ownership as a Strategy to minimize


-  Local benefits
-  Local control
-  Site selection
A Complex Decision Problem
•  Understanding the problem

Multiple factors
Complex trade-offs
Conflicting values

•  Deciding on a solution


•  How to move from: Individual preference?

to: Group choice?
Structuring the Decision

•  Combine multiple elements to address different

aspects of decision
GIS to input, analyze, display geographic data
Multi-criteria Decision Analysis framework

•  Site Selection Tool

Design based on similar siting questions
(Facilities location, transportation, urban planning)

•  Member forums to address deliberative aspects

•  Elements will inform and reinforce one another

How will different
aspects of the
decision be handled?

Member Forums
Define decision
Determine criteria
Debate options
Final decision

Site Selection Tool

Perform complex analysis
Explore the problem
Understand trade-offs
Visualize preferences
What do we hope to gain
from this process?

•  Acceptable sites for development

Siting criteria as a statement of


preference for other applications

Your Role

•  It’s an important decision

•  Get educated

•  Get involved

The more we put in the more we get back

Vineyard Power 2010
Accelerate membership campaign
Establish an active membership volunteer base 
Contingent Promissory Notes is a vehicle for members to invest in the Co-operative

Preparation for the Annual Meeting

    Enhance the role of the Advisory Committee

    Establish a nomination process and qualification guidelines for prospective directors
    Establish a process for membership voting
    Election of 3 new directors to the Board
Prepare membership for site selection during 2010

Load Management Update