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HTP25 Anti-Fouling Modular Fill

Example Specification

HTP25 is an injection-molded, compact droplet (splash) fill which

cools via droplet generation by way of drip points. Compact droplet
fills are a category of rugged, modular splash fills that combine
installation ease directly on bottom supports with droplet cooling
that is designed for applications where fouling resistance and good
thermal performance are required. Using Brentwoods patented
Mechanical Assembly technology, the individual sheets are
permanently edge-bonded together without the use of adhesives
or heat welding, providing a strong, economic, and environmentally
friendly assembly method. Molded of high-impact, UV-protected
polypropylene copolymer, the packs provide excellent crush
strength and fouling resistance.
With its thermal performance approaching that of Brentwoods
vertical-fluted film fills, HTP25 provides a compact, energy efficient,
and anti-fouling heat transfer section. HTP25 is offered in 23.625in (600 mm) and 11.8125-in (300 mm) standard air travel depths
and 36-in (915 mm) and 72-in (1830 mm) standard lengths. Pack
widths of 12 in (305 mm) are also standard. For applications that
require fire resistance, HTP25 can be offered with a fire retardant
additive to limt its combustibility.
Please contact a Brentwood Sales Representative for technical
data, pricing, and lead-times for your project. Refer to Brentwood
drawings for pack dimensional details and tolerances.

Example Specification
The fill shall be Brentwoods HTP25 or approved equal. The modules shall be made from heavy duty, UV-protected polypropylene
copolymer with a 1-in (25 mm) sheet pitch and be fully edge-bonded using mechanical assembly without adhesives, solvents or heat
welding. The offset-flute, lattice-like geometry shall incorporate a minimum of 3,600 drip points per ft3 (127,400 per m3) to produce heat
transfer by droplet cooling. Lattice-like packs that do not incorporate drip points in its design and solely rely on trickle film cooling shall not
be considered a droplet/splash fill. The material shall allow continuous operation up to 176 F (80 C).
The fill modules shall provide a minimum crush resistance of 500 PSF (24 kN/m2). The fill modules shall be supported on beams set no
more than 24 in (600 mm) on center. Each bottom support shall provide a minimum bearing surface of 1.5 in (38 mm).
The double depth modules shall measure 23.625 in (600 mm) deep by 12 in (305 mm) wide by 36 in (915 mm) long. The single depth
modules shall measure 11.56 in (300 mm) deep by 12 in (305 mm) wide by 36 in (915 mm) long.
The installation shall be in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and guidelines.

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April 24, 2014