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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

41 / Thursday, March 2, 2006 / Notices 10727

reading-rm/adams.html. From this site, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: rules of PCX by providing PCX with the
you can access NRC’s ADAMS, which Stephen L. Sharfman, general counsel, required documents governing the
provides text and image files of NRC’s Postal Rate Commission, 202–789–6820. withdrawal of securities from listing
public documents. The ADAMS and registration on PCX.
Steven W. Williams,
accession numbers for the documents The Issuer’s application relates solely
related to this notice are: ML033450337 to the withdrawal of the Securities from
[FR Doc. 06–1950 Filed 3–1–06; 8:45 am]
for the November 26, 2003, letter listing on PCX and shall not affect their
submitting the Decommissioning Project continued listing on NYSE or their
Plan; ML052640183 for the September obligation to be registered under section
15, 2005, letter submitting the Quality 12(b) of the Act.3
Assurance Plan and the Health and SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE
Safety Plan, and ML051380221 and COMMISSION Any interested person may, on or
ML053480161 for the May 9, 2005, and before March 22, 2006, comment on the
[File No. 1–03480]
December 8, 2005, letters responding to facts bearing upon whether the
NRC requests for additional Issuer Delisting; Notice of Application application has been made in
information. If you do not have access of MDU Resources Group, Inc. To accordance with the rules of PCX, and
to ADAMS or if there are problems Withdraw Its Common Stock, $1.00 Tar what terms, if any, should be imposed
accessing the documents located in Value, and the Preference Share by the Commission for the protection of
ADAMS, contact NRC’s Public Purchase Rights Appurtenant Thereto, investors. All comment letters may be
Document Room (PDR) Reference staff From Listing and Registration on the submitted by either of the following
at 1–800–397–4209, 301–415–4737, or Pacific Exchange, Inc. methods:
by email to Electronic Comments
February 24, 2006.
These documents may also be viewed On February 14, 2006, MDU • Send an e-mail to rule-
electronically on the public computers Resources Group, Inc., a Delaware Please include the
located at NRC’s PDR, O–1F21, One corporation (‘‘Issuer’’), filed an File Number 1–03480 or;
White Flint North, 11555 Rockville application with the Securities and
Pike, Rockville, MD 20852. The PDR Exchange Commission (‘‘Commission’’), Paper Comments
reproduction contractor will copy pursuant to section 12(d) of the
documents for a fee. Securities Exchange Act of 1934 • Send paper comments in triplicate
(‘‘Act’’) 1 and Rule 12d2–2(d) to Nancy M. Morris, Secretary,
Dated at Rockville, Maryland this 20th day Securities and Exchange Commission,
of February 2006. thereunder,2 to withdraw its common
stock, $1.00 par value, and the 100 F Street, NE., Washington, DC
For The Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 20549–1090.
preference share purchase rights
Daniel M. Gillen, All submissions should refer to File
appurtenant thereto (collectively
Deputy Director, Decommissioning ‘‘Securities’’), from listing and Number 1–03480. This file number
Directorate, Division of Waste Management registration on the Pacific Exchange, should be included on the subject line
and Environmental Protection, Office of if e-mail is used. To help us process and
Inc. (‘‘PCX’’).
Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards.
The Board of Directors (‘‘Board’’) of review your comments more efficiently,
[FR Doc. E6–2947 Filed 3–1–06; 8:45 am] the Issuer adopted resolutions on please use only one method. The
BILLING CODE 7590–01–P November 17, 2005 to withdraw the Commission will post all comments on
Securities from listing and registration the Commission’s Internet Web site
on PCX. The Issuer stated that it (
believes the benefits of having the Comments are also available for public
POSTAL RATE COMMISSION Securities listed and registered on PCX inspection and copying in the
are outweighed by the added Commission’s Public Reference Room.
Facility Tours administrative burdens and expenses, All comments received will be posted
and that specifically: (1) The Issuer without change; we do not edit personal
AGENCY: Postal Rate Commission. needs to reduce costs, as well as identifying information from
ACTION: Notice of Commission tour. administrative time and expense submissions. You should submit only
associated with having the Securities information that you wish to make
SUMMARY: Postal Rate Commissioners listed on multiple exchanges; (2) the available publicly.
and advisory staff members will tour principal listing for the Securities is the The Commission, based on the
several newspaper, courier and postal New York Stock Exchange, Inc. information submitted to it, will issue
facilities in Florida on March 5–7, 2006. (‘‘NYSE’’) and the Securities will an order granting the application after
Sites include the Miami Herald (in continue to list on NYSE; (3) the date mentioned above, unless the
Miami); the Sun-Sentinel (in Fort management has been required to focus Commission determines to order a
Lauderdale), both on March 5; DHL on the listing and maintenance rules, as hearing on the matter.
Global Mail (in Fort Lauderdale) on well as ongoing amendments to the
For the Commission, by the Division of
March 6; and the Postal Service’s rules and regulations of both exchanges;
Market Regulation, pursuant to delegated
International mail facility (in Miami) on and (4) by withdrawing the Securities authority.4
March 7. The purpose is to view and from PCX, the Issuer will be able to
Nancy M. Morris,
discuss the newspapers’ mailing-related lessen the administrative burden and
reduce the related expenses.
wwhite on PROD1PC61 with NOTICES

operations; to observe DHL’s operations [FR Doc. 06–1954 Filed 3–1–06; 8:45 am]
and discuss how it interfaces with the The Issuer stated in its application
Postal Service; and to examine Postal that it has complied with applicable BILLING CODE 8010–01–M

Service international mail operations. 1 15 U.S.C. 78l(d). 3 15 U.S.C. 78l(b).

DATES: March 5, 6 and 7, 2006. 2 17 CFR 240.12d2–2(d). 4 17 CFR 200.30–3(a)(1).

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