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‘They are used to refer to peaple, animals This is the bay who helped me. ‘The book thet Tim reading is very: Tt isused torefer to things or animals. She gave me. cat which was very white It is used torefer toa certain tine, He recalls the day when we met Tr isused torefer toa place: London is the city where my friend is living now. RELATIVE PRONOUNS Fill the blanks with the correct relative pronoun: who, which, where, that, when. This isthe boy had an accident. Yesterday |sawacar_ was really old This is the time of the year___ many people suffer from the flue. ‘The robber stole the car the lady parked in front of the supermarket Can | talk to the gir is siting on the bench? This is the bank a8 robbed yesterday The man robbed the bank had two pistols, He wore a mask made him look like Mickey Mouse. Acasile is a place. a king ar queen lives. The flowers grow in the garden are beautiful Hike spring, there are alot of flowers. Join the sentences with the correct relative pronoun: who, which, where, that, when My father lives near the sea. He loves sailing There is Gastle. The queen ives in there. ‘Thats the gil, She spoke to me yesterday. ‘What's the name of the book? You want me to read it ‘We stayed in a hotel, The hotel was very expensive. Trent a house, Itis very small ‘The car was stolen. It was a BMW. ‘The man smoked forly cigarettes @ day, He dled of a heart attack ‘That's the building. I wark there. Here is the café. We mal there when we were young. Tike winter. [ean ski in winter. "e RaanereaneaaraaaenaareanneaaaaaaanaareaaaRaaaaeaaaaRaaaaReeaan dd dd SUITIOPSSP OPPO PPOPoor ooo reer eereoooe Relative Pronouns 4-complete the sentences using a relative pronoun. aaa a) The Paddington hotel woe stayed a while we were in Londan, is rather expensive 1b) People.....n.afe selfish are unbearable. )_Didyou ke the present nt YOU? 4) Lmeta woman ...-woek forthe UN organization. ) saw woman nnomhad been killed in an irra crash A) My eafpnnnnenls 25 years oldoften lets me down. ) don't sayin thissituation. 1h) My grandfather encu8 75 yeas ld stil goes jogging. 8) The man nnnnname ean remember isa talented camedian, A) The how has been empty for about a year has just been sold. 2join these sentences using a relative pronoun a) ane s visting us next week You had the opportunity to meet her once. b) complained to the directing manager He was extremely rude. €) Tokyo isthe most expensive city inthe world thas bult 2 huge aeportin the sea, <4) Mr Morgans an excellent colleague of mine. have worked with him for years now. €@) The Statue of berty was a gut rom the French.t was shipped to America in 226 cases. {1 My sister has just got twin babies. she lives in Madi aoananoanannannaannnaanannaagaanaannaaanaaaannnneauaannnnnl