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Ce este copleeasc?

In this fast-paced age of the Internet we hear that every minute counts and speed and efficiency are
critical. n acest rapid-paced de vrst a internetului auzim c fiecare minut conteaz i de vitez i
eficien sunt critice. Day after day, week after week, year after year, all this pressure to succeed,
achieve, meet goals, make a contribution begins to build up inside of us until one day we are
locked in the throes of overwhelm, numb to its debilitating effects on our bodies and quality of life.
Zi dup zi, sptmn dup sptmn, an dup an, toate aceste presiuni pentru a reui, atinge, s
ndeplineasc obiectivele, s fac o contribuie ncepe s construiasc n interiorul nostru pn la o
zi ne sunt blocate n chinurile de copleeasc, amortit de efectele sale debilitante pe trupurile
noastre i a calitii vieii. Information overload from the media, our jobs, Madison Avenue, junk
mail, e-mail, the telephone, political campaigns, charity campaigns, religious campaigns and so
much more often jumbles our thoughts, makes us forgetful and frays our nerves. Informaii
suprancrcare - de la mass-media, locuri de munc noastre, Madison Avenue, junk mail, e-mail,
telefon, campanii politice, campanii de caritate, campanii religioase i mult mai mult - jumbles des
gndurile noastre, ne face uituc i frays nervii notri. Overcare, the sense that you have to take care
of everyone because no one else will or can, ambition that leads many to burn the candle at both
ends, and performance anxiety stemming from the fear that not doing more will cost you your job,
are but a few of the byproducts of overwhelm. Overcare, sensul c trebuie s ai grij de toat lumea
pentru c nimeni altcineva nu va fi sau poate, ambiia c i face pe muli s ard lumnarea la
ambele capete, de performan i anxietatea care rezult din teama ca nu face mai mult v va costa
locul de munc, sunt dar cteva din produse secundare de copleesc.
Many people experience relentless overwhelm every day and fret over how they can get though
everything they have to do. Muli oameni experien neobosit copleeasc n fiecare zi i se agita
peste modul n care acestea pot obine, dei tot ceea ce au de fcut. They trudge on because they
believe they must and that things will never change. Ei au mers trit pe deoarece ei cred c
trebuie i c lucrurile nu se va schimba. Chronic overwhelm is one of the major causes of anxiety
and anxiety disorders. Coplei cronica este una din cauzele majore de tulburri de anxietate i de
anxietate. When you're overwhelmed, your mind overloads with all that's going on. Cnd eti
copleit, suprasarcin mintea cu tot ce se intampla. It takes a toll on your nervous, immune and
hormonal systems, and left unattended likely will produce cycles of anxiety, fatigue and temporary
despair. Este nevoie de o tax pe sistemul nervos, imunitar si hormonal, i lsat nesupravegheat
probabil va produce cicluri de anxietate, oboseala si disperare temporare. People on this kind of
overload are more susceptible to disease and they age faster. (See our Recommendations ) Oamenii
de pe acest tip de suprancrcare sunt mai sensibile la boal i au vrsta mai repede. (a se vedea
Recomandrile noastre)

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." "Masa de oameni duce o via de linite
Henry David Thoreau - Henry David Thoreau

A chief contributor to overwhelm is "project identity," when you invest a great deal of mental
energy into a project and often, without realizing it, a lot of emotional energy too. Un colaborator
ef s copleeasc este "identitate proiect," atunci cnd investi o mare cantitate de energie mentala
intr-un proiect i, adesea, fr s o tie, o mulime de energie emotionala prea. All that energy can
create tunnel vision, leaving you unable to see or appreciate other important things in your life. Tot
ceea ce poate crea energie viziune tunel, lsndu-v n imposibilitatea de a vedea sau a aprecia alte
lucruri importante in viata ta. When someone or something interferes with that focus, the result
frequently is irritation, anxiousness and frustration, especially when deadlines must be met. Cnd
cineva sau ceva interfereaz cu care s se concentreze, rezultatul este frecvent iritarea, anxietate i
frustrare, n special atunci cnd termenele trebuie s fie ndeplinite. You push people away, neglect
other areas of your life, but still press on until eventually you lapse into overwhelm, a kind of
emotional chaos. Putei mpinge oamenii departe, neglijarea alte domenii din viata ta, dar nc
apsai pe pn cnd n cele din urm va expira n copleeasc, un fel de haos emotional. In the
end, overwhelm can seriously damage not only your relationships and quality of life, but even the
project in which you buried yourself to the exclusion of all else. n final, copleesc poate deteriora
grav nu doar relatiile tale i a calitii vieii, dar chiar i proiectul n care v ngropat la excluderea
tuturor altceva.
Another hallmark of overwhelm in today's world, particularly in affluent nations such as the United
States, is "stimulation overload." O alta caracteristica a coplei n lumea de azi, n special n rile
bogate, cum ar fi Statele Unite, este "suprancrcare stimulare." You see this in adults and children
who constantly move from one form of stimulation to another: coffee, soda, food, shopping, the
Internet, movies, TV, computer games and more. Putei vedea acest lucru n aduli i copii care se
mut n mod constant de la o form de stimulare la alta: cafea, suc, mancare, cumparaturi, internet,
filme, TV, jocuri de calculator i mai mult. It's true that Madison Avenue knows the precise buttons
to push to keep you hooked, but your intelligent heart knows when enough stimulation is enough
and you need to chill out and re-energize. Este adevrat c Madison Avenue tie butoanele de
precis pentru a mpinge pentru a tine conectat, dar inima ta inteligent tie cnd destul de stimulare
este suficient i avei nevoie pentru a chill out i re-energiza. Unfortunately, your mind can easily
override these warning signals until you spiral down into overwhelm. Din pcate, mintea ta poate
ignora cu uurin aceste semnale de avertizare pana cand spiral n jos coplei.

Whether you're on the treadmill of stimulation overload, working at a job where the pace is
unbearable and you can't see a way out or you simply want to rein in your emotions before
overwhelm can take hold, you can rest assured knowing help is within reach. Fie c suntei pe
banda de alergare de suprasarcin stimulare, care lucreaz la un loc de munc n cazul n care
ritmul este de nesuportat i nu v putei vedea o cale de ieire sau pur si simplu doriti sa tina in frau
emotiile dumneavoastr nainte de a coplei poate s ia amploare, putei fi siguri tiind de ajutor
este la ndemn. The Institute of HeartMath has been devoted for Institutul de HeartMath a fost
dedicat pentru 19 19 years to helping people around the world manage their stress and emotions
and live healthier, happier lives with easy-to-learn tools practiced minutes a day. ani pentru a ajuta
oamenii din ntreaga lume a gestiona stresul i emoiile lor i de a tri sntos, triete fericit cu
uor de nvat instrumente de minute practicat pe zi.

Recognizing Overwhelm Recunoscnd coplei

Always rushed, too much to do, not enough time. ntotdeauna s-au grabit, prea multe de
facut, nu, timp suficient.
Mentally scattered, not feeling in control. Mental risipit, nu se simte n control.
Tunnel vision: irritation at anyone or anything that breaks your focus. viziune ingusta:
iritare la cineva sau ceva care rupe concentrarea.
Internal pressure: raw or gnawing feeling in your gut, knot in your stomach. Presiunea
intern: senzaie de prime sau de roadere a intestinului, nod in stomac.
Impatience: lack of compassion for self and others, judgmental thinking. Nerbdarea: lipsa
de compasiune pentru gndirea judeca pe sine si pe altii,.
Feeling a constant slow burn inside. Senzaie de o constant lent arde n interiorul.
Low-grade shock and strain. oc cu grad sczut i tulpina.
Zombielike numbness: no feelings positive or negative; mental or emotional paralysis.
amoreal Zombielike: nu sentimente - pozitive sau negative; paralizie mentale sau
Feeling disconnected from life. Senzaie de deconectat de la viata.
Decreased enjoyment of projects, relationships or life in general. Scderea bucurie de
proiecte, relatii sau de via n general.
Feeling all-consuming alarm and dread. Senzaie toate consumatoare de alarm i groaz.

The Pressures of Time Presiunile de Time

Who hasn't reached some milestone such as a birthday or anniversary, graduation or retirement or
the passing of a loved one and paused to reflect on the relentless passage of time. Cine nu a atins
unele punct de reper, cum ar fi o zi de natere sau o aniversare, de absolvire sau de pensionare sau
trecerea unei persoane dragi i oprit s reflecteze asupra trecerea implacabil a timpului. There's no
stopping it, and the more time that passes, the more complex our existence seems to become, and,
wouldn't you know it, all that complexity demands even more of our time. Nu exista nici o oprire,
i mai mult timp care trece, mai complexe existentei noastre pare s devin, i, nu ar stii asta, tot ce
complexitatea cere chiar mai mult din timpul nostru. A common lament in the business world, at
school and around the house is: "If only I had more time." O plnge comun n lumea afacerilor, la
coal i n jurul casei este: "Daca numai am avut mai mult timp." We're afraid to step back, even
for a moment, out of fear of falling further behind. Ne e fric s pas napoi, chiar i pentru un
moment, de teama de a cdea n continuare n spatele. It can safely be argued that collectively we
are overwhelmed by the pressures of time now more than at any other point in history. Ea poate fi
n condiii de siguran a susinut c colectiv suntem copleii de presiunile de timp acum mai mult
dect la orice alt punct din istorie. The sense that there's never enough time is a major energy drain
and can leave us feeling inadequate, nervous and hopeless, adversely affecting our health and wellbeing. Sensul c nu e niciodat suficient timp este un canal de scurgere de energie major i ne poate
lsa sentimentul inadecvate, nervos i fr speran, care afecteaz negativ sntatea noastr i
bunstarea. Will the wheels of time simply roll on until we are so far behind we can never catch
up? Va roile timp roll pur i simplu pe pn cnd suntem atat de mult in urma nu putem prinde?

What if you could somehow shift time in your favor, gather up a few moments here, an hour there
and use it any way you like? Ce se ntmpl dac ai putea schimbare cumva timpul in favoarea ta,
aduna-te cteva momente aici, o or acolo i folosi orice mod dorii? Would you be willing? Ai fi
dispus? Of course you would. Desigur v-ar. And you can. i tu poi. Why, it would almost be like
stealing time, and yet not really, for it is time that is already yours, there for the gaining, or more
precisely, there for not losing. De aceea, ar fi aproape ca fura timp, i totui nu ntr-adevr, este
timpul pentru c este deja a ta, acolo pentru a obine, sau mai exact, nu exist pentru a nu pierde.

"Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." "Astzi este ziua de mine faci griji ieri."
Author unknown - Autor necunoscut

Time-shifting is not some concept borne of science fiction or tales of the future. Time-shifting nu
este suportat unele conceptul de science-fiction sau povesti de viitor. It is a simple process in which
time is saved and gained as you change your perceptions of it. Este un proces simplu n care timpul
este salvat i a ctigat cum ai schimba percepiile de ea. Recall any situation that elicited a
negative response from you and consider how much time you spent entwined in that response: a
minute, five minutes, an hour, or was there one in which you threw up your hands and said, "That's
it. I'm outta here!" and the rest of that day was spent wallowing in your response. Recall orice
situaie care au provocat un rspuns negativ de la tine i ia n considerare ct de mult timp ai
petrecut ncolcit n acest rspuns: minut, cinci minute, o or, sau a fost acolo una n care ai
aruncat-v i minile a zis, "Asta este. Un I "Sunt plecat de aici i!" restul de acea zi a fost cheltuit
notm n rspunsul dumneavoastr. What if you had stepped back immediately and told yourself,
"OK, it happened, but I won't dwell on it"? Ce se ntmpl dac ai pit napoi imediat i a spus-te,
"OK, sa ntmplat, dar eu nu va locui pe ea"? How much time would you have saved then? Ct
timp te-ai fi salvat atunci? How much would you have saved in the past year? Ct de mult te-ai fi
salvat n ultimul an?

Recommended Recomandate
Consider the following from the groundbreaking book From Chaos to Coherence The Power to
Change Performance , by HeartMath founder Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer: Luai n considerare
urmtoarele din cartea groundbreaking de la haos la coeren - puterea de a schimba de
performan , de ctre fondatorul HeartMath Doc Childre i Cryer Bruce:

"Time shifting is survival in the Internet age. It describes an internal state so coherent that your
perception of time and your ability to shape it changes dramatically. Every time you catch
yourself before falling into a negative reaction, you have time shifted. Every time you stop long
enough to find an intuitive solution instead of rushing ahead impulsively, you have time shifted.
Every time you allow your intuitive intelligence to propel you out of inertia or confusion, you
have time-shifted. If you arrive at a solution to a difficult personal or organizational issue in five

minutes instead of five hours, you have time shifted. You have jumped out of the self-limiting
mental frequency that says, "Certain things just take time," into a new dimension. Time shifting
means moving past standard linear time flows." "Timpul schimbare este supravieuirea n vrst
Internet -. Acesta descrie o stare de interne, astfel coerenta dumneavoastr c percepia de timp i
capacitatea dumneavoastr de a se forma - n mod dramatic. Se schimb de fiecare dat cnd te
prinde nainte de care se ncadreaz ntr-o reacie negativ, aveti timp sa schimbat. De fiecare
dat cnd v oprii suficient de lung pentru a gsi o soluie intuitiv n loc de graba nainte
impulsiv, aveti timp sa schimbat. De fiecare dat cnd permite intuitiv inteligenta dvs. pentru a
v propulsa din inerie sau confuzie, aveti timp sa schimbat. Dac ajungei la o soluie la un
personal sau de organizare problem dificil n cinci minute n loc de cinci ore, aveti timp sa
schimbat. Ai srit din limitarea mental frecven de sine, care spune: "Anumite lucruri doar ia
timp", ntr-o nou dimensiune. Time schimbare nseamn se deplaseaz trecut standard timp
fluxuri lineare. "

Recommended Recomandate
A HeartMath Tip: When you start feeling overwhelm or time pressure, take a few minutes to try
these simple steps adapted from the HeartMath Attitude Breathing tool. A HeartMath Sfat:
Cnd ncepei s v simii copleeasc sau sub presiunea timpului, s ia cteva minute pentru a
ncerca aceti pai simpli adaptate din HeartMath Attitude Respiratia instrument.

Focus on your heart as you breathe in. Focus on your solar plexus as you breathe out.
Concentreaza-te pe inima ta ca tu respira inch Focus pe plexul solar timp ce expirai.
Concentrate on a positive feeling or attitude as you breathe. Concentrai-v pe un
sentiment pozitiv sau atitudine pe msur ce respira.
Lock in this feeling. Blocare n acest sentiment.
As you become adept at this technique select new feelings and attitudes Dup cum ai
devenit prta la aceast tehnic a selecta noi sentimente i atitudini

In-depth details and a discussion about the HeartMath Attitude Breathing tool are available in the
book Transforming Stress: The HeartMath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue and Tension .
-Profunzime detalii n i o discuie despre Respiratia instrumentul Attitude HeartMath sunt
disponibile n cartea Stresul Transformarea: Soluie HeartMath pentru alinarea v facei griji,
oboseal i tensiune .

Benefits of Managing Overwhelm/Time Pressure Beneficiile

de Management copleeasc / presiunea timpului

New sense that you have the time you need Noi sensul c avei timp ai nevoie
Hopeful feelings replace hopeless feelings Plin de speran sentimente nlocui sentimentele
fr speran

More time for things you want to do Mai mult timp pentru lucrurile pe care le dorii s
Improved outlook on life perspectiv mbuntit asupra vieii
More patience with people, less irritable mai multa rabdare cu oamenii, mai putin iritabil
More relaxed, greater enjoyment at work and play Mai relaxat, bucurie mai mare la locul de
munc i s se joace

Recommended Recomandate

Tools For Managing Overwhelm/Time Pressure Instrumente pentru gestionarea copleeasc / presiunea timp

emWave Personal Stress Reliever : Regular use of this entertaining and scientifically validated, han
relief technology has proven to be a vital tool in recognizing and reducing overwhelm, anxiety, stres
emWave Personal eliberator de stress : Consumul regulat de acest lucru i tiinific validate, de m
detensionare tehnologie distractiv sa dovedit a fi un instrument esenial n recunoaterea i reducerea
anxietate, stres i furie. The emWave PSR is easy to use and noninvasive. PSR emWave este uor
neinvaziv. It will help you achieve heart coherence synchronization between the heart and brain a
your optimal physical and mental potential the zone. Acesta v va ajuta s realiza coerena inima ntre inim i creier - i pentru a ajunge la dumneavoastr fizice i psihice optime potenial - zona. T
come with the emWav PSR, including Quick Coherence , will teach you to regulate your emotions
events that can trigger time-consuming stress responses, as well as help you recover from stressful e
Instrumente care vin cu PSR emWav, inclusiv Quick Coerena , te va nva s reglementeze emoii
pregteasc pentru evenimente care pot declansa consumatoare de stres rspunsuri de timp, precum
recupereze de la episoade stresante. Carry your emWave PSR anywhere and revitalize your mind, bo
anytime. Carry PSR dvs. emWave oriunde i revitalizeze mintea ta, corpul si spiritul oricnd.
emWave Desktop (Mac/PC) : The emWave Desktop turns your computer into a self-contained he
coherence monitor and manager. emWave Desktop (Mac / PC) : emWave Desktop transform com
cuprinse ritmului inimii-coerena monitor de sine i manager. It let's you see how emotions affect yo
negative ones pulling you down and draining your energy, positive ones lifting you up and revitaliz
Este hai s v vedem cum emotiile afecteaza ritmul inimii - cele negative pe care le trgnd n jos i
energia, cele pozitive de ridicare tine-te pe Facebook i revitalizare spiritul vostru. Discover how eas
reduce overwhelm and stress levels and replace negative emotions with positive ones that, with a litt
practice, can give you instant energy boosts and gradually help build a more invigorated you. Descop
putei reduce copleeasc i nivelurile de stres i emoiile negative nlocui cu unele pozitive, care, cu
sincer pic, v poate da stimuleaz instantanee de energie i, treptat, ajuta la construirea unei mai mu
Relying on Bazndu-se pe 19 19 years of scientific research, the emWave Desktop, in tandem with k
techniques you'll receive and easily learn, will help you increase your energy, use your time more eff
start living life more fully. de ani de cercetare tiinific, Desktop emWave, n tandem cu HeartMath
vei primi cu uurin i s nvee, va ajuta sa va cresteti energia, ti folosesti timpul mai eficient i s
via mai mult pe deplin.
Formerly known as Freeze-Framer Anterior cunoscut sub numele Freeze-Modelatorul

Transforming Anxiety: The HeartMath Solution for Overcoming Fear and Worry and Creating Seren
Childre and Deborah Rozman. Anxietatea Transformarea: Soluie pentru HeartMath depasesti frica

i Crearea Serenity : Prin Childre Doc i Rozman Deborah. Here is your sourcebook for managing a
your anxieties. Aici este Sourcebook dumneavoastr pentru gestionarea i depirea nelinitile voast
Managing Overwhelm takes a close look at how you can recognize overwhelm. Capitolul Gestionare
o privire atent la modul n care putei recunoate copleeasc. This chapter also includes, among oth
following: Project Identity, Overwhelm and Your Nervous System and Common Causes of Overwhe
capitol include, de asemenea, printre alte seciuni, urmtoarele: proiect de identitate, coplei i sistem
Cauze comune ale coplei. This informative book will tell you why anxiety disorders plague so man
paced world, and it gives in-depth instructions on how you can use the HeartMath System to overcom
and worries and create more serenity in your life. Aceasta carte informativ voi spune de ce tulburri
plag att de multe n lumea de astzi fast-paced, i d instruciuni detaliate despre cum v poate util
HeartMath a depi temerile i grijile i de a crea serenity mai mult n viaa ta. You'll also get compl
powerful Cut-Thru technique to guide you through the process of clearing and releasing your old p
thoughts and feelings from the cells in your body and replacing them with new, positive attitudes. Ve
asemenea, detalii complete privind puternic Cut-Thru tehnica pentru a v ghida prin procesul de co
eliberare vechi percepiile, gndurile i sentimentele de la celulele din corpul tu i nlocuirea lor cu,

Learn more Aflai mai multe ...

A Harris Poll found that 84% of Americans suffer from emotional chaos. Un sondaj Harris a constata
americani sufera de haos emotional. Find out what men and women ranked as the leading causes of t
chaos and learn more about the Institute of HeartMath's cutting-edge research and the HeartMath Sy
changing tools and technology. Afla ce brbaii i femeile clasat ca principalele cauze de haos lor em
mai multe despre Institutul de cercetare HeartMath lui de vrf i instrumente de via-schimbarea sis
HeartMath i tehnologie.

Gloria felt she was always drowning in too much to do. Gloria simtit ca ea era mereu nec n prea mu
The children, job and chores around the house all battled for her time and there was no money to hir
locuri de munc i treburile din jurul casei luptat tot timpul pentru ei i nu a existat nici bani pentru a
She was overwhelmed, but instead of reacting in the same, old stressful ways she shifted to her busin
fost copleit, dar n loc de a reaciona n acelai fel, vechi de stres ea sa mutat la inima ei de afaceri.