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ARRAN GEMENTS for ue 5 Voices 1 HOLD THE FORT PPB. P. P. BLISS ¥ Ho, my com-rades! see the sig- nal, Wav- ing in esky! See the glor-ious ban- ner wav- ing! Hear the trum-pet blow! Re - en-force- ments now ap-pear- ing, Vic - to-ry is nigh. In our Lead-er’s name we'll tri- umph O - ver ev~-’ry foe. 1st Cuorus * Wave it Wave the an-swer Hold for I am com-ing, “Hold thefort, for I am com-ing,” Je-sus sig-nals still; 2nd Cuorus —_ — back to heav-en, back to heaven, “By Thy grace we will.” “Hold thefort, for I am com. ing,” Arr. Copyright 1988 by Wayne Hooper 2 AMAZING GRACE JOHN NEWTON W. GARDINER | - maz - ing grace how sweet the sound, That saved a 2.’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my wretch like me! I once— was lost but now am found, Was fears re-lieved; How pre - cious did that grace ap- pear The now I __ see. first be- lieved ! al - read-y have al - read-y lead me home. grace will lead me home. a And grace will safe___ thus far, safe thus far, — Arr, Copyright 1958 by Wayne Hooper