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was 2 years ago.

Now that I'm a fairy it

gives me the ability to fly around which is
great because at night I go to all my friends
houses and check that they are okay.
Sometimes if they are having trouble
getting to sleep or they are feeling ill or
anything I use my magic to help them. The
house I go to most often is Amie's house
because she's my best friend.
There are three different types of magic: the
healing magic (that helps people), the
touchstone magic (that makes things appear
and disappear) and come along magic (that
brings you anything you want).
This is my friend Ee-oor he is a little pocket
dragon not like his cousins who are Wedge
dragons (this means they are big and
purple!) or like his other cousins who are
minute dragons (this means they are almost
Anyway I just thought you might like to
know a few things about what it is like to be
a fairy

The magic fairy

Don't tell anyone this but I'm a fairy. Nobody
knows you see, because I never transform
around other people. My name is Pixie and I
am a green fairy. You see, in the fairy tribe I
come from they have three different types of
fairies: the purple fairy, the green fairy and
the yellow fairy. The purple fairies are the
queen fairies the fairies that live inside the
Queen fairies castle. The green fairies are just
normal fairies and the yellow fairies are
people such as nurse fairies etc...

A.Underline the words you dont know and

translate them in your notebook. Make a
sentence with everyone of them.
B.Answer the following questions:
1. What color is Pixie?
2. How many types of fairies exist in
Pixies Tribe? Which are they?
3. When did Pixie start transforming
her self and why?
4. How does she use her powers?
5. Whats Pixies friend name?

I am glad I am a green fairy because I get to

do whatever I like and I have a really nice
fairy house inside a giant mushroom. I usually
transform at night when nobody is around. I
started transforming into a fairy one day
when I was about 9 and I think it was
because I ate this crab apple and you're not
supposed to eat them! I am 11 now so that

C. Make an essay of 10-15 sentences about

a magic world of your own.

The Smart Rabbit

One day a rabbit was in the garden eating
carrots. When he was about to go home he
saw the farmer. So he needed to hide. But
where could he hide? The carrots are under
the ground only the leaves were out. He
could not hide there but the farmer was
coming closer to him, then he had an idea to
dig a hole and cover the top of the hole with
leaves and twigs and wait until the farmer
But the farmer did not leave because he
needed some carrots to make soup. Then
the rabbit had another idea, he would dig
under to the lettuce patch and go home, he
will get muddy if he did that but if that was
the only way to go home he will do it. And
that was the only way to go home. So he did
it but by the time he got home he was very
muddy and tired. So he went to bed. When
he got up he took a bath, when he got out
he had a nice meal with his family.

A. Continue the story (10-15 sentences) in your notebook.

B. Make another escape plan from the garden.
C. Answer the following questions:
1. Where was the rabbit?
2. What was the rabbit doing?
3. What idea did he have?
4. How was the rabbit when he arrived home?
5. What did the mouse do when he arrived home?
D. Underline the words you dont know and translate them in your notebook.
Make a sentence with everyone of them.

Pikachu and Jigglypuff Run Away

because that was their favorite place to go
when they were scared. The nurse started to
walk to the pool with Ash, Misty, Brock, and
James and Jessie.
Just then a blue hawk named Sandy and his
wife named Watery were flying at Pikachu
and Jigglypuff. The hawks almost got
Pikachu and Jigglypuff. When Ash saw the
hawks trying to get the Pokemon he ran to
them with James and Jessie and the nurse
with Eevee and Misty and Brock. Eevee
jumped out of the nurse's hands and bit the
hawks and they flew away.
Pikachu and Jigglypuff thanked Eevee
because she was so nice. They helped her
swim in the pool and then she felt so much
better. Then all the Pokemon went back to
Ash and he told them never to run away
One day Pikachu and Jigglypuff saw a rainbow
and they did not know what it was. They
thought it was another Pokemon and they were
scared so they ran away and Ash was looking for
them. But he couldn't find them anywhere and
he asked Misty to help him find Jigglypuff and
Pikachu and he asked all the other Pokemon to
help him also. He asked Brock and James and
Jessie because they were nice today. The other
Pokemon were naughty and they ran away too
because they didn't want to be with Jessie and
James because they didn't know that they were
being nice today.
They ended up at the pool with Pikachu and
Jigglypuff. Ash, Misty, and Brock, and James
and Jessie looked everywhere for them but they
couldn't find them. So they went and asked the
nurse and she came and helped them too. But
the nurse couldn't find them either.
One of the sick Pokemon named Eevee told the
nurse that they might be at the pool.

A. Underline the words you dont know

and translate them in your notebook. Make
a sentence with everyone of them.
B. What did you learn from this story?

C. What colors does the rainbow have?

D. Answer the following questions:
1. What did Pikachu and Jigglypuff
2. Who was looking for them?
3. Where did they found them?

The Three Cats

One day there were three cats. A white cat, a black cat, and a brown cat. The white cat said "I'm
bored. I don't have anyone to play with." The black cat said "I'm bored. I don't have anyone to
play with." The brown cat said "I'm bored. I don't have anyone to play with." So they decided to
meet at the park. When they got there, they didn't know what to do. The brown cat wanted to
roll in the mud, but the black cat wanted to roll in some coal, but the white cat wanted to chase
birds. So they had to agree on something. So they agreed to go for a walk. On their way walk
they saw a man fixing the phone wires, a man fixing the road, and a man painting his house
green. So they stopped walking and started watching him. When he went in to have lunch they
knocked over all the paint right on them.
When they got home their owners didn't recognize them, so they met at the park again. The
black cat said "We need to think of a way to get in our homes." While they were thinking the
black cat thought of a way to get in their homes, to rinse themselves off in the river. So she said "
We could wash ourselves in the river and get the paint off of us so that our owners will recognize
us." So that's what they did but when they got out they were wet. But when they got home their
owners recognized them. The owners were happy to see their cats and the cats were happy to
see their owners.

A. Underline the words you dont know and translate them in your notebook. Make a
sentence with everyone of them.
B. Answer the following questions:
1.What color were the cats?
2.What did the black cat said?
3.What was the man fixing?

Charmander & Clefairy's Walk

One day Charmander and Clefairy were walking in the forest to get fruit, when Charmander
remembered that he couldn't reach the fruit trees. Then he saw a fairy flying and he did not know
how to get her down from the sky, then he had an idea. If he put some food on a flower she will
come down to eat the food. But, when she came down Charmander caught her.
She called for help but no one heard her, but Charmander said, "don't worry little fairy I won't
hurt you. I just need your help to reach the fruit trees because I'm too short. Would you help me
"Only if you help me pick and carry some blueberries because my little sister is sick and
blueberries are medicine for fairies" said the fairy. So they agreed that they would help each
So he helped her pick some blueberries so she evolved Charmander into Charmeleon and when
he was done he carried the blueberries to the fairy's house, and when they got there she invited
Charmander and Clefairy for lunch. After lunch they watched a video till it was time to go.

A. Underline the words you dont know and

translate them in your notebook. Make a
sentence with everyone of them.
B. Answer the following questions:
1.Why did Charmander ask the fairy to help
2. What did the fairy do?

One day the Brown family was sitting in their home when all of the sudden Mrs. Brown heard a
kittens meow. Now there was a big storm outside so that kitten must of been afraid. Nothing
became of that incident that night though. The next day Mrs. Brown's children saw the kitten
roam around the street. He actually lived in there yard!
All the children got together to catch the cat and give him a home. The kitten was so fast they
couldn't get any where near the stray kitten. The kids got there friends together and their friends
had no more speed then the Brown children had. They soon cornered the fuzzy kitten but it
jumped in to a near by tree! Oh no the children thought.
How could they ever get him out of the tree? At dinner Bobby; Mrs. Makely's son was eating his
Kielbasa when it came to him. He knew just what to do. He'd use Kielbasa to get the cat from the
tree to the house! The next day after school he took some left over Kielbasa out of the freezer
and cooked it up. Next he put it on a fancy silver platter.
When he was done he shouted "wala, the kittens dinner looks delish!" He then went outside and
saw a dog coming toward the tree where the cat sat. The cat jumped off and ran! Then Bobby
got his other siblings and his friends from across the street. The dog was gone by the time they
got there but the cat was no where to be found.
They searched and searched all over until they came to a bed of pine needles under a pine tree.
There was an unusual bump of pine needles. Then they saw a kitten jump out and stand there
look at them. Bobby ran and got the platter or Kielbasa. He returned with the silver platter in a
The cat followed Bobby all the way to the house! Then Bobby put the platter in the house. The
cat went in to the house and ate the whole meal. The children went in to hug the cat but it ran
under the freezer!!! When he finally came out from hiding Mrs.Brown picked him up and held him
in the palm of her hand.
The kitten purred lovingly. "I know what we'll call him!" Shouted Bobby. "What?" Asked
Mrs.Brown. "Kielbasa" He announced happily.

A. Underline the words you dont know and translate them in your notebook. Make a
sentence with everyone of them.