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“iucladlantleadbon! 227 y LOOR RT ——" ui “A Compendious HISTORY ! OF THE Goths, Svveides, 8¢ Vandals AND Other, Northern Nations. Olaus Magnus, Arch Bifop of UPSALL SVVEDEN. Ww tary Hartrgnany’ 1638. EN EN? Ne 2 TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, STR Bulftrode Whitlock , Kg, te. Late Lord .Ambaffador tothe Crown of SWEDEN. My Lord, T is your bonowr, to be the great Patron of Learning ; and its Profelites, when Kings faith an Ancient ) bePbilofophers , then Kengdoms enjoy the fruit of Learned Peace 3 the fame may be faid of inferiour Princesin their Spheres, the Eutopian W otld is fuff- cient Witnefs of Your polite Accomplifh- ens botbinfufed and arared obereby Vow ave fhined like anotber Caliopeian Star ix the Swedith Hemifphere: Yourown NMa- tive Countrey received the Reflexianof Your Wifdom, inthat firm Peace and Alliance ye enjoy With that Hervick and Warlike Prince, the profent Soveraign Commander of thofé famous Countries and Territories . deferibed inthis Treatife ; whofe Martial Progenitors defiroyed the puiffant Empire of Rome, and were the Hammer of Gods wrath, to brea in Pieces the Italian Luxury, and frowned?the Great Citie into afbes: Wherefore,it belone eth of right to Your Honour, to patronixe the Defeription The pie Dairy. Defeription, of thofe Conatriess igvour own Language, efpecial),fecing that fo Learned aPrelate » Prince of the Gowne-men im thofe, Territories , bath i: thit Blaborate Work expofed to publick view , the Aes of their famons Heroes, the Prange Eccentric Cuttoms, Fathions, Attire, Sports, Battcls, Feats, Martiages, Religion, and Trades of the{e Northern Nations: rogether with bor- rid Apparitions of Divels, the Antick Pre- ftigations. of Conjuters, ‘and Magical In- chantments sche Rarities and Obfervables of all the Four Elements ; but efpecially che ripping up ofthe Bowels and Interels of Na- ture, in heir. various and. admirable M iste~ als, ith many orher Stupendious Relati- ons,that create excellent delight and-wonder in the diligent and curious Inquires” The Tranflation whereof, being. not -able roabide the Cenfure of Your acute judgment * Yer being the Infirument and occafion of its Pab- ication to the World in our Native Tongue, T have made lald bamibly to prefent it to your ‘Lordjbips acceptance being, confident, that un- der the thadow of Your Patronage, who have been, doubtlefe, an'Fye-W itne[s of wiany of thefe Grand Wonders, it will fhine witb the more Orient Lutte. oye Your Lordiisinall due obersanécy. fe SESSEESOSSSSERASERERAS ESO LESS. $8 eeRaE ease REET EeE CROSSE TESTES. The Contents + fhe adalpane ime Moa 5 A Brennan, tfc ota |4 Of the barbie fou of he tlio 7 |" cael Miebitipidr setae, wia| 3 Ofte fetes ion, Fg img of te Sara * ic Cemethck ttemae 5 SplesninnefNon Wis, ie)? emg an ateg ofl. eb vit, Salt s lNeenpr |" eye nmde is Pi ie iy pau a ae ictus Creo 8 foi wf itrnaduph eis Siar Ai ne ll al hae fm tel cn 6 see fr Tee | 80 se a oe i Di igi tate Ee lieth Pg ik ok Tine cla 1 hf a : ae 2 nGligmmco, ‘ing Ft hac five a % 6 enn omin Moe aunty eave fiscape A or 2 fo nd gg fe «(Pitman ted er i tc Chap, tOfPenrfBreoae, and Of hy oki of rae, eget ‘Coobsionfe aan? “ts ypu Stenting se ‘@ % The C BO te Nwwan wih Mina 25 Ofte far ke Soe ed ' 2 ofc ene H Shiai Binge sone G 295) cine “Wace poor un, Caps fide sapertiees Westin ‘Oise ne mntighae 3 3 Spebnrgroe gr fe oi, 4 Oftaontigr ct, "Be 3 cme eg eer 6 Si iy Set 1 tie Gat Seri ai ae ee 3G ig spas Gu 9 Of Fa ier a Nii “tinea ee ai bi at Top ibe catia Aue of rick TE oer 1 Omiicn, ° Naot 6 Ofte agi Irmo 19 Of aici berd, 2 Ort ‘ic, 3 Gfselndnclyiebrdy, $2 ‘ontent So xe ow. ‘Geen daenid babws, 5 Aiport oy ihe a Br itn sy on kere BG 1 eke ome wi lé Op ate anite fee 3 Is of tal Bice, a Or Pea btn ti o,f er sys Beds, ond, Pei 3 pa Ge fing hatte Of e taing of se Lpon fe hing of edn, | ofa Si tn 14 Optica paige heath Ree bee Rowe Selenite | lala” Oat 17 OftkeComeroe of Nonband Ele lah tlt fw sae BOOK ¥. 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Poon OF bg Faas ‘Chip. | OF he Entiat King. t04| 9 Of he coma of Eaerer, Treparh fg sae ae itn oote ae 1 Fi pmp te amie fel a ei enema ne ntti 1 te ee gana 5 Of the real ad manner f ils, eset Ayvedie Kingy iy 6 Of thrice fntiers for ee eat peo eee ea is 1 Gimme on" a 2 + eluent Pt toe, oe he ass 14 He upp mart efron, ibid, Gay attr ps | —tooen "Bie ct omnis erate ci gia a mt fa fi mpd» Goa ‘race gpmmaoeses Gebk ‘Eile temet ep ae ati Bee Rpt gah op pepe on ae hile eat Si Ce var iy Guroned tt. ak “len can Eel pee U6 dlr of ther of he fme og " Sin eg erai rt epe ie ce Eee 3 Of te becky fou eft Mak oe sorters Geter tu jy la gem E lay ibe Sao he Bialaodersagale iene: a 71 SSSSSSSSSSSSESSER ROBE SSLSE ES: A eee OLAUS MAGNUS THE GOTH. Arch-Bilhop of VPSAL: ConcERNING ‘The Rites of Nations , and Nature of “Tings and Cultomest ening Wars ult by te Norbew Pepi An Epitome of the Firft Book, CHAP. L A Defeription of Biarmia,~ temas Nh Comme the ei ic he Aik Fey tite Horsge tacit with gems Cant shchettng be odie roca pac se eal paral ec No hone cia are, aera ty sere etcetera iat eerie Mah ac ‘enti hae Wotdiind Gress, sl i ene ee ‘bh eee pat oy tan a sea Eire, Hereinuiicsne Shctersttaicd Gites eden st ames mace SSN hn nen mean ates Eppa token iacglage emcee 5 oe Te byipinrFia Tait Galea psoas olin ide Baca tf Sez GSS nt then hen Peer Cae 2M) sn eee mecebone Menge y Sap be Wen, a ere ste whotone Bers Nig oe Teese secant by ame ng and beaver teh and py ipo ye Feels de chic Cre el goed Cacti ere one Fintdetind piace andl omg retin pxmothctte Bred Spycam ad ety oe eee aE and ornate aey wes The rire cand waaay wae ge sb Prietenich aut fordeymtiipntmen bye Wichey sitet ‘Se Gone oge ter ey tie) amet oy oat alle bee poeetgaatdyestsceaecren. dees y wth hen te Bling pg CHAR IE The Defcription of Finmarck. emia Nigh Conse fhe ut of Nmap by eon ts ligeaceo!eaenartoncresit he TideosXinedome, Tie Fiacitdagin ecole pat ibe Word: fre Be fe acl ‘wel etttotnnds eee ee wom mask to doked ees seek eats otter Enemen The Ayo! hat sod che Neko ELM ered cen yeapeiog wiht bel es aod Seamer tveyten ower sad tae Ceneny othe Aycthee fe Foea meri tain eA lated _Septtas a aconnal dy Cate Sete Coens earn ‘Seer bs pombe wb ny sie coming beer, {eso peseon loth Renney oleae rs ety niinconing bamcen Toe uae both bom Fine Si emote mere Snelts pn ott cek, tate 3o.Gubit aoe rm stout Sune Selice ndie pies, ame (Gpidsndnare nt deer ny be rend wnbowcany Candied mo een rie ath peceeniet tbe Peaionel the Noch Po a Scart seme a? sate Pekar SNe tbe SEeSSk hat tomate Soper of the Eartha puce a {othe xdniraonsodbaour ofthe who eit cua. nt, The Defcription of Scricfinnia, s ieJuch one Lae Sere eat Bey bn era eee ih eo ld cae ete le Neola lt ice ene tater ieacie ol omt i Silene dat percent ep, rene este iets een ke bert sacen seer ein Bilt mnertonsmbees roar hia ie ome SNR leng, ana coe ocer pese ot woud Gall te fine Coe been Barman’ Fier 5 Cd coretistecht seatwatagndcomathe Bar | 4 { ‘ Chi So Ti ir Fae —F ‘Movoved wth ier shee eto evhsreerosinieherdeie one rea ay et cet rr ned ir ofa sad pi ck Tee hitns ietean ctl tge ihoandby ete ane Surat entra lingo Thecereeic ose seers Selden emacs epee Siow heute ow be tore, beaten Weeden es mbes, Recap resis bt cheycncommpyane oe op fplcrestne lotttwiaee an rn eh fieyforemeosndlas null heyeomeco hel hefpecaltiee ean is iment dia es oonng imei eo Sea sndcocomendfor ery tcl) a shoe who an Racer co win be HAP: ty, Ofthe Vebemeny of che Souhera Pieris etpcmapt rami Datinin the Kinglome of Neon. commentyeaied Pofbeg) oe ceeuoooe ia Windare blown donmotee speliie Weipa seetwhhaboa ee ‘eaow yen nay ba tie soy ounlte Tone: “Luewence th th orcas Ein intact Winer, earns ungostacteg See ee Scene ancry Sab etetemeneaba casas es ‘uo om eo a dng, bate beiafaediadopandten See ot ocacable and burcal the Windes are oa the Weliera Brake of et Hetcoe wasted ey wefan per iene ae HeSiocotate aly tighter gee Together” Fart ey aweytbe bole ee ‘ponte Landini pchar a dacs, Po emesand leche cuar. v, Of the Violence of North: Winds. VV itinns eter tennctncabresmet en _seotslorewo minembe anciey wha hat eam 62 Se atest ratte pei ech oth ted ade ince theca ta itl slides," Reese ‘euler oer cone te acheive aye ly im z THER f Thiel Tpg es Tec opsand ot neg rene, whieh bey abeoop meting Ices an cece ti cvescchey nd cise aha gedet oe se rericd ir the Aad tem tte = eaoibeltene! Mayarccsticlagex'y. Alo fmeries meskes ‘iy tneiincptedarse e aa ee eng oeandlomecmes cha tigi Win ‘ete eete eaeviagyanscr tome a Se ee, Wiad oem the Wet aod the Noch wh il sche hy wl i peta oe a the ae ee hey dare ihe robepe ol Sind: nl one ound nd lt mene eypns and cera ena ae estore, aici el ou in Pir ot Nor ‘ieperihegesbdi ah a a rico winds ngen pmb aa eed Hom Peta ht ee nnuandaceened agi ghentiemby oa. cuan ye The divers Effetts of Thunder and Light- ning in the Northern P arts. “Piao it iin me em fate Noreen eaten Ee St mr roma Lhe eeu ter ten bee oe Bn, Tomb plasters Cemenie peyee PRE, eet omen snd Cea ee kite {Renan cl ued pon lace teh conus hs penance ibe tpl oer stone, tn red ne. lime oo rene, Wome dono he otie Teet hind chan eo thn dom, ctdig hem ge hy cuar. vIn. Of the fercenefs of Cold. shepEnamplesby Seen akepeepioe. 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Tpit alten mn motte Po ese pole eae Gl cha ae et for ‘Windows im their Stoves clea ipek epee ioknan Neotel aplan tna ered See cece crete ce nineties Sikes decane Spares, ernment Sia ae ~ OT TT Ta a CHAR, % Of the Forts of Snow made by Young People. stefan en Nahe Darl oie pv Wp SeG Sanayi ert Senet See ter oe gees etapa SED ae ie bra SES eral ie er ced pete heen nceak Ca Perm a fe apace Peon es rind climate ia eo Sect ele peeea ares thecal ate er tey my bene heDeenars ete Fone am hie sermon cit mera eects ection on le Sed fe inte ed getline ibe pettacle, Buc lcs ats Cowards atd run way , they thtuft Snow-bals| CHAR. XH Of the running afer upon Ice for loaks. Qaneer enactment ba ak Sending mses thee for delight ,on the 26 day ot December infinite Inbabitatts of cho’eConn ited nore ite pd he ‘Ginelicpae"Toebonods Eat te ee vote bowled Iiuiebn Tee rine dine estes or we (Cant oneond sv Cremer ae epee. ents contiy tho i Bata i ad fatidenpera"“Sabedi as cen i scimaltmeNetn mora apo the keyban sgt be) BEStavaatog ‘Peet Land bounds wi penal Bats toe Teves en iomarythosind aint ob ure mbte thoy ball [pees boogie yar acu snd igeres ely andar hee cuap, xr Of the Runsing of men upon the Ice for a Wager: nen nrg rier Lipman ova i, ele ker feet enero nce rote oe orn suecrenorbe lk cee heene nena agua Ee emece pee ape Seems Teese apt Haire rc, ete ni Beslan pce clei tte meas a at thay ae Lente wan loner ichaa leas ‘Sind runs woos ope he pcr Reva mye coming ee fing peo he e-nlethy Seg psn ool Ls ple Doss ob tones rune be ol-boestar we maul Alpe by cevonck ae Tired selon eniyidened taht bona clic ee wich Kind hte elound ct cer ware Urivng fe pena Sod Bi eGo evr icone toorh Gil oe Exc orenee dull ronbethends, ot omental. 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Arch-Bifhop of VPSAL: concenwing The Wonderful-Natureof Northern Things. An Epitome of the Second Book, CHAP. 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Arch-Bifhop of VPSAL: se ydonezsweng The Superftitions Werfbip of Devils, ufed by the People of the North, = AnEpitome of the Third Book, CHAP. I. 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Iv. Of the three lefer Gods. caste he sbrefi hy woriped many me who is ee ele anaes Sl ede Descoror pera nereietthee ae Col fee yan Semin wcpacomaen oc con ae a RAR aT RT » suiintenaie ee eterega as see ay ggueens reams aan. isch ac usr gar ino fobs, stutter tale fs arturo ibe, career, oer pee, teindloapl men dae nlundby hee eda cree See gfe maar eee Soe me sarge tie, te aes ere Se se net Sem nace esi ef pee Bd mer Seeereras aim ace Go oe tied Sowa gecma retetacer cpm OURS ages, inte ey emai cea tt ae oe ate cet nen ace, OE Eee cll ieteae eng mney Srolatitetogs sack ae ie aca renee ee ee ree std pene gn ene aerate hte ee aces eaeleatiatinee Te hace otter sweat) mae ee Eee one sta el tie oiti cy Seager sn a, ae Secret ceectuus secon tare ddthisaatconpren rn pct atch orga read Boece: Sateen ctu sa se aee aailendtaias one dpe ‘Bip tromasdtheend. cad a cum v. Of the Magnificen Temple of the Nor fl 8 Tere Gol ia aig hc he ole maida ieee, mt eae Semen sol tla ef ec Dethetchaheens i? aos ate toe endemy ta pacer Okt Sede Heer ee Sore eile cet shat emaytcingwn cts wee ayers (sree ade Dell) when esa worip ms ofc The warts Tepe Gonenog why a Beet! Pen "hil ce ikopettpia pei Zc) aceet met amet Fmt ed ‘Nomen Sa ere ray eee ipl sxc en te Stat rds wich o ney toga Suita it rcewsnctioreobeleenonthe ly fooeerPat feo ined ih Se ‘Aiio ee Scape pr nT questi taint cotati: haan Sete ae egeramee Heownneltat cei anurans tae tinceicnzyceeceesnsce ieee sree tei t ucrRae, Sher ery fae faa mies fetid crepe ttndihs oer odactere orang tt Sie fae png ce te at als les aeee are coment ee Senin rear tmc acme, ti Sierreytieewasearnee shed at ice eli taaa Cxtbedh a Spaiahatahcese kosancrs ce seh noon natant: Fema sel deals cuar. vi Of the Religion, and Sacrifices of the oths. 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Of the Goths Superflitions about Thundei. ee ee eee raha ts oh it ciuderwl tate Ayiy ney oI ThOOL Up Atoms, to ew thes ita aden oman sped cme cess pas siete hart Fn of hog they ig imiie th ol iat Renee. ea Mchibey beled nee mud wittnmer she oes ie A miata antdege merino, foslseuminc are sSuniee "ares ger Rigel decks enn eto terete Conse Ee darlin enc ocory i, ho tected Fh Rabie elke fpieolHesven” Alay te Gabiecremoaenie nt tesco peng er ey ccd bem arte Pareto er oreea mae Se ecoe we enon ge Sepnecaeme tanec eee ae Sipe Payson stooge eae» sodeinl aes edie cee eer Secret at uecerganlamane ening Seen een seek ee i‘ = Hie acer, Ske aad Pooper meatal sea cuar, vit Of their fighting againft the Gods. “AS tania etn tor pe, Soar eal a i eae oa eee scarier ee can Ro hiagcepele ‘Eedtaniy ndrecetetewedend pedo es wee Fae ese incr Spr sulh Hawsenyferart Cab See iene CHAR, 1% Of the Fatal Siers and Nimpbs. eso he Nev Cum fame Tones ofr es ee he outs wen Wine Biz tae Eta ehche peat ena ret en gatos Yorn estay nem ccna tes Se riasebontt ar Cademinne eines wedges Nee errk iets er’ emcomtoitee ope Caer enneume err Se ee Nectar tuemtbeny malaylam Vacs Apmationt mrrronsNie conn cone teci atte el, sli aacecoed one Femme ete dc omy mk ony gg Mr etSeaed tem itn rcescoss ils Loner en actor nen Caco ie aed ad llaedlytowe aire gen Skiitebrees Tyseley ingzed al eae Tinconde War warctetyporetned. 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CHAP. I. Of the unbappy Battail of Regnerus, King of ‘Denmark. 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