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A Day To Remember?

I'd never seen an elephant outside of a zoo. As I faced the monster in front of
me... I just realized that I needed to run, so I run and I realized I needed to
buy some new shoes, so I went to the mall, then I just left and walked home, whe
n I was walking trough the street, I found a cupcake on the floor, so I just dec
ided to eat, I thought it was a really bad idea but I was hungry, it was a choco
late cupcake with color sprinkles, it tasted good and then MB I decided to put
on an elephant costume with a trunk and tusks, just the whole shebang. But I rea
lized that that probably wasn't a very good idea considering the fact that the e
lephant weighs over a ton. What a fat animal those things are. I wonder why they
are so big? Hmmmmm well anyways I saw a zebra in the distance and really wanted
to get far from that fat animal. So I ran up to the zebra, jumped on its back,
smacked it on the butt and you wanna guess what happened next? Thats right, I fe
ll. Ill I remember was I was on its back, it started leaping and bucking and the
next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I was very disappointed. I thought my c
owgirl skills would pay off one day but I thought it through and came up with th
e solution of not jumping on random wild zebra's backs any longer. :)CW: But I d
idn't like zebras or elephants as much as ant eaters. I love how they are not sc
ared to eat those ants and not be afraid that they will bite them. But then I fo
und another cupcake on the ground. This time it was pink with lime green sprinkl
es. I couldn't wait to feed it to my new ant eater, Robert. I like to take Rober
t for walks and take him to the zoo to see his old friends. Robert would ALWAYS
make me stop to get him a cup of ants because he would get hungry and then he wo
uld get cranky. But then Robert ran away! But I somehow knew where he was... The
gas station. RR: As I was walking to the gas station I found yet another cupcak
e. This one was purple with orange and black sprinkles. Halloween much? I took a
bite, red velvet cake.....Yum! When I got to the gas station I looked around fo
r my poor little lost anteater. I didn't see him anywhere. So I went inside and
asked the teenager working at the counter if he had seen a lost anteater. He lo
oked at me like I was crazy and ignored my question. So I went into the bathroom
to wash my hands which I had gotten frosting on from the cupcake. (Aaron Jay K
amlet)That cupcake was nasty as hell. It tasted like maybe they madeit out of t
he poop they scoop up from the animals pens. Maybe it was like rabbit poop or s
omething. Either way it was disgusting. So as I was washing my hands of the po
opy flavord cupcake.
And I realized something. Maybe this place is like a hobo place for them to liv
e after the zoo closed. I think this cuz I look around n I see blankets n sleep
in bags as well as popcorn bags. It was a nasty zoo. I lef t the bathroom n I l
eft the zoo n thought wow wat a day I mean I got a nasty....(:hehehehehehehehehe