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Edgar Cayce: Profetul in transa -Cel mai mare medium si clarvazator American

Edgar Cayce: The trancing prophet -the greatest American medium and clairvoyant

Am corectat articolul care se afla pe wikipedia, care dupa ce a trecut anul trecut pe langa faliment, se
pare ca a fost acaparata de secte religioase, care lucreaza in colaborare cu organizatiile de
sceptici(aceiasi critici, debunker, mercenari ca si in cazul OZN, care actioneaza in solda institutiilor
guvernamentale, care vor sa tina secrete capacitatile pe care le au toate fiintele umane).

Edgar Cayce(1877-1945)(pronuntat: ˈkeisiː) a fost un medium american care avea capacitatea să intre
în starea de transă si să acceseze memoria colectivă a planetei (tiparele akasha; psihosfera din
“Profetia Thiaoouba” de Michel Desmarquet; banca de date) pt a raspunde la intrebări pe diferite
teme, cum ar fi sănătatea (era indicata metoda terapeutica pt rezolvarea unei anumite maladii),
descoperirea unui obiect dispărut (apa creata de medicul, fizicianul şi inventatorul francez Arsène
d’Arsonval) sau a unui lucru care nu exista incă pe piată (un nou medicament aflat in faza de
cercetare in laborator), civilizatiile anterioare (Atlantida), vietile anterioare ale unui anumit subiect,
evenimente viitoare. Edgar Cayce, care in viata privată a fost un simplu fotograf, a avut in copilarie
mai multe experienţele in vecinătatea morţii (Near Death Experiece), decât oricine altcineva. Cayce a
învăţat de la o vârstă fragedă că, atunci când se autohipnotiza, el ar putea intra în tărâmurile subtile.
Aceeasi metoda de intrare in transa pt a gasi rezolvarea unei probleme este practicata in shamanism.
Vracii (marabout) din nordul Saharei apeleaza la autohipnoza( fixarea taisului unei lame de cutit
infipta in masa ) pt a descoperi remediul la o maladie necunoscuta. Cautati carti care prezinta viata
lui Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945) (pronounced /ˈkeɪsiː/) was the greates American
medium with the ability to channel answers to questions on subjects such as health or Atlantis while in
a self-induced trance. Cayce became a celebrity toward the end of his life and the publicity given to his
prophecies has overshadowed what to him were usually considered the more important parts of his
work, such as healing (the vast majority of his readings were given for people who were sick) and
theology. Cayce demonstrated psychic abilities, and in his answers(readings) we discover topics such
as health, astrology, reincarnation, Akashic records, Atlantis..
Today there are thousands of Cayce students and more than 300 books written about Edgar Cayce.
Members of Cayce's organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) exist
worldwide and Edgar Cayce Centers are found in more than 35 countries.

Supravituirea la viitoarele schimbari planetare, sunteti pregatiti?

Surviving the Upcoming Earth Changes, Are You Ready?
The Time of Awakening - How to Survive the Earth Changes
Timpul Trezirii- Cum sa supravietuim Schimbarilor Planetare

Some of Edgar Cayce's Predictions regarding the earth changes. Judge for yourself if this
informations resonates with you. Some of the event's dates may be wrong as they still have not
ocurred yet, but I believe they will be ocurring with the next few years:
Edgar Cayce Predictions
Edgar Cayce was also called The Sleeping Prophet. In a trance state he responded to questions. These
question and answer sessions were known as Readings. The Readings were recorded in writing
between 1901 and 1945. There are a total of 14,246 psychic readings on file in Virginia Beach at the
Edgar Cayce Foundation.

Question: How soon will the changes in the Earth's activity begin to be apparent?
Answer Cayce: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the south sea, and
those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the
Mediterranean, and the Etna area, then we may know it has begun.
Question: How should we regard those changes that do come about?
Answer Cayce: What is needed most in the Earth today? That the sons of men be warned
that the day of the Lord is at hand.
Question: What is meant by "the day of the Lord is near at hand"?
Answer Cayce: That has been promised through the prophets and sages of old, the time and
half time has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation. Soon there will again
appear in the earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are
preparing the way for his day in the earth. The Lord, then will come, even as you have seen
him go.
Question: How soon?
Answer Cayce: When those that are His have made the way clear, passable for Him to
come. Don't think that there will not be trouble, but those who put their trust wholly in the Lord
will not come up missing. They will find conditions, circumstances, activities, someway and
somehow much to be thankful for.
Question: What can we do to counteract such serious happenings?
Answer Cayce: Tendencies in the hearts and souls of men are such that theses upheavals
may be brought about. Man is not ruled by the world, the earth or the environment nor
planetary influences. Rather it is true that man brings order out of chaos by his compliance
with Divine Law. By his disregard of the laws of Divine influence, man brings chaos and
destructive forces into his experience.
Question: What form will they take?
Answer Cayce: That may depend upon much that deals with metaphysical as well as what
Research: Edgar Cayce
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people call actual or in truth! There are those conditions in the activity of individuals, in line of
thought and endeavor that will keep many a city or land intact through the application of
spiritual laws in their association with individuals. As to times of earth changes, as to
seasons, as to places, alone is it given to those who have named the name and who bear the
mark of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.
Question: What greater change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in
the year 2000 to 2001 A.D.?
Answer Cayce: When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins.
A group of Readings regarding Earth Changes.
Answer Cayce: As to conditions in the geography of the world and of the country changes
are gradually coming about.
Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the west coast.,
as well as the central portion of the United States.Lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as the
What is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of ocean. Many of the battlefields of the
present (1941) will be ocean. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will
in the main disappear. This will be another generation, ( Reading date 1941) while the southern
portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear. This will be much sooner.
The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico. It would be well if a
waterway would be prepared. Virginia Beach will be among the safety lands as will be portions of
what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and much of the southern portion of Canada, and the eastern
portion of Canada; while the western land, much of that is to be disturbed as of course much in other
Question: Will Los Angeles be safe?
Answer Cayce: Los Angeles, San Francisco, most all of these will be among those that will
be destroyed before New York even.
California Earthquake Prediction
If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California
and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the
three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes.
More Earth Change Readings
The earth will be broken up in many places. The early part will see a change in the physical
aspect of the west coast of America. There will be open waters appear in the northern
portions of Greenland.
There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear. South America
will be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off Tierra Del
Fuego, land and a strait with rushing water.
Question: How soon will the changes in the earth's activity begin to be apparent?
Answer Cayce: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Pacific
Research: Edgar Cayce
3 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM
and the sinking or rising in the Mediterranean and the Etna area then we would say they have
Question: How long before this will begin?
Answer Cayce: The indications are that some of these have already begun.
Question: Will there be any physical changes in the earth's surface in North America?
Answer Cayce: All over the country we will find many physical changes of a minor or greater
degree. The greater change will be the North Atlantic Seaboard. Watch New York,
Connecticut and the like.

More Miscellaneous Earth Change Readings

As to changes physical again: the earth will be broken up in the western portion of America.
The greater part of Japan must go into the sea.
The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear
off the east coast of America.
There will be upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of
volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will then be the shifting of the poles so that where
there have been those of a frigid or semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss
and fern will grow.
And these will begin in those periods 58 to 98 when these will be proclaimed as the periods
when His Light will be seen again in the clouds.
Question: How was the particular Great Pyramid of Gizeh built?
Answer Cayce: By the use of those forces in nature as make for iron to swim. Stone floats in
the air in the same manner. This will be discovered in 58. (In 1958 Prof. W. Heisenberg
announces the discovery of the Unified Field Theory).
The Lost Books of Nostradamus 3 part video series will give you an idea of the earth
changes that the prophet Nostradamus was also attempting to warn us about.
Watch on youtube Nostradamus famous predictions

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