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Kumbha Ghata lagna Aquarius ascendant * BP Lama Jyotisha

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Om Shri Upendraya Achyutaya Namaha

Om Krim Govinda-Gopalaya NamahNeela njana Samaabhasam
Ravi-putram Yama-agrajam - Chchaya-martaanda Sambhootam - tam Namami Shanaiswaram

Kumbha * Ghata * Aquarius

Rashi Lagna


David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

Chandra in Kumbha
co-ruled by *both* Shani *and* Rahu
economics, networks, marketplace, associative-distributive systems, linkage,
opportunity to participate, large group behavior mass movements, populism, socialmaterial achievement, income, profit, earnings

From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical
circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars,
giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating
biological organisms.
There are no isolated islands in an Electric Universe.

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Kumbha Ghata lagna Aquarius ascendant * BP Lama Jyotisha

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9 graha from Kumbha lagna

12 bhava from Kumbha lagna
General Suitability of Gems for Kumbha Lagna
Karaka significations of Kumbha
Badhaka-sthana for Kumbha Lagna
Reflections on Kumbha's Cosmic Connectedness
Properties of Kumbha Rashi

Regional Names for Kumbha

Gata * Ghata * Ghatin

see also: Rashi names multilingual
French = verseau
English: Aquarius
Greek : Hydrochoos ( "water-pourer")
Hindi: Kumbh

Kumbh * Kumbha* Kumbhadhara * Kumbharaazi

BPHS = Parashara:

"Persons born with this lagna are generally tall with full stature.
They are strong.
Their complexion is fair and appearance handsome.
They are intelligent.
They are good character readers.
They act carefully after considering the pros and cons of everything.
They are slow in understanding things, but once they get at them, they can handle
them with ease and confidence.
They have a broad outlook and human understanding.
They are unselfish, human and impersonal.
They move in select society.
They are reserved in nature and great moralists.
They have wonderful intuitional capacity.
The married life of an Kumbha native is happy only if one's partner is as
intelligent as oneself.
These persons are steadfast in their affection but they do not display it."

Properties of Kumbha Rashi

BPHS Chapter 4: 21-21.5

"The Rashi Kumbha represents a man holding a pot.

Its complexion is deep-brown.
It has medium build and is a biped Rashi.
It is very strong in daytime.
It resorts to deep water and is airy.
It rises with its head and is Tamasic.
It rules Shudra, the 4th Varna and the West.
Its Lord is Shani, Surya's offspring."

Public Figures
Kumbha in radical lagna:
see also: Chandra in Kumbha

Dhanishtha = Kuja's mulatrikona 3rd from Kumbha * writings, meetings,

conferences, tours and business-related travels, commerce, planning, cohort and
coterie, shop-keeping, writing, announcements, reports, hand-craft, tools,
technologies, media-message, scripts and sets, evangelism
Shah of Iran 1941-1979 Mohamed Reza Pahlavi
USA Pres-09 William Henry Harrison
USA Pres-32 Franklin D. Roosevelt - fireside chats

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Kumbha Ghata lagna Aquarius ascendant * BP Lama Jyotisha

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conspiracy-theory exponent David Icke

rock'n'roll pianist Jerry Lee Lewis (?)
orchestra conductor Zubin Mehta
dramatist Amitabh Bachchan

France-Pres, 2007-2012 Nicolas Sarkozy

dramatist Orlando Bloom
Shatavishaka Zatataraka = Rahu's mulatrikona Kumbha = 1st-from counted
from Kumbha lagna * iconic ambitious metonymic roles, spirit-network,
personality uniqueness
"300 Important Combinations" Jyotishi B. V. Raman
"Das Kapital" writer Karl Marx
"A New Earth" spiritual adviser 1948- Eckhart Tolle
"Memories, Dreams, Reflections" mystical humanist psychiatrist Carl
"Lord of the Rings" writer, professor JRR Tolkien
Opus Dei, Santo Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer
Purvabhadrapada *Guru mulatrikona Dhanushya = 11th counted from Kumbha
= economics, distribution networks, community linkage populism, mass socialprogressive movements, large-group behaviors, marketplace earnings
Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca = populist marketing
Ayurvedic evangelist Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Vocabulary for Kumbha Rashi:

Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

Kumbha =
jar, pitcher, water-pot, ewer, small water-jar; a perforated pitcher

small jar or pot, earthen cooking vessel

jar of unbaked clay
golden ewer
An urn in which the bones of a dead person are collected
the sign of the zodiac Aquarius
measure of grain (equal to twenty Dronas, a little more than three bushels and
three gallons)
commonly called a comb;
some make it two Dronas or sixty-four Seers
the frontal globe or prominence on the upper part of the forehead of an
(there are two of these prominences which swell in the rutting
particular part of a bed
religious exercise, viz. closing the nostrils and mouth so as to suspend
the paramour of a harlot, bully, flash or fancy man
name of a Mantra (pronounced over a weapon)
Of a monkey
Of a harlot
name of a plant (and also of its fruit); the root of a plant used in medicine ;
small tree (the seeds of which are used in medicine, commonly Kataphala)
iaridium indicum - Bignonia suaveolens - Pistia Stratiotes -Croton
polyandrum - Myrica sapida - Ipomoea Turpethum
fragrant resin, or the plant which bears it
cf. Lat. {cymba}
Kumbhadhara =

"pot-holder "
the sign Aquarius

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Kumbha Ghata lagna Aquarius ascendant * BP Lama Jyotisha

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name of a Mantra (pronounced over a weapon)

Kumbharaazi =
The sign Aquarius

GhaTa =
intently occupied or busy with
jar, pitcher, jug, large earthen water-jar, watering-pot; a waterjar
the sign Aquarius
measure = 1 Drona (or = 20 Dronas W.)
the head
part of a column
peculiar form of a temple
An elephant's frontal sinus
suspending the breath as a religious exercise
name of a thief
effort, endeavor
An assembly; a number, collection, assemblage
troop (of elephants) assembled for martial purposes
justification; "to have one's self justified by another "
kind of drum
sweet citron
period of time (= 24 minutes)
the Ghari or Indian clock = plate of iron or mixed metal on which the hours
are struck
particular procession
"working on"'
management of an elephant
the nape or back of the neck, cervical ligament
blow, bruise
slaying, killing
injuring, hurting, devastation, destruction
(in astron.) entrance Surya
the product (of a sum in multiplication)
Ghatin =
"having a water-jar"; the sign Aquarius
killing, murderous, murderer
destroying, ruining, destructive

L. cymbalum, Gk. kymbalon "a cymbal," from kymbe "bowl, drinking cup."
coomb : "deep hollow or valley, especially on flank of a hill,"
mainly surviving in place names,
from O.E. cumb, probably a British word, from Celt. base *kumbos (cf. Welsh cwm
in same sense).

T. Subba Row. (1881). "The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac"

in Five Years Of Theosophy.
George Robert Snow Mead (ed.). London. (1885, 1894).

"XI. Kumbha (or Aquarius).

When represented by numbers, the word is equivalent to 14.

"Mystical, Philosophical, Theosophical, Historical and

Scientific Essays Selected from "The Theosophist".

It can be easily perceived then that the division in question is intended to

represent the "Chaturdasa Bhuvanam,"

Available at

or the 14 lokas spoken of in Sanskrit writings."

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