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Shot framing and distance

o balance and cropping
o close ip, long, or medium shot
Shot Distance
o Close up- usually just the face of the figure
o Medium shot- includes half the body
o Long shot- incudes the whole figure and brings attention to
the setting
Abstract framing- defamiliarizes a usually recognizable object or
Moving image subject matter and thematic content
o Subject matter
Events and action
o Theme- an idea that unifies the visual elements and
subject matter of an art object and helps up understand
the object

Notes Aug 31
Medium specifity-innate and unique qualities that define the
medium nd differentiate it from other mediums
Self-relativeness-an artwork should reflect ont the unique
characteristics of the medium in which it is made
SR the essence of modernism lies in the use of characteristic
methods of a discipline to criticize the disciple itself no in order
to subvert it but to entrench it more firmly in its are of
SR art that refers its own materials and procedures
o Surface and color
o Painterly brushwork
o Unblended color
o Indistinct sketchy detail
What to look for in SR artwork
o Art work is often illegible based on traditional visual or
narrative codes
o Subject matter consists of material or procedural qualities
of the medium
Morris Louis saraband 1959
Material quialities: actual stuff from which the medium is made
Procedural: ways in which the medium perfroms or is used


George Landows Film in which there appear edge lettering

sprocket holes dirt particles etc
The grammar of tv and video
ability to communicate action
configuration of tonal variation on a surface
Immediate transmission(liveness)
Mechanics of sound and ability to be manipulated
low res of image

How to use a quote
-select a pilthy densely meaningful) & relevant quote
-in the next sentence state the quote in oyur own words (avoid
using words from the quote in your statement)
in the next sentence explain how the quote applies to your
-flow-sequence of seemingly unrelated content presented as a
single operation
-the broadcast program is offeredin a sequence or set of
alternative sequences of these and other similar events which
are then available in
asingle dimension and in
a single operation
(Raymond Williams)
-a receptor surface on
which objects are
scattered on which data
is entered on which info
may be received printed
impressed leo Steinberg

Marshall mcluhan
The medium is the message
Electronic technology communicates globally it will retribalize the
Electronic technology extends and alters our senses,

Sept 9
1. what is flow? sequence of seemingly unrelated content presented as
a single operation
2. Raymond Williams
3.Robert Rauschenberg Barge 1963
Wed Sept 16
Theme: technological determinism
-changes in culture society and the self are the direct result of
-TD and Marshal McLuhan
-the medium is the message
electronic technology communicates globally it will retribalize the
-ET extends and alters senses
-TV is a cool medium
it requires our sensory involvement in order to piece together the dots
of lights that are endlessly reforming
-TD and artistic practice
-As an extension of ourselves tv can change usat a structural level
-look for images and installations that include
-art paul ryan triadic tapes 1975
-Tv makes direct connections with the mind
-ideas can be expressed without the necessity of having a physical
object in the space so the artist is trying to deal with a medium that
more directly connect with the mind than objects are les Levine
-tv allows us to see ourselves in new and productive ways
-track/trace 1973 incorporates the audience as content the viewer
becomes the info which he receives both in real times and in four
layers of delayed time so that he experiences self: at 5 different
periods in time simultaneously frank Gillette
-paul ryan

-video allows us to see our insides on the outside- infolding

-video allows new relationships between people and nature
-videotape enables a person to be present to himself in a new waypaul ryan
-Moebius strip
-What are the two ways we have defined television so far?
medium specificity-things that are specific to the medium itself and
that can be used to differentiate between the different mediums
technological determinism- changes in society and ones self that are a
result of technology
-David hall television interuptions 1972
-social history- study of how material conditions of life drive events
Karl Marx
-history of class struggle the battle between the haves and have nots
-grand narratives of religion state and self are only arififacts of material
-technology is developed with certain purposes and practices already
in mind purposes and practices the fulfill a sociopolitical need
the effect of technology is to communicate those purposes
-communication needs of business and military drove invention
social component of communication
mobile privatization-a transient but home centered way of living
-tom brom review of guerilla tv 1972
-social history and artististic practice look for-refence to underlying forces influences or institutions e.g advertising
tv production propaganda
-attemps to remind the viewer of the material basis of t veg. the labor
of making the image
Sept 23
Determine which approachmedium specificity, technological
determinism, or social history best interprets each of the following
video scenarios.
Video 1: This video is five minutes long and all we see is someone
editing videotape. The camera is set up behind the person so that we
see the back of the person in front of two video monitors and the
editing deck. The monitors show us common advertisements from
television so it appears that the person is editing the advertisements.
-Social History
Video 2: This video presents people talking but in such low resolution
that it is hard to make them out. When we can recognize the people,
the words on the soundtrack do not match what it appears the people
are saying.
-Medium Specificity
Video 3: This video installation is composed of two monitors. On the
left monitor we see ourselves in real time standing in front of the

monitor. On the right monitor, we see a recording of ourselves standing

in front of the monitor ten seconds ago.
-Technological Determinism
Louis althusser
-ideology- a system of idea and representations that dominate the
mind of a man women or social group
-false consciousness- ideologies conceal the truth
-interpellation-calling out or constructing the subject within an
-ideological state apparatus- social formation or institution that
perpetuates the dominant ideology
theme: critique of ideology
-revealing and challenging the ideological state apparatuses and their
-often the same techniques and images that deliver the ideological
message are used to reveal and challenge it
Jane Feuer
-ontology-nature or essence of something
-tv;s ideaology is liveness= what we see on tv is real present
immediate or vital
-ideology is ontology- tvs liveness or ideology is thought to be its
-jane feuer and good morning America
-liveness overcomes the inherent spatial temporal and programmatic
fragmentation of tv
-liveness communicates an ideological message of family and national
-video: GMA interview with George harrison