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Un International Epidemia

Everybody needs a certain amount of body fat to function and perform optimally, and the
consensus is that the greater the disparity between the two, the more at risk a person's health is.
Toata lumea are nevoie de o anumita cantitate de grasime corporala pentru a funciona i de a
efectua optim, iar consensul este mai mare ca diferena dintre cele dou, mai mare la risc pentru
sntatea unei persoane este. Being overweight or obese greatly increases the chances for one or
more of a long list of serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes,
osteoarthritis and some cancers breast and colon cancer among them. (See our Recommendations
) Fiind supraponderali sau obezi crete foarte mult ansele pentru unul sau mai multe de o lunga
lista de probleme grave de sntate, inclusiv boli cardiace, accident vascular cerebral, diabet
zaharat de tip 2, osteoartrita si unele tipuri de cancer - i cancer de colon printre ei. sn (a se vedea
recomandrile noastre)

The number of overweight adults and children in the United States is so great that the Centers for
Disease Control in Atlanta, the International Association for the Study of Obesity and many other
organizations are calling it an epidemic of major proportions. Numrul de aduli supraponderali i
copii n Statele Unite este att de mare nct Centers for Disease Control din Atlanta, Asociaia
Internaional pentru Studiul Obezitii i multe alte organizaii sunt numindu-l o epidemie de
proporii majore. Recent studies indicate 64 percent of American adults are overweight. Studii
recente arat 64 la sut din adultii americani sunt supraponderali. The National Health and
Nutrition Examination Survey of 2003-04 found nearly 33 percent of adults aged 20-74 were obese
and by 2010 that figure could grow to 40 percent. Naional de Sntate i Nutriie Examinarea
Ancheta a constatat 2003-04 aproape 33 la sut din adulii n vrst de 20 - 74 au fost obezi i pn
n 2010 aceast cifr ar putea crete la 40 la sut. The survey showed high overweight rates among
children and teens: 13.9% of children aged 2-5 years; 18.8% of 6- to 11-year-olds; and 17.4% of
12- to 19-year-olds. Sondajul a relevat rate ridicate de excesul de greutate printre copii si
adolescenti: 13,9% din copiii cu vrsta ntre 2-5 ani, 18,8% din 6 - la 11 de ani, iar 17,4% din 12 la 19 de ani.

"Obesity poses one of the greatest public health challenges for the 21st century. The prevalence
of adult obesity has risen three-fold in many countries since the 1980s and the epidemic is
spreading at particularly high rates in children." "Obezitatea reprezint una dintre cele mai mari
provocri de sntate public pentru secolul 21 ... prevalena a obezitatii la adulti a crescut de trei
ori n multe ri, ncepnd cu anii 1980 i epidemia se rspndete la rate deosebit de ridicat la
International Association for the Study of Obesity - Asociaia Internaional pentru Studiul

The crisis has no borders: The International Obesity Task Force estimates 1.7 billion people
internationally that's about one-quarter of the world's population aged 15 and above were

overweight in 2005, with 400 million of them listed as obese. Criza nu are granie: Obezitatea
International Task Force estimeaz 1,7 miliarde de oameni pe plan internaional - c este vorba
despre un sfert din populatia lumii - de 15 ani i de mai sus erau supraponderali n 2005, cu 400 de
milioane de ele enumerate ca obezi. If current trends continue there will be 2.4 billion overweight
and 700 million obese people by 2015. Dac tendinele actuale continu nu va fi 2400000000
supraponderali i 700 de milioane de oameni obezi pn n 2015.

Overweight, Stress and Your Intelligent Heart Excesul de

greutate, stres i inima ta inteligente
The simple explanation for what causes overweight is more calories coming into the body than
going out. Explicatie simpla pentru ceea ce cauzeaza exces de greutate este mai multe calorii vine
n organism, dect s ias. Two major contributors have been the global shift to foods that are fast
and high in fat and sugars, and a decline in physical activity, not only in affluent nations, but also in
the developing world as well because of changing modes of transportation, urbanization and more
sedentary types of work. Dou contribuabili majore au fost trecerea de la nivel mondial pentru
produsele alimentare care sunt rapide si bogate in grasimi si zaharuri, i un declin al activitii
fizice, nu numai n rile bogate, dar, de asemenea, n curs de dezvoltare precum i pentru c a
schimba modurile de transport, urbanizare i mai multe tipuri de munc sedentar.
There many other factors contributing to the increase in overweight and obesity, but experts say
emotional eating is the primary cause in a high percentage of cases. Exist muli ali factori care
contribuie la creterea n excesul de greutate i obezitate, dar expertii spun mnca emoional este
principala cauz ntr-un procent mare de cazuri. Today's fast-paced and demanding world has given
rise to alarming stress levels and people are seeking any way they can find to cope. lume fast-paced
i exigente de azi a dat natere la niveluri alarmante stres i exist persoane care caut orice fel ei
pot gsi pentru a face fa. For many that means turning to food, especially comfort food, and that
largely means precisely the kinds of food that are high in fat and low in nutrition. Pentru muli
nseamn c de cotitur la alimente, n special alimente confort, ceea ce nseamn c n mare
msur tocmai tipuri de alimente care sunt bogate n grsimi i sczut n nutriie. A Harris
Interactive survey reported 46% of Americans are less careful about the food they eat when
stressed. Un sondaj Harris Interactive a raportat 46% dintre americani sunt mai puin ateni la
alimentele pe care le mnnc atunci cnd a subliniat. And the more stressed you are, the more
your body produces the hormone cortisol, which turns fat into energy, unless you regularly overeat:
Then cortisol can take all that excess fat and redistribute it around your waist and hips. i mai
accentuat esti, mai mult corpul tau produce cortizol hormon, care se transform n grsime de
energie, dac nu mnca prea mult n mod regulat: Apoi cortizol poate lua toate c excesul de
grasime si redistribui in jurul taliei i a oldurilor.
The Institute of HeartMath has been researching stress for Institutul de HeartMath a fost cercetarea
de stres pentru 19 19 years and has established through numerous scientifically controlled studies
that reducing stress is beneficial in countless ways, among them giving us greater ability to manage
our weight. de ani i-a stabilit prin numeroase studii controlate tiinific c reducerea stresului este
benefic n nenumrate moduri, printre ele oferindu-ne o mai mare capacitate de a gestiona greutatea
noastra. Reducing stress begins by learning to control emotions and this is where HeartMath can

help. Reducerea stresului ncepe de nvare pentru a controla emoiile i acest lucru este n cazul n
care HeartMath poate ajuta. The HeartMath System has taught thousands of people, from young
children to seniors, how to replace negative emotions such as anxiety, a key contributor to
overeating, with positive ones such as appreciation and caring. Sistemul HeartMath a nvat mii de
oameni, de la copii la seniori, cum s nlocuiasc emoiile negative, cum ar fi anxietatea, o
contribuie cheie la supraalimentare, cu cele pozitive, cum ar fi aprecierea i ngrijirea.

"One of the most important aspects of successful weight control is helping people learn to regulate
their emotional balance in the rhythm of their day-to-day life." "Unul dintre cele mai importante
aspecte de control greutate de succes este de a ajuta oamenii s nvee s reglementeze echilibrul
emoional n ritmul vieii lor de zi cu zi."
Dr. Rollin McCraty, Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Institute of HeartMath McCraty Dr. Rollin, Vicepreedinte executiv i Director de Cercetare, Institutul de HeartMath

At the core of emotional management is your intelligent heart. La centrul de management

emotional este inima ta inteligent. Science shows the human heart has an even greater neurological
capacity than the brain, generating 60 times the electrical amplitude. tiina arat inima omului are
o capacitate mai mare dect neurologice creier, generatoare de 60 de ori amplitudinea electrice.
These two powerful systems act in concert with each other to keep all of your body's systems
operating smoothly. Aceste dou sisteme puternice acioneaz n mod concertat cu alte fiecare s
pstreze toate sistemele corpului de operare fr probleme. During the best of times, in what is
known as a state of heart coherence when your heart rhythms are smooth and balanced you
function at optimal levels and your emotions are under control. n timpul cel mai bun de ori, n
ceea ce este cunoscut ca o stare de coeren inima - atunci cnd ritmul inimii sunt netede i
echilibrate - tu funcioneze la niveluri optime i emoiile tale sunt sub control. When you're out of
coherence heart rhythms are irregular or disordered your emotions can spiral out of control and
you're liable to experience decreased energy or fatigue, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions
and conditions. Cnd nu suntei n coeren - ritm cardiac sunt neregulate sau dezordonate emotiile tale poate scpa de sub control i suntei de natur s experien sczut de energie sau
oboseal, anxietate, furie i alte emoii negative i condiii. When you're in command of your
emotions, your stress level drops and your heart produces the anti-aging hormone DHEA, which
actually makes you feel younger and more energetic and lowers your cortisol to more beneficial
levels. Cnd suntei n comanda de emotiile tale, scade nivelul tau de stres i inima ta produce
hormonul anti-mbtrnire DHEA, care de fapt te face sa te simti mai tanar si mai energic i
cortizol scade la nivele mult mai benefice.
There are dozens of food diets today. Exista zeci de diete alimentare astzi. Perhaps the latest one
to be embraced by the popular culture may be right for you, but are you emotionally prepared?
Poate c cele mai recente unul pentru a fi mbriat de ctre cultura popular poate fi potrivit
pentru tine, dar esti pregatit emotional? At HeartMath we believe the very best diet begins with
emotional regulation. La HeartMath credem c cea mai bun diet foarte ncepe cu reglare
emotionala. The world's greatest diet is also the world's worst diet for you, if you can't stick to it,
and that often occurs when you can't control your anxiety, anger and other emotions. Dieta cea mai

mare din lume este, de asemenea, dieta cel mai ru din lume pentru tine, dac nu putei stick la el,
i c de multe ori se produce atunci cnd nu putei controla anxietatea, furia i alte emoii.
Researchers at HeartMath have studied what we call the "wholeness diet," which entails regulating
your emotions through heart intelligence and coherence before and after you eat. Cercetatorii de la
HeartMath au studiat ceea ce noi numim "dieta intreg", care presupune reglementarea emotiile prin
inteligena inimii i a coerenei nainte i dup ce mananci. Then, your intuitive heart eventually
will steer you away from overeating and toward foods that are good for you. Apoi, inima ta intuitiv
n cele din urm v va feriti de supraalimentare i fa de alimente care sunt bune pentru tine.

Recommended Recomandate
Transforming Stress: The HeartMath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue and Tension Stresul
Transformarea: Soluie HeartMath pentru alinarea v facei griji, oboseal i tensiune
Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman Doc Childre i Rozman Deborah
Learn to recognize your stressors so you can stop harmful emotional responses like binge-eating
and eating too quickly. nva s recunoasc factorii de stres, astfel nct s putei opri
rspunsurile emoionale duntoare cum ar fi chef-mnnc i mnnc prea repede. This
informative book will tell you the warning signs of chronic stress and the latest research on your
intelligent heart and its ability to help you immediately begin reducing your stress and start
managing your emotions. Aceasta carte informativ v va spune semne de avertizare de stres
cronic i cele mai recente cercetri n inima ta inteligente i capacitatea acestuia de a v ajuta s
nceap imediat reducerea stresului i ncepe a controla emoiile tale. HeartMath's widely
acclaimed Attitude Breathing tool and Freeze-Frame technique are included to help you
transform your health and your life. HeartMath lui pe scar larg aclamat Atitudinea Respiratia
instrument i-Frame Freeze tehnica sunt incluse pentru a v ajuta s transforme sntatea i
viaa ta.

Calculate your BMI, body mass index, now. Calculai-v IMC, indicele de mas
corporal, acum.
Your BMI is a general assessment of how much body fat you have. IMC dvs. este o evaluare
general a ct de mult grsime corporal avei. All you need to know to find out BMI is your
height and weight. Tot ce trebuie sa stii pentru a afla IMC este nlime i greutate. Although the
BMI is merely a guideline for measuring body fat, it is an internationally accepted standard for
most people. Dei IMC este doar un ghid de msurare a esutului adipos din organism, acesta
este un standard internaional acceptat pentru majoritatea oamenilor. Calculate your BMI and
find out what it means at the following sites. Calculai-v IMC si afla ce inseamna, la
urmtoarele site-uri.
Centers for Disease Control: Has adult and child/teen BMI calculators. Centrele pentru

Controlul Bolilor: Are adult i copil / calculatoare teen IMC.
US Department of Health and Human Services. Departamentul de Sntate i Servicii

Recommended Recomandate
A HeartMath Tip: The Quick Coherence Technique , a rapid three-step tool, is a great first step
for shifting into coherence and experiencing a sense of well-being. Un Sfat HeartMath: Quick
Coerena Tehnica , o rapid trei etape instrument, este un prim pas mare pentru trecerea n
coeren i care se confrunt cu un sentiment de bine. It only takes a minute and once you've
learned it you'll be adding heart power to will power, giving you greater ability to change old
behaviors and habits. Este nevoie de doar un minut i o dat ce-am invatat vei fi adugarea de
puterea de inima la putere va, oferindu-v o mai mare capacitate de a schimba comportamente si
obiceiuri vechi.

When you feel stressed or have the urge to eat outside of regular mealtimes, try the following,
adapted from HeartMath's Quick Coherence Technique: Cand te simti stresat sau au dorinta de a
manca afara meselor regulate, ncercai urmtoarele, adaptat la HeartMath Quick Coerena
1. Heart focus : Shift your attention to the area of the heart and breathe slowly and deeply.
Inima se concentreze: Shift atentia la zona de inima si respira lent i profund.
2. Heart breathing : Keep your focus in the heart by gently breathing five seconds in and
five seconds out through your heart. respiraie Heart: Pstrai concentra in inima uor
de respiraie - cinci secunde n cinci secunde i afar - prin inima ta. Do this two or three
times. Facei acest lucru de dou sau trei ori.
3. Heart feeling : Activate and sustain a genuine feeling of appreciation or care for someone
or something in your life. senzaie Heart: Activai i s susin un sentiment autentic de
apreciere sau de ngrijire pentru cineva sau ceva n viaa ta. Focus on the good heart
feeling as you continue to breathe through the area of your heart. Concentreaza-te pe
inima buna sentimentul ca vei continua s respire prin zona de inima ta.

Benefits of Losing Excess Weight Beneficiile de a pierde

excesul de greutate

Lower risk of heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and many other
health problems Risc sczut de boli de inima, hipertensiune, diabet de tip 2, unele tipuri de
cancer i multe alte probleme de sntate

Feel better, look better, live longer Simt mai bine, arata mai bine, traiesc mai mult
Increased energy to do more Creterea de energie pentru a face mai mult
Emotional strength Emoional rezisten
Feeling of empowerment, self-regulation, control over eating patterns Sentiment de
responsabilizare, de auto-reglementare, control peste mananca modele

Recommended Recomandate
Tools For Managing Emotional Eating Instrumente pentru gestionarea alimentatie emoional

emWave Personal Stress Reliever : Regular use of this entertaining and scientifically
validated, hand-held stress-relief technology has proven to be a vital tool in reducing
stress, a primary cause of anger, decreased energy, anxiety a key cause of overeating
and other unhealthful conditions. emWave eliberare personale Stresul : Consumul
regulat de acest lucru i tiinific validate, de mn de detensionare tehnologie distractiv
sa dovedit a fi un instrument esenial n reducerea stresului, o cauza primara de furie, a
sczut de energie, anxietate - o cauza cheie de mancatul in exces - i alte condiii
nesntoase. The emWave PSR is easy to use and noninvasive. PSR emWave este
uor de folosit i neinvaziv. It will help you achieve heart coherence synchronization
between the heart and brain and reach your optimal physical and mental potential the
zone. Acesta v va ajuta s realiza coerena inima - sincronizare ntre inim i creier - i
de a ajunge dumneavoastr fizice i psihice optime potenial - zona. It also teaches you to
regulate your emotions and better manage events that can trigger stress responses such as
eating binges and escaping with high-fat-content comfort foods. De asemenea, v nva
s reglementeze emoiile i s gestioneze mai bine evenimentele care pot declana reacii
de stres, cum ar fi consumul de binges i scap cu alimente confort de nalt grasimiconinut. Carry your emWave PSR anywhere and revitalize your mind, body and spirit
anytime. Carry PSR dvs. emWave oriunde i revitalizeze mintea ta, corpul si spiritul
emWave Desktop (Mac/PC) : The emWave PC/Mac turns your computer into a selfcontained heart-rhythm-coherence monitor and manager. emWave Desktop (Mac /
PC) : emWave PC / Mac transform computerul ntr-o-cuprinse ritmului inimii-coerena
monitor de sine i manager. It let's you see how emotions affect your heart rhythms
negative ones pulling you down and draining your energy, positive ones lifting you up
and revitalizing your spirit. Este hai s v vedem cum emotiile afecteaza ritmul inimii cele negative pe care le trgnd n jos i drenarea energia, cele pozitive de ridicare tine-te
pe Facebook i revitalizare spiritul vostru. Discover how easily you can reduce your
stress level and replace those negative emotions with positive ones that, with a little
sincere practice, can give you instant energy boosts and the will to stick to your diet.
Relying on Descoperii ct de uor putei reduce nivelul de stres i s nlocuiasc aceste
emotii negative cu cele pozitive care, cu o practic sincer pic, v poate da energia creste
instant i vor s rmnem la dieta ta. Bazndu-se pe 19 19 years of scientific research, the
emWave PC/Mac, in tandem with key HeartMath techniques you'll receive and easily
learn, can help you start living a longer, healthier life. de ani de cercetare tiinific,
emWave PC / Mac, n tandem cu tehnici cheie HeartMath vei primi cu uurin i s

nvee, pot ajuta sa incepi o perioad mai lung de via, sntos de via.
Formerly known as Freeze-Framer Anterior cunoscut sub numele FreezeModelatorul

Transforming Anxiety: The HeartMath Solution for Overcoming Fear and Worry and
Creating Serenity : by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman. Anxietatea Transformarea:
Soluie pentru HeartMath depasesti frica i v facei griji i Crearea Serenity : de Childre
Doc i Rozman Deborah. When you consider that most people have some anxiety about
themselves, family, future and for other reasons, it helps explain why overweight and
obesity are so prevalent. Atunci cnd consider c majoritatea oamenilor au unele
anxietate despre ei nii, familie, viitor i pentru alte motive, ajut explica de ce excesul
de greutate i obezitatea sunt att de rspndit. That's because anxiety is a leading
contributor to these conditions: Millions of people try to escape their anxieties through
overeating, binge-eating and consumption of comfort foods. Transforming Anxiety
provides proven solutions to help you overcome your fears and worries and create more
serenity and a sense of well-being in your life. Based on IHM's Asta pentru ca anxietatea
este o contribuie major la aceste condiii: Milioane de oameni ncearc s scape
anxietatile lor prin supraalimentare, compulsiv-alimentare i consumul de alimente
confort unu Transformarea. Anxietatea ofer dovedit soluii pentru a v ajuta s v
depeasc temerile i ngrijorrile i mai mult a crea linite i sentiment de bine in viata
ta. Bazat pe IHM lui 19 19 years of research into the physiology of emotions, the book
includes the scientifically proven Attitude Breathing tool and Cut-thru and Heart
Lock-In techniques to help you release your anxieties and replace them with new,
positive feelings. de ani de cercetare n fiziologie a emoiilor, cartea cuprinde dovedit
stiintific Attitude Respiratia instrument i Cut-thru i lock-in inima tehnici pentru a
v ajuta eliberarea nelinitile voastre i s le nlocuiasc cu, pozitiv sentimente noi.

( Note: Use the emWave PSR or emWave Desktop (Mac/PC) to help regulate your emotions in
preparation for events you know may trigger your stress response and to help you recover from
stressful episodes and get back on an even keel fast.) (Not: Utilizai PSR emWave sau Desktop
(Mac / emWave PC-ul) pentru a ajuta la reglarea emoiile n curs de pregtire pentru evenimente
tii pot declana stres rspunsul dumneavoastr i pentru a v ajuta s recupereze de la episoade
de stres si sa te intorci pe un rapid nivelul chilei drepte.)

Learn more Aflai mai multe ...

What's Making You Overeat? Ce este fcndu-te mnca prea mult? Learn more about the
epidemic of overweight and obesity in this summer 2006 HeartMath Newsletter article.
Aflai mai multe despre epidemia de excesul de greutate i a obezitii n vara anului
2006 acest articol HeartMath Newsletter. Experts will tell you about the relationship
between stress and weight gain, emotional overeating and the health consequences of
being overweight and obese. Experii v va spune despre relaia dintre stres i cretere n
greutate, supraalimentarea emoional i consecinele de sntate fiind supraponderali i

obezi. Find out about the detrimental effects of excessive levels of the hormone cortisol
and how you can control it intelligently, using the power of your heart and easily learned
tools and technology developed by the Institute of HeartMath, a leading researcher of
stress. Afla mai multe despre efectele negative ale niveluri excesive de cortizol hormon i
cum putei s-l controla inteligent, folosind puterea de inima ta i instrumente uor de
nvat i tehnologie dezvoltat de Institutul HeartMath, un cercettor de frunte de stres.

Stress and What You Eat Stresul i ceea ce Eat : Our stressful, hurry-up and demanding
world has given rise to alarming numbers of overweight and obese people. : Creterea
noastr stresanta, grabeste-up i lumea exigente a dat la un numr alarmant de persoane
supraponderale i obeze. Millions of Americans overeat and eat on the run, and what
they're eating is high in sugar, starch and fats. Milioane de americani mnca prea mult i
mnnc pe fug, i ceea ce mananci este ridicat de zahr, amidon i grsimi. The
comfort foods we eat may calm us temporarily, but they also produce fat, and too much
fat increases the risk of heart attack and many other diseases and debilitating conditions.
Alimentele confort le consumam ne poate calma temporar, dar pe care le produc, de
asemenea, de grsime, i prea mult de grsimi crete riscul de atac de cord i a multor
altor boli i condiii debilitante. Read this HeartMath spring 2004 Newsletter to begin
transforming your life today. Citii n aceast primvar HeartMath 2004 Newsletter
pentru a ncepe transformarea viaa dumneavoastr astzi.