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Speaker – Screenwriting Expo, Creative Screenwriting Magazine Reel Pro Wrestling

(2007) Editor: Cut rapid promos for live cable sporting events. 
tel: (213) 804-5285 Lead Editor – E! News (2005) E! News
representation: abrams artist agency Editor: Cut promos, teasers, and press packages: junket-style movie
Winner – Independent Spirit Award, MassBay International Film and television promos.
Festival (2005)
EDITOR Winner – Gold Medal for Excellence, Jury Choice Award, Park City
Film Music Festival (2004) Freelance (2006-present)
Feature Films Los Angeles, CA
Movie Trailers
Semi-Finalist – Moondance International Film Festival Filmscoring
Competition (2004)
Commercials E! Productions, Inc. (2005-2006)
Winner – Best Feature Film, Fleur de Lis Award, 2003 New Orleans Los Angeles, CA
Reality Media Experience (2003) Lead editor for dozens of entertainment packages that aired in prime
Documentaries time nightly.
Music Videos Winner – Best Independent Film, Fleur de Lis Award, 2003 New
New Media Orleans Media Experience (2003) Joker Filmworks (2006-2007)
Promos Agoura Hills, CA
*Accepted to Yale Drama School (1996) Lead editor who managed a postproduction team of editors,
EDUCATION sound editors and CGI effects artists who created content for mobile
FEATURE FILMS phone carriers.
UCLA | 1995
The Getdown (2009) High Five Entertainment (2003)
University of Utah | 1997-2001 Editor: Comedy Feature film highlighting performances with Los Angeles Center Studios, CA
Theatre Program Owen Wilson and Kevin Smith. Was a lead editor for a television pilot.  Troubleshot bay issues and
Salt Lake City, Utah worked closely as an FCP expert with DigitalFilm Tree.
I’ll Be There With You (2007)
SOFTWARE Editor: 35mm feature film starring Daniel Baldwin.  This thriller Cosmic Pictures (1996-2000)
involved complex visual fx and animation sequences by the Salt Lake City, UT
Expert Level Fantastic Four team. Assisted in post-production on television commercials that aired in
over 150 markets across the US and Canada.  Clients included Novell
Apple Abby Singer (2003) and Palm Pilot.
Final Cut Pro HD Editor:  Award-winning full-length film featuring Brad Pitt, Jodie
DVD Studio Pro Foster & Robert Redford.  About a mentally-ill casting director Cable Channel Eight (1997-1998)
Soundtrack Pro at the Sundance Film Festival.  Tim Cooper of the UK  Guardian Salt Lake City, UT
Observer was among critics to note a “sharp editing style.” Edited concert and local event footage. Cut regional TV spots and
Logic Studio Pro
QuickTime industrials/part time.
COMMERCIALS (abbreviated listing)
Motion KSRR Radio (1995-1996)
Shake Play the Game Salt Lake City, UT
Color Editor: 30 second spot for athletic apparel.  Starring Superbowl Board Operator and Sound Engineer for broadcasts of live sporting
champ Ricky Watters and a member of Snoop’s Dogg Pound. events and weekly talk radio program.
Media Composer
Adrenaline Editor: 30 second deodorant spot starring Paris Hilton.
(Beta Test Group) Avid Liquid Sundance Film Festival (1995–2001)
Sprint Taxi
Editor: Worked with the identity of a major brand to create AFM Film Market (2001–2007)
Pro Tools
complex editorial on one of the worlds first interactive
commercials that allowed the viewer to play along online in a AFI Film Festival (2001–2007)
complex multiple choice environment. My editorial contribution
Adobe was made through Anonymous Content, the famed creators of Los Angeles Film Festival (2001–2007)
After Effects BMW Films and Fight Club.
Masterclass, Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival (2006)
MUSIC VIDEOS MassBay International Film Festival (2005)
Combustion Straight Heat Screenwriting Expo 4, Expo Center, Los Angeles: Michael Hauge,
Cleaner Editor: Music Video. Empire Records artist “Philly.” Robert Flaxman, and Jeff Dowd (2005)
Flame Screenwriting Expo 6: William Goldman, Steven Zaillian (2007)
AudioSuite Editor: Music Video. 10-time platinum artist Dennis Shins of Nationally touring stand-up comedian (1997-2001)
Compressor Korn fame.
Eagle Scout (1993)
Editor:  Duel disk music video content for the Sony Records chart
Mac OS X topping active rock band.
Microsoft Windows