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Johns Prophecy

15 years had passed and I cant express how I miss my hometown and them.
Miss J, Can you believe it? My co-reporter told me. Believe what? Philippines is
now the no. 1 fastest growing economy! and so? Wait, what? I was about to say
something when the CNN president clapped his hand You know what this means
he said smiling Yes sir, Thank you sir!
Hiding my excitement, I booked into the VIP room. A woman appeared that
made my heart beats fast. Maam Amy, Hello I said hugging her and suddenly a
cheer was heard. I smiled when I saw her, international supermodel April
Agamanos, who looks like a pearl in the sea walked in and luckily she sat beside
me she too was shocked when she saw me and congratulated me for my profession
then a gorgeous stewardess came and I bleamed when I saw Alexis Sal-ao. The
pilot spoke and I discovered that he was no other than Bhryx Tiwang who was
recently married to WWE diva, Danielle Tiwang.
The landing feels like a slow-motion because of my emotions. Philippines really
improved a lot. I straightly went to a 5-star hotel and found out that it was Rose
anne Flores possession which was designed by herself and was managed by
Reycar Mabborang.
I switched on the flat-screen TV then a face of an exotic anchorwoman appeared
Stephanie Valera narrating the success of the movie of international actress Dr.
Kimberly Tayab. She also announced the first Pinay to have ever topped the
billboard top 100, the voice of the Philippines champ, Clarisse De Jesus, the mostviewed youtube video of diva Shania Busway and the achievement of an SM artist
genuine Aimee Kate Liwaliw. A TIME magazine caught me off-guard because I
saw an attractive and fearless woman smiling contentedly on its cover- the first
Filipina neuroscientist Jean Agaid had recently discovered the key of telekinesis.
After that a strong faced-man appeared and I laughed when I saw Guiller Gumpad,
the founder of the Elixir of life and was doing an antidote for the fatal Ebola Virus
together with gorgeous ladies, MD Edrea M. Alunday, triumphant Surgeon,
Desiree Mae Sacayle and MD Salley Mae Dao-wan. The article was featured by
writer Candle Belgica and Dr. and writer, Nicole Balocnit.
My interview with the president is tomorrow so I went to stroll first and found out
that global fashion designer Grail Palayon is doing her 5th fashion show. April was
there together with multi-awarded cosplayers Mariel Bless Bagtang, Ruben
Namattoc, Nova Buyagan, Novie Jane Casinto and Dale van Gunday. The
fashion show was a triumph because it was hosted by a multi-awarded host, Kim
Avery Luis.

I was walking when I saw inspector Karen Lupao entered the Supreme Court,
because of my curiosity I entered also and saw high-profile Judge Phoebe Kates
Valera and most trusted Attorney Henderson Balinte.
I went outside and saw worldwide Pharmacist Krysten Lingbawan and the most
professional Dentist of the Philippines, Kelly Kates Lupnacan. We said our regards
and parted our ways. There I saw Miss Universe Kiara Borja, beside her was
international model and mathematician Daniel Rivera who were doing a photo
shoot and her photographer was the graphic icon Deborah Alunday. I found out
that her amatory gown was designed by the well-respected designer, Christine
Ramos and was assisted by an apparel expert Nerish Lunang. Pinay Beauty
Queens Beverly Laoan and Marilyn Birri also outshined in the parade and they
were escorted by international singer Gerold Gunday and basketball superstar
Jamie Jess Domatog. My stomach grumbled so I went to an exquisite Restaurant
owned by Fhancy Baguiwan and was designed by Ojeda Iwos. The cuisine was
superb and found out that it was cooked by Master Chef, Jason Pangibitan. What
a day!
Despite the fact that President Judilyn Arangorin and I are classmates, I can
still feel tense but I was so happy because she is still humble that made my report a
this is Jennavelle Gayyaman, reporting from the Philippines, CNN.